15 Free Sites Like Fmovies | Top Alternatives in 2024

Fmovies was once a popular free streaming site but is now defunct. Thankfully, there are many other free streaming services that offer a similar experience as Fmovies. These Fmovies proxy sites allow you to watch the latest movies and shows without registration or paying.

We’ve handpicked the top 15 websites similar to Fmovies that are working in 2024. These alternative sites provide high-quality streams and a great selection of titles. Read on to find your new favorite free movies website!

sites like fmovies

Although many sites are rising up to represent the absence of fmovies. But many of them run as proxy sites which is somehow difficult to say it’s safe to use.
Since those proxy site contains lot of ads and malware. It’s recommended to make use of a VPN so that they will not extract your data.

Here are the 15 best websites like Fmovies in 2024

Let’s take some look at fmovies replacements site and I believe you will find your choice at the end of this blog post.

1. VexMovies

website like fmovies

VexMovies is one of the most popular alternatives right now. This free movies streaming site has a clean, modern design and a massive library of movies and TV shows.

They are known for its huge collection of newly released movies. You’ll find all the latest Hollywood blockbusters ready to stream in high-def shortly after their theatrical release. It also has a great selection of classic films from the ’80s, ’90s and early 2000s.

To watch anything on this similar site, you simply choose a movie and click the play button. There’s no registration required. This FMovies.to proxy site does have some pop-up ads, but an ad blocker takes care of those easily.

2.  5Movies

5Movies fmovies alternatives

If you’re looking for a feature-rich alternative to FMovies, 5Movies is a great option. It has one of the largest libraries among free streaming sites.

It offers thousands of movies and shows spanning all genres, from action to comedy to horror.

They also have cool features FMovies lacked, like a request tool to ask for specific titles. There’s also a chat section where you can discuss movies with other viewers.

It even offers member ratings and reviews, so you can see what other users think before watching.

As with most free movies websites, this alternative does contain ads. But it’s overall a fantastic proxy site in terms of its huge collection and community features.

3.  Movie4u


Movie4u is one of the cleanest, easiest-to-use websites with little ads. This free streaming site has a modern design without clutter. It’s super simple to find and watch movies.

It focuses mainly on new movies. You’ll find all the latest blockbuster releases ready to stream soon after hitting theaters.

It also has a decent selection of classic movies from past decades. But its strength lies in the latest Hollywood films.

Here you can browse movies by year (2019 – 2005), genres, and alphabetically. Most viewed movies are also listed in the sidebar.

It is updated rarely. Hence you will not find the latest released movies and TV series episodes here.

4. YoMovies


YoMovies is a great alternative to watch HD movies and TV shows online for free. It has a huge media library with all genres of titles. The latest Hollywood blockbusters usually get uploaded quickly on YoMovies.

This proxy impresses with its polished responsive design and easy navigation. It lets you sort and filter movies in multiple ways, like release year, quality, genre etc. Streaming links load fast with multiple quality options.

They have about 3-5 annoying pop ads when using the website. They have a huge database of Hindi and other videos for free with ads and their newly released movie quality is not that good.

5. DOSMovies


DOSMovies is a clean, minimalist layout site to stream movies. All the movie and TV show content is divided into distinct genres, years, countries, and categories, making it easy to drill down to exactly what you want.

They started out by focusing mainly on classic older movies and shows. And it still houses an awesome selection of retro content. But lately, they’ve expanded to include more modern movies and shows too.

You can watch anything on DOSMovies free of charge. There are some pop-up ads, which are easily blocked if desired. For its clean interface and awesome classic movie selection.

6. WatchFree

WatchFree site

As the name suggests, WatchFree is all about letting you watch movies for free. It has a smoothly operating streaming platform with thousands of movies and shows across every genre imaginable.

It operates a bit differently than most FMovies alternatives in that it doesn’t host any content itself. Instead, it aggregates streams from various third-party sources. This gives it an especially broad selection since it compiles many sites’ libraries in one place.

The downside is that it contains lots of pop-up and redirect ads since it pulls streams from ad-supported platforms. But it’s still one of the largest libraries out there if you don’t mind the ads.

7. Vmovee


Vmovee offers an easy way to watch free movies online. This alternative site has a clean, minimal interface devoid of clutter. You can easily browse or search for movies sorted by genre, release year, and other filters.

It started out focusing on older classic films, and these still make up a majority of its library. But lately Vmovee has expanded to include more modern movies too. So you can watch both new and retro titles here.

They are free to use and don’t even require creating an account. There are some pop-up ads, but far fewer than on most similar free movies streaming sites.

There are different options to filter out your movie’s choice with the help of genres like horror, sci-fi, adventure, romance, and other section.

8. SolarMovie


SolarMovie has emerged as one of the most popular sites, thanks to its massive media library. It offers thousands of movies and shows to stream for free.

It’s strength is the latest new releases. It stays on top of adding all the newest movies and shows shortly after they premiere. So it’s a go-to for watching recent titles. Of course, they house older movies too – just not as many classics as some competitors.

Their homepage is quite simple and gives easy access to their top IMDB movies, country (they have few lists of the supported country), Tv series, and Genres to filter out your movie. You can even make use of their search box to get what you need.

9. BMovies


BMovies is another mirror site to watch and download movies in HD quality. They have a great selection of titles across genres. You’ll find all the trending movies, classics, indie films, critically acclaimed stuff and more.

It is very user-friendly. You can easily browse movies through categories and filters. Streaming links load quickly in high definition quality up to 1080p. The adaptive design and minimal ads make for smooth streaming on mobile devices too.

Their homepage is pretty organized with Trending movies with thumbnails, quick links to movies, Tv shows, Episodes, and Top IMDB.

10. Primewire

Primewire site

Primewire is one of the oldest and most established sites. It’s been around for over a decade and become hugely popular in that time.

It has an expansive collection of movies and TV shows across all genres – action, comedy, thriller, drama, documentary, animation, horror, sci-fi and more.

This proxy site provides high speed HD streams from a variety of servers. The clean interface makes browsing and finding movies extremely convenient. It also has a dedicated requests section. You can make requests for any movie or show missing from the site.

11. LookMovie


LookMovie is clean and simple alternative focused on making watching movies a breeze. The site has a polished design that’s easy to navigate.

Users can search for movies, TV shows, or web series from one or another category. The interface of this platform is user-friendly and the user can easily search for the film or TV show of his/her choice.

It offers primarily newer movies to stream. Shortly after theatrical release, most major Hollywood titles get added in crisp high-def. So it is great for watching all the latest blockbusters free of charge.

While the selection focuses on new films, it does have some popular older movies too. But its strength is no doubt recent cinema.

12. Putlocker


They have been around for ages and become synonymous with free streaming. It offers an enormous library of movies and shows to watch instantly.

Their biggest draw is its selection of recently released titles in high quality. Soon after something hits theaters, it shows up on Putlocker to stream for free. Of course, it has older movies too, but its newest content is what attracts most visitors.

The downside is that they really loads up pages with invasive ads now, both from pop-ups and autoplay video ads. But it remains widely used thanks to getting new movies so quickly.

13. Afdah


Afdah offers a clean streaming platform to watch tons of free movies online. It has a modern, polished design without clutter. Streaming movies is quick and easy.

You’ll find all the latest blockbuster movies to classic old films on this platform. It covers content across all genres – action, sci-fi, comedy, drama, horror etc.

They finds top quality links from various servers for seamless streaming. The minimal interface makes browsing and playing movies a smooth experience.

Useful features like requests, schedules and ratings further enhance Afdah’s offerings. They focuses heavily on newest releases.

14. Movies Tube

Movies Tube lives up to its name with a constantly updated library of free streaming movie content. As you can guess, it’s focused exclusively on movies rather than TV shows.

Their biggest asset is all the latest box office releases ready to stream soon after hitting theaters. It’s constantly adding the newest blockbusters in high-def as soon as they’re available. The site also has a decent selection of classic movies too.

Ads are fairly aggressive on Movies Tube. So having an ad blocker is a must to use the site smoothly. But it remains a handy resource for watching the newest movies free as soon as they launch.

15. HD Popcorns

HD Popcorns takes great pride in offering movie streams in the highest quality possible. True to its name, you’ll find movies here in crisp high definition instead of poor quality many free sites have.

HD Popcorns has fewer movies than some competitors. But the films it does have are carefully selected to be high-def prints from reliable sources. So you get pristine quality, even if the library is a bit smaller.

The site also has a beautifully modern design that really shows off its HD streams. If you value quality over quantity, HD Popcorns is one of the best FMovies proxy sites and movies websites similar to FMovies right now.



If you love watching movies online for free, there are tons of great FMovies proxy site to choose from. Many of these free streaming platforms even improve on FMovies by offering more content, better quality, and extra features.

Avoid sites filled with invasive ads or poor quality streams. Focus on clean for the best experience.

No single site will have every movie. But exploring this list of the 15 best websites like FMovies will ensure you always find something great to watch for free! Let us know your favorites in the comments below.


What is FMovies?

In order to watch or download movies, FMovies provides users with access to a variety of streaming and embedded video links. FMovies, to put it simply, is a popular website where users can watch or download movies for free. The Torrent Freak group designed it in 2016.

Is it legal and secure to use FMovies?

We frequently receive inquiries about the legality and security of the authentic FMovies site. You might be wondering about this because you can’t get FMovies from a reputable source like Google Play, Apple iTunes, or Amazon. One could interpret that as a warning sign.

FMovies, on the other hand, is a popular movie streaming site that is deemed secure by even privacy-focused web browsers. Despite containing advertisements, the platform makes up for this with its extensive collection of content. FMovies has also changed its name and URL multiple times before.

What Happened to FMovies?

FMovies is constantly switching domains to avoid getting in trouble with the law for breaking copyright laws. As a result, FMovies may temporarily move to a new platform. It has also been reported that ABS-CBN is suing the website for copyright infringement. As of right now, they are registered as a Swedish domain.

Is FMovies Really Down?

Copyright violations present a legal problem for FMovies, as mentioned above. In order to keep providing its services, it has moved to a Swedish domain. As a result, the website has not gone offline, but rather switched URLs. You can still get to it, but finding the domain that actually works now requires a lot of digging.

Are FMovies Alternatives Free?

All of the alternatives that are suggested are available without cost. In addition, the media quality offered by these alternatives is simply amazing. So that you can see everything that’s new in cinema, they stay current with the latest releases.

Is FMovies legal?

No. FMovies offered pirated movies without permission. That’s why it was shut down. All the current FMovies proxy sites and alternatives are also illegal. Use them at your own risk.

What are the risks of using FMovies sites?

You could receive copyright infringement notices or legal threats from your ISP or media companies. There are also risks from malware and intrusive ads since these sites operate outside the law.

Why did FMovies shut down?

FMovies received many copyright complaints and legal threats before eventually being taken offline. Most free movies streaming sites don’t last forever before facing legal action.

Can I get in trouble for using an FMovies type of site?

It’s unlikely, but possible. Your ISP may send copyright notices if they detect illegal streaming activity. The risk is very low streaming occasionally for personal use. But frequent mass downloading from illegal sites can increase risk of legal consequences.

Is it safe to register an account on FMovies sites?

No. Never share personal info on illegal sites. Fake registration puts your email at risk for spam. Password reuse could also allow your other accounts to be hacked if the site has poor security.

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