12 Best New Sites Like 123movies to Watch free Movies

Are you part of those fans looking for new sites like 123movies or 123movies new site name. So that you can watch your favourite collections?
If that should be the case. We welcome you to our blog because we’re going to list out the best  123movies alternative site and its new site name.

When 123movies shout-down. There are thousands of people looking for the best alternatives to 123Movies website or 123movies new site name. But there are many clones of this site and we are going to list out the clone website if you get interested in it.

It’s so sad when they announced their closing date and it’s not going to come up anymore. But we are going to give you a list of best  123movies alternative website. For you to watch your favourite collections and TV series.

123movies new site name (copied websites) list


Those above lists are the copied of 123movies and 123movies new site name but ads are painful things.

Here are the best movies sites like 123movies

1.  WatchFree

This is another site like 123movies. They have a huge database of movies for you to watch online for free, but ads are a painful thing. I mean they have lots of pop-up ads, but if you know how to play the game you can try it on check for another one on this list. Before they can display you link you click on. You will experience 3 times pop-up ads but you can try it out but make sure you don’t accept their notification. It’s important. Or you use an ad blocker plugin for it.

2.   Primewire

This is one of the 123movies alternative websites. Primewire offers different video collections like. E.g Anime, latest TV shows, latest movies and other best movies of all time. Although they have an old interface and it’s user friendly. You can you the search box to explore more by searching for your movie titles or IMDb ID to get your desired movies. You can even create playlists on the platform and share your friends to watch. But you need to create a free account before you can get full access to the blog.

3.   Popcornflix


Are you looking for TV shows, viral videos, the latest movies? Or the best movies of all time and other entertainment movie content? You should try out Popcornflix because it’s one of the mirror sites like 123movies. You can use categories to filter your favourite movies. Since they offer the latest TV series for free without need to visit the IMDb site.

4.   SolarMovies

This is another stunning free movie website that represents 123movies. It doesn’t need to register before you can has those HD movies. Though it has ads but no annoying ads on it. It’s a thing you can try out. Movies on SolarMovies provide the following details. The IMDb rating, description of the movie that will help you figure out what you want.

5.   Putlocker


Let say ads-free website. Because it doesn’t contain too many ads compared to other movies sites like 123movies. We know how other sites offer you annoying pop-up ads.
Putlocker is one of the websites that have some features with 123movies. Feature like; Gray and green interface color and a few designs. Though 123movies has gone forever. But many sites have replaced the service them. But Putlocker is still one of the best 123movies alternative. They have lots of database movies including new releases movies on TV shows and others. You can filter out your favourite movies by using their search box or categories to sort it out. Note: it contains ads but few ads that you can ignore.
6.  Vumoo

Vumoo sites like 123movies This is one of the 123movies alternative site. It allow you to stream movies online without much buffering or frequent interruptions. Either you use your smartphone or other devices. They have a simple homepage design. But there are lots of movies database on this platform for you to watch and forget about 123movies new site name.

7.   Yesmovies

Yesmovies Are you searching for new releases movies or sites like 123movies? If so, YesMovies is on the go because you will come across your favourite movies. If you explore more on the website by using categories to sort out your video content. Most people know them as Tv shows website. Because they offer the latest TV series movies without annoying ads. They have ads but it’s okay for them to maintain their services. Their ads will not distract you whenever you are streaming online or download HD movies.

8.  GOmovies
This is another best place to watch new releases Tv shows and other content without sing up. You can explore more on the platform to get your favourite movies. Since they have huge collections of video content ranging from Thriller to TV shows.
They have ads but you can still ignore it.
9.   FMovies

Fmovies best sites like 123movies

This is one of the alternatives to 123Movies website and it’s still the best free site to watch videos for free. If we don’t include it on the list, then the list is incomplete.
No annoying ads, but contains links ads that you can ignore and when you are about to watch the movie. It will pop-up a new tab. But close the pop-up tab and stick to the previous tab.

10.  GoStream

GoStream sites like 123movies

We knew ads is a painful thing and I’m sure you are tired of those pop-up ads. Gostream is another site like 123movies for your favourite movies. They don’t contain ads but they have some links ads that will redirect you to sponsor site only if you click on it. But the ads will never distract you to watch your favourite movie collections. Like Tv series, Anime, latest Hollywood, and other contents for free without ads.
FMOVIES get lots of movies database like; Kungfu, Horror, Action, TV series, Thriller, Sci-fi and other categories to sort out your movie.

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This website gets some impressive features like inbuilt site players that respond to the keyboard combination key.

E.g, enter key for full screen or exit full screen and space bar for pause and play video.


This is another new sites like 123movies. Sometimes, we will call it the best alternatives to 123Movies website. That provides access to watch new TV shows, Drama, Thriller, Disney, Horror, and other categories. They contain ads and if you don’t have ads blocker, you need to be careful. They even allow you to generate a playlist but only for registered member. They offer premium service by telling you to upgrade to stop seeing ads.


This platform provides new releases of movies and TV shows for free. But you will need to create an account on this platform before you can enjoy those features. You will get access to their movies on any devices you are using after registration.

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