15 Best Sites to Watch Tv Online Free Streaming Without Sign-Up

Are you searching for sites to watch tv series online for free without downloading? If so, we got what you need here because will are going to analyze the best sites to watch tv shows online free without annoying ads or sign up form.

Some will be legal and others will be illegal and 60% of the sites listed are working as proxy sites but we are going to guide you through.

Don’t worry your data are safe if you make use of VPN and if you decide not to make use of VPN, there are different methods to play the game, and not all proxy sites are dangerous to use. Though some of them were built to still your data in exchange for ads.

List of 15 best sites to watch tv shows online free with your Android device or PC

1. YesMovies

YesMovies watch tv shows online for free

Do you need access to free movies and tv shows websites? YesMovies is another platform to watch tv shows online without sign up and downloading is available if you have an interest. But the news is that they have pop-up ad when you click on any links.

All you need to do is to close the pop-up tab and stick to your current tab.
The site also give you access to create playlists, and different methods to filter out your desired movies but the ads is a things you can ignore.

Though they run as proxy sites but always make sure you don’t accept any notification when the pop tab occurs because it can get things worse by sending you an annoying notification.

2. Vumoo

Vumoo watch tv shows online for free

Vumoo is another platform to watch tv series online for free without downloading. I mean download & sign-in is optional for you. But there are pop-up ads on this platform.
However, if they detect a blocker on your browser, the site might not give you access to some of their content.

It gives you access to search for your favourite TV shows but it’s somehow poor when it comes to the filtering section, unlike other free movies and tv shows sites.

3. CMoviesHD

CmoviesHD watch tv shows free online

CmoviesHD is one of the sites with huge TV series collections to watch tv shows free online. But ads are painful things.

They have single pop-up ads when you click on any links and it will open a new tab. Just make sure you close the pop tab and continue streaming your TV shows. You can explore popular TV series by using their search box.

Aside from watching series online, they are also good as the best sites to stream your favourite movie collections for free without registration.

They provide 6 plus streaming servers for you and you will get details about each movie you want to watch including the IMDB rating, release date, and other descriptions.

4. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy tv

Watch free movies and tv shows without downloading on MoviesJoy because they have lots of free full episodes on their database from old to new with different fast servers to stream without sign up. But this ad is painful because MoviesJoy has pop ads just to maintain the service they provide.

There are different methods you can use to filter your series episode on MoviesJoy by using genres, release year, search box, and country.

Just make sure you always close the pop-up tab and don’t click on the allow the notification.

5. Fmovies

Fmovies tv

You don’t wish to subscribe to Netflix or Amazon Prime! Fmovies is another popular site to watch tv shows online for free without registration or sign in form.

Fmovies is also recognized as the largest movie library but ads are a problem. On every single you click, you will experience a single pop up tab, just make sure you close the tab and start streaming your TV series.

For quick access, use the navigation bar to get to TV series and use a filter method to get your desired TV series full episodes for free without downloading.

6. Primewire

This is another site to watch tv shows online free without sign up. They don’t have a filter method, all you need to do is to make use of the search box to get relevant results.
You can stream your free movies and tv shows on different servers but the recommended server is the uStream server.

In some cases, the website might not perform better if you are using Adblock and they have 1 pop ads on every single click. If you are using the Brave browser, we strongly recommend you to turn off brave shield.
Are you looking for the latest free movies and tv shows websites? Primewire free tv streaming sites get a lot of TV series episodes for you.

7. Soap2Day

Soap2Day watch tv shows online free streaming

Soap2Day is another movie’s library to watch tv series free online without downloading or registration.

Soap2Day gives you access to sort out your desired TV series by using Years, IMDB rating, genres (via Action, Romantic and others), movie thru popularity, and search section to get related movies based on what you type.

Soap2Day has a single pop-up ad when you hit the Play button. All you need is to cancel that pop tab and start streaming your TV series for free.

Soap2Day free tv streaming sites is one of the recognized platform to watch tv shows online free and you can give it a try.

8. Watch Series HD

WatchSeries TV

Searching for free movies and tv shows websites? WatchSeries is for you. But when using this platform, you need to make use of adblocker because there is no way to play the game without clicking on those ads. This is site is developed to watch tv series online free full episodes without downloading.
You can make use of the navigation to explore different categories or use the search box to get relevant results of your TV series movies.

9. Popcornflix

Onlinefreefilm Tv

Popcornflix has huge free movies and tv shows collection for you, including the 1990s old movies.

This is one of the recommended sites to watch tv series online free full episodes without downloading. Because they have one single ad and this pop ad display when you are about to stream your series. It’s what you can ignore or make use of adblocker to override it.

There are a lot of different methods to filter out your results on this platform either by using the Alphabetical method, year, and e.t.c. this platform gives you access to stream TV series on two servers, in case the first one is a little bit slow, you can swipe to the second server.

10. SonyCrackle

SonyCrackle TV

Sony Crackle is another legal website to watch TV series free online without sign up but it’s not available in all locations and to get full access, you have to disable your adblocker.

There are different ways to filter out your favorite TV series by using genres like Action, Drama, Romantic, Crime, and other form. It’s not only for free movies and tv shows, but you can also stream your Anime Movie collections over here.

They also have applications on both android phones and iOS devices.

11. LookMovie

LookMovie is another popular site to watch tv shows online for free without sign up. But you have to disable your ad blocker before you can get full permission on this platform and they’ve a lot of floating ads including pop-up tab when you click on a link. Just make sure you try as much as possible not to click on those ads and when it pops up a new tab, make sure you close it.

Aside from free movies and tv shows, you can check out some Anime movies.

LookMovie provides different options to filter your desired TV series by using either search box or their navigation to explore for more TV series to watch.

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12. Noxx

Noxx is another TV library to watch tv shows online free without registration and it required you to disable adblocker before you gain full access on the platform.
Seems this site is dedicated to free movies and tv shows.
The homepage is pretty cool and straightforward forward because it shows recently added TV series, Top rated, and it features Just Aired.

Their navigation is pretty simple and they have different options to filter out your desired TV series or any episode you are searching for. They put all episodes in one position and it makes it easier for you to stream everything without searching for the next episode.

13. BMovies

Want to watch tv shows online for free? BMovies is another library to get your favorite TV collection without registration.
Not only free movies and tv shows are on this platform, they have Bollywood, top IMDB rating movies, country movie, and Hollywood for you.

14. Shush.se

Shush is one of the best sites with the largest movie database to watch tv series online free full episodes without downloading and with little or no ads.
It surprised you, sometimes you can experience ads but not that common and it’s one of the trending movie streaming sites dedicated for TV series only. Although the site is not really responsive on mobile and they actually worth a try since they make registration-optional.

They managed all the episodes in one place which makes it easier for you to continue if you finish the streaming first episode.

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15. PutLocker

Putlocker is one of the popular movies library to watch tv shows online for free with fewer pop ads and make registration form optional for their users.

Putlocker has 5 plus different streaming servers but they have limit movie collections compared to others.

Putlocker is another great choice to watch TV series full episodes online free without creating an account in good quality.
Apart from free movies and tv shows, they provide access to country movies and other video content.


What are the best sites for free online TV shows?

Popcornflix, SonyCrackle, Primewire, and WatchSeries are among the best streaming websites to visit in order to watch tv series online for free. This list also includes plenty of other websites, some of which are not as good.

Are free TV streaming sites legal?

A few of them do. In this article, I’ve given you a list of sites where you can legally and ilegally stream. Copyright laws are not broken when you watch TV shows and movies on some these sites. Popcornflix and SonyCrackle are two examples.

On the other hand, some sites are in an area where it is legal to be. Even though they aren’t explicitly against the law in most nations, you can get in trouble if you use them to stream protected content.

Can I Use a VPN to watch TV shows on free streaming sites?

Yes. If you want to use these free streaming sites, you must have a VPN. This will keep website owners, spammers, and your ISP from seeing what you are doing when you stream.

What Happens If I Get Caught Watching TV Shows Online Through Free Streaming Sites?

Depending on the laws in your country, you could be penalised if you are found to be using illegal streaming sites to view copyrighted material. When using free streaming sites, you should use a VPN and only watch content that is in the public domain.

Where can I easily stream TV shows online without having to sign up?

Primewire, BMovies, Watchseries, Soap2Day, and LookMovie are all free sites where you can stream TV shows without having to register for an account.

Are websites that let you watch free TV safe?

Those that are legal seem to be safe. Streaming content on these websites is risk-free; you won’t have to worry about hackers or other malicious actors stealing your information. When streaming content from a third-party website, you should always use a virtual private network (VPN) service to protect both your device and the data it stores.

However, VPNs are also useful when accessing valid websites. This is due to the fact that some of those websites use geo-blocks to limit access to their content to only specific geographic locations.


Those are top sites to watch tv shows online free on your devices without a problem if you follow proper procedure.

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