15 Free Sites Like Fmovies | Fmovies Alternatives in 2023

If you are looking for a website like Fmovies, we got a list of sites like Fmovies to watch your TV series and favourite videos content for free without registration and with little or no ads.

sites like fmovies

Fmovies offer lots of movies, in fact, it’s recognized as one of the largest movie libraries, but they host lots of copyright material and they have received different copyright infringements that lead to the takedown of the official platform.

Although many sites are rising up to represent the absence of fmovies. But many of them run as proxy sites which is somehow difficult to say it’s safe to use.
Since those proxy site contains lot of ads and malware. It’s recommended to make use of a VPN so that they will not extract your data.

Here are the 15 best websites like Fmovies in 2023

Let’s take some look at fmovies alternatives site and I believe you will find your choice at the end of this blog post.

1. VexMovies

website like fmovies

You don’t need to check for sites like fmovies, because VexMovies has represented the website with no pop-up ads and no registration is needed before you can access their services.
They offer high-quality movies in HQ and other video formats for free and each movie has is own description which contains the released date, IMDb ratings, Gernes, and other information.

You can use the best rating section to get your desired movies or use the release year, genre, and search box to filter your movies for free.

2.  5Movies

5Movies fmovies alternatives

Since the down of Fmovies official website! 5Movies is one of the new sites similar to fmovies to get your popular Tv series, new release movies, and other high-quality movies collection for free without sign up.
This platform is well organized with an easy interface. They classified their movie contents as Genres, Latest HD, Recently added, Featured, Latest TS, release year, popular, and A-Z classification.
With that method, filtering out your movies will be easier for you on 5movies.

3.  Movie4u


If you want to watch high-quality TV series collections and others, Movie$u is on the go and it does not require sign-in before you access their movie contents.
They have almost IMDB movies available on their server. But these ads are painful things, they contain fewer ads
Movie4u is a good choice for those who love to watch popular movies and TV Shows in HD quality. It is also famous for its top IMDB collection among movie buffs.

Its interface looks clean but I faced so many popups one after another. So I will suggest you use this website with an adblocker extension only.

Here you can browse movies by year (2019 – 2005), genres, and alphabetically. Most viewed movies are also listed in the sidebar.

It is updated rarely. Hence you will not find the latest released movies and TV series episodes here.

4. YoMovies

It’s a movie website that contains lots of Bollywood and Hollywood movies for their users to download, but it’s not advisable for children to use because they contain some inappropriate video content and they have about 3-5 annoying pop ads when using the website. Though they might have good navigation, but it’s not that good for children.
They have a huge database of Hindi and other videos for free with ads and their newly released movie quality is not that good.

5. DOSMovies

This is a platform with a huge database of over 100,000 movie collections to watch for free. It is one of those sites like fmovies that make registration optional for their users.
They also let you manage your movies in a convenient way and it was built with easy navigation. There are different navigation options like genres, movies, Tv shows to filter out what you need and they allow you to create playlists only for registered members. TwoMovies is another new fmovies alternative site to use on your devices.

6. CineBloom


This is an awesome movie platform that allows its users to stream online with a different server for free without sign in. It’s just a website like fmovies.
They have 2-3 propeller ads which are somehow annoying. If you are fan of indie movies then you are on the go and you will come across different rated movies, and you are allowed to vote for each movie only if you have an interest in it. CineBloom got a cool interface that is users friendly and it’s easy to use on all devices. There are different categories to sort out your desired movies and you can use the homepage section to see their latest Tv shows episodes, Latest movies, and Featured Videos for quick play.

7. Vmovee

Vmovee is another site like fmovies to stream full Tv series and HD movies online without registration but with little pop-up ads.
The homepage of Vmovee lists out featured movies, popular movies, recent Tv series, recently added movies and Tv shows. There are different options to filter out your movie’s choice with the help of genres like horror, sci-fi, adventure, romance, and other section.
You can also use the search bar to get your favourite video content.
When you are about to watch movies, you will experience popup ads and you just need to close that pop tab and continue watching your movie.

8. SolarMovie


SolarMovies is one of the best sites like fmovies that allow you to watch movies and Tv series episodes for free and make registration optional for its users.
SoarMovie homepage is quite simple that gives easy access to their top IMDB movies, country (they have few lists of the supported country), Tv series, and Genres to filter out your movie.
You can even make use of their search box to get what you need.
If possible they didn’t have the movies on their database, you can register for a free account and request for the movies. But they have about 3-5 annoyance pop ads.

9. BMovies


BMovies is one of those fmovies similar sites in terms of interface. BMovies homepage is pretty organized with Trending movies with thumbnails, quick links to movies, Tv shows, Episodes, and Top IMDB. BMovies get some unique feature and one of it is 2-3x fast free online streaming with 2-3 pop ads on any links you click. But still the best as fmovies alternatives.

10. GoStream

GoStream 1

GoStream is yet another FMovies alternative that you can use to watch and download movies online. It is a free website, which is available on all devices worldwide.

It also offers users the option to watch and download movies online. The user may also search for movies by the name of the film or by the year of its release.

It is very easy to use and the interface is also clear and simple to understand. The user can search for movies by genre, language and country, and get the latest movies on GoStream.

It is also worth mentioning that it has been blocked in many countries, so you must check if it is available in your region before choosing it as an alternative to FMovies.

11. LookMovie


LookMovie is like a hybrid of FMovies. It provides users with a huge collection of movies, TV shows, and web series and lets them watch or download them from their smartphone or tablet.  It has two categories, namely one for Android and another for iOS.

Users can search for movies, TV shows, or web series from one or another category. The interface of this platform is user-friendly and the user can easily search for the film or TV show of his/her choice.

12. Putlocker


It is a site where you can find almost all movies and TV shows from various genres. It’s a huge movie streaming site similar to movies that has a wide catalogue of more than 1 million movies and TV shows together, specializing in action, horror, comedy, fantasy, family, action, drama, sci-fi, and more. It also supports downloading movies.

You can dowload movies in standard and high definition (HD) and select a language of your choice. Just like other sites similar to Fmovies, Putlocker do show ads on some pages and loads extremely fast.

13. Afdah


Afdah is one of the most popular online streaming sites that offer a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and anime content. It was an old platform that was established in 2010 and has been growing continuously. It has over 2,000,000 satisfied users and it has also been named as one of the best sites to stream movies online.

Its website is an easy-to-navigate one and you can browse films with the option of genres, language, release dates, and more. The site indexes almost all movies that are available on other sites and it is a good alternative to consider.

14. Movies Tube

MoviesTube, the best site that is a fan-fiction of FMovies, is one of the best alternatives to try. This website has a lot of content and should be considered an excellent alternative because of its high-quality media variety. This website is far better than FMovies because of its massive user base.
As a result, you can join this community and make friends that are as enthusiastic about watching movies as you are. You can also talk to other users about the movies and television shows that they’re watching.

You may begin to connect with this website and begin to watch movies with its massive community.

15. HD Popcorns

This website provides users with a great user experience. Thanks to its intuitive design and helpful search bar, it is very simple to find movies and TV shows. You can sort your movies according to the genres that you prefer.

You can also sort the list based on which languages it is available in. So, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Furthermore, you can watch movies and TV shows in a variety of formats, including MP4, and you can save them for later playback.

So, when you use this website to stream, you can enjoy a high-quality experience. You can also choose the language and region you want to use to see content in that language and region.


What is FMovies?

In order to watch or download movies, FMovies provides users with access to a variety of streaming and embedded video links. FMovies, to put it simply, is a popular website where users can watch or download movies for free. The Torrent Freak group designed it in 2016.

Is it legal and secure to use FMovies?

We frequently receive inquiries about the legality and security of the authentic FMovies site. You might be wondering about this because you can’t get FMovies from a reputable source like Google Play, Apple iTunes, or Amazon. One could interpret that as a warning sign.

FMovies, on the other hand, is a popular movie streaming site that is deemed secure by even privacy-focused web browsers. Despite containing advertisements, the platform makes up for this with its extensive collection of content. FMovies has also changed its name and URL multiple times before.

What Happened to FMovies?

FMovies is constantly switching domains to avoid getting in trouble with the law for breaking copyright laws. As a result, FMovies may temporarily move to a new platform. It has also been reported that ABS-CBN is suing the website for copyright infringement. As of right now, they are registered as a Swedish domain.

Is FMovies Really Down?

Copyright violations present a legal problem for FMovies, as mentioned above. In order to keep providing its services, it has moved to a Swedish domain. As a result, the website has not gone offline, but rather switched URLs. You can still get to it, but finding the domain that actually works now requires a lot of digging.

What are the top FMovies alternatives?

VexMovies, 5Movies, and BMovies are some of the most popular alternatives to FMovies on the previous mentioned list. The movie libraries at each of these alternatives are extensive, covering both new releases and adored classic films. In addition, the quality of the streams they offer is excellent. And the links are refreshed frequently so you can always find what you’re looking for.

Is FMovies legal?

The first impression you get of FMovies is that it illegally distributes copyrighted material. However, the vast majority of FMovies content is Public Domain. Therefore, users can legally download, stream, or share these works thanks to copyright protections.

If you live in a country where the website’s content is illegal, you should research the laws of your country and the site’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

In short, users are completely responsible for all of their own content consumption across all platforms, including FMovies.

Are FMovies Alternatives Free?

All of the alternatives that are suggested are available without cost. In addition, the media quality offered by these alternatives is simply amazing. So that you can see everything that’s new in cinema, they stay current with the latest releases.


Since the official website of Fmovies has shut down. You can check on the best sites like Fmovies. Though you can still come across Fmovies, they are all proxy site that goes down from time to time and come up with another new feature as best fmovies alternatives.

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