13 Best Sites Like Udemy for Instructors & Students for Online Learning

Are you searching for the best sites like Udemy?

If so, we have a list of the best alternatives to Udemy. For online learning platforms for both instructors and students.

Few queries for you

  • What’s Udemy?
  • Why did you need other similar sites?
  • What factors you should consider while choosing an online learning platform?

What’s Udemy?

This is one of the largest online learning platforms that covers over 200,000 online courses. On different topics that you will love it.
Their online courses combined both videos and text. This feature helps to develop your skills with different learning languages.

Why did you need other platforms like Udemy?

This platform gets different factors that may draw you back and start looking for the best platform compared to Udemy and the main factor is about the price either each course worth it or not. Some platforms always offer sweet deals, and you can collect them on couponlawn.com.

Some factors you need to consider while choosing alternatives to Udemy

There are lot of different things to put in mind when choosing similar platforms.

  • The most common factor is either free or paid.
  • The topics that each alternative site are specialized in.
  • Certificate issued after completing the course and other factors.

Let put end to the story and move to the best websites like udemy.

13 best sites like Udemy for learning and for selling as instructors

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1.  DomainRacer – Great LMS Video Hosting Platform

LMS Video Hosting Platform

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It influences by powerful features as LMS video hosting, helps to create great markets, includes all type of payment gateway, sells memberships and affiliate marketing.

DomainRacer has a user-friendly interface, that permitting you to customized your courses, enrolling students, create an assignment, get a certification, make free/paid courses, install/setup do yourself and many more.

Here you can create free or private video software/sites like udemy. LMS pro software is available with 9+ features as creating a quiz, zoom integration, create and sell a course, online classes and many more to know.

If you have a website and want to host your video and other actions all under one roof, then DomainRacer is a trustworthy option for you.

1.1 Feature of DomainRacer

  • No Disturbance Of Excessive Ads
  • No Brand Logo in Video (No watermark)
  • No Irrelevant Video Suggestion
  • Completely Superior Quality Of Video + Hosting
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1.2 Udacity

Udacity sites like Udemy

Udacity is recognized as the best alternative to udemy. And they specialize in the following topics.
Cloud computing, data science field that will increase your ability, artificial intelligence, programming, and other courses.

You have to subscribe to a monthly plan for all courses and their online learning plan is flexible and worth it.


2. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds alternatives to udemy

LearnWorlds is another organization and best online learning platform for selling courses online as an instructor and for learning. LearnWorlds provide premium plans and they have easy to learn videos courses, ebook, and developed some quizzes techniques. They provide different options for their instructors to build their sales pages with good different elements.

LearnWorlds is pretty cool by giving you access to there 30 days free trial plan without requesting for your credit card, just for you to check before you purchase it. LearnWorlds have a different plan and the starter plan starts as low as $29 per month.

3. Ulearning

Ulearning sites like udemy learning

Ulearning is one of the recognized learning platforms like Udemy. It’s available for instructors that are ready to sell and for people who are ready to take online courses from home.

They are specialized in business, in case you are ready to develop your business skill and looking for guidelines on your business, Ulearning platform is good for you.
Instructors can gain more knowledge on this platform on how to train others and users have access to schedule time for every class.

4. Amazing

Amazing learning courses

This is one of the online learning platforms with step by step guide. Whether you are a professional or beginner the platform was developed with easy to use interface.
Amazing.com is specialized in world business by teaching its members to manage the business with different skills.

To be a successful entrepreneur. Amazing is recommended for you as an alternative site. Since it’s their area of specialization. There are lot of easy to learn tutorial on this platform that’s awaiting you.

5. Edureka


Edureka is one of the online learning websites like udemy with varieties of courses.
Here are a list of few topics you will come across on Edureka;
  1. Data Science
  2. Software testing
  3. Frontend development, and other awesome courses.
Some of the Edureka categories are related to that of Udacity.

This online learning platform issue a certificate at the end of the course and you have access to get help from your personal learning-manager, access their quizzes, courses, assessments, and chat with other learning students like you.

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6. Lynda.com


Lynda gives you a free trial and the next month will cost you some token as low as $29 per month to be a member and get access to over 50,000 easy to learn video courses.

They have different varieties of topics e.g; Software Development with over 600 courses, Design over 700 courses, Business over 1,200 courses, Photography and Web development over 700 courses and other categories.
It’s recommended for those people on Visual works.

7. edX


edX is one of the online learning platform, founded by MIT, Harvard, and other support from different universities.
They are specialized in almost all categories because you will across over 2,500 courses as written on their homepage. At the end of each course you complete on the edX platform, you will get your certificate which is pretty cool. If you are searching for a new job or you want a promotion, online learning platforms edX is right to purchase.

8. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

This is one of the free sites like Udemy. Khan-Academy gives free access to all its educational courses across the globe.

They have different categories you can go for. Here are few samples of what they cover; math, economics, science, art, and other categories.
Khan Academy provides different forms of easy to learn tutorial-videos and other exercises for you to practice. They provide a learning dashboard for their students in which everything is well organized and you can study when it’s convenient for you.

They provide a dashboard for instructors to monitor their students when they have problems and check on each student’s performance. Khan Academy is supported by donations of which you can access their course for free of charge.

9. Alison


Alison is recognized as a free best similar website for online courses and you will come across over 2,000 courses for free after making a free registration that didn’t require any of your credit cards.

Alison has an area of specialization on the following topics; Technology, Science, Health, Marketing, Health, and other categories on their database to pick from without paying any amount.

Alison gives three options on their courses which are; Diploma courses, Learning paths, and Certificate courses.

Function of types of courses

  1. Diploma courses: It takes up to 12-13 hours or more because they provide well information about the topic and making it easier to understand.
  2. Learning Paths: It’s just like a combination of some classes create to improve your skills.
  3. Certificate courses help students to focus on particular topics for well understanding and it takes up to 4 hours for you to complete it.
10. Pluralsight


Pluralsight is another awesome website like udemy that helps you developed your skills via online learning courses. Pluralsight is specialized in the following categories; IT skills, Security, Dev, and Data. Their plans start from $19 per month and they provide 10 days free trial that will give you access to their Skill IQ, Channels, Role IQ, Offline viewing, and other features that will help you to improve your performance.


11. Coggno


Coggno is an online learning platform and it’s one of the best websites to Udemy for both instructors and students.
Coggno has over 10,000+ courses in almost all categories to train both medium and small business organization in a smart and simple method with both paid and free classes that’s available on Coggno LMS platform. Other large enterprises can participate in it because they will get a lower price when they purchase for their company.

Coggno provides an easy dashboard management app for their instructors to monitor their courses. There are some free courses on this platform that worth a try if you cannot afford to purchase them.

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12. Skillshare


Skillshare is another best alternative for udemy online learning platforms and getting started is free.
They have lot of courses in their free version like Technology, Business, Writing, Design, and others. They developed easy to use app that enables you to attend class across the Globe with your mobile devices.

13. SkillSuccess


Looking for similar websites like udemy? SkillSuccess worth a try because they have over 150,000 students on their platform. They have tons of awards winners instructors and that makes their teaching techniques amazing.

They have some popular categories, which are makeup, beauty, music & art, engineering, office productivity, photography, makeup, business, fashion, language training, pet training, and others. You can access some free courses when you sign up on the platform.

FAQs About Udemy

What do Udemy courses include?

Udemy courses include a variety of topics such as business, technology, design, music, and more. They are created by expert instructors who are passionate about teaching and helping learners succeed.

How do I take a Udemy course?

To take a Udemy course, you will need to sign up for an account on the platform and make a payment. After that, you can access the course and start learning.

What if I am not happy with my purchase?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of the transaction date, Udemy offers a full refund.

What makes Udemy different from other online learning platforms?

Udemy stands out from other online learning platforms in that it offers flexible, self-paced courses taught by experienced instructors from all over the world. The courses are designed to help learners develop practical skills that can be applied immediately in their day-to-day life or career.

What is the Udemy Pro subscription?

The Udemy Pro subscription gives members access to exclusive content including courses on emerging technologies, monthly live Q&As with industry experts, and personalized career coaching services. It also includes discounts on select courses and exclusive discounts for employers on team licenses.

What languages is Udemy available in?

Currently, courses on Udemy are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Turkish and Japanese. Additional languages are being added regularly.

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