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Putlocker is another popular website to get your favourite movie collections. Even TV series for free without sign up. Although if Putlocker wasn’t an illegal place to get your movie. Other platforms like Prime or Netflix shouldn’t have to stand up to confront Putlocker.
Since law enforcement and hosting companies collaborate to take down any streaming sites. Like our Put-locker and its mirror sites. We have gathered the best putlocker alternatives. For you to get your favourite movie collections for free.

alternatives to Putlocker

Since the takedown of the platform. Many mirrors have raised to claim the absence of our popular know site.

Below are the clone sites like putlocker that work as proxy site;


Although ads are painful things, we have a list of sites like Putlocker for you.

Here are the Putlocker alternatives site to get your favourite TV shows

Note: We advise you to use a VPN like Express VPN or Nordvpn to keep your privacy.

1. LosMovies

LosMovies sites like Putlocker

This is part of sites like Putlocker to get your favourite HD movie collections. Includes Tv shows, sci-fi, Drama, Thriller, Non-English movie collections, international content. And other videos content to watch with accurate subtitles file for you. Although before you can enjoy it, you will need to create a free account on the platform, since they worth it. It’s because they only have three annoyance pop up ads. You should make sure you don’t click on the accept notification when the ads pop up a new tab on your browser.
Each video on this platform has a proper description before you stream it.
2. Movie4u.co

Movie4u.co alternatives to Putlocker

It’s one of the sites like Putlockers website. Because it come with a good interface. Each movie contains an IMDb rating and description of the movie on movie4u.
They organized their movie with a proper thumbnail and title that will help you to get what you are searching for. Their movie quality is cool because they have HD displays for you, but ads are painful things for us.
When you are about to watch a movie on this platform, you will experience some annoying ads. But you can give it a try.
3. WatchOnlineSeries
It is one of the sites like Putlocker that has only one annoyance ads on any links you click on their website. This will pop up a new tab but make sure you ignore the pop-up tab by closing it.
WatchTvseries give you access to watch series from 1989-2021. That includes new releases TV series for free without sign up. You can use their search box to explore new episode series or other video content you want.
4. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is one of the sites like putlocker platform. Since they gets a huge database of videos and it is super responsive across all mobile devices. Popcornflix is working as proxy site. Because law enforcement and hosting provider has shut-down the official website.
When using this platform, I recommend you to make use a VPN to keep your data safe.
Although we’re going to provide you a safe mirror of popcornflix. But you will experience some little popups ads and it’s good just for them to maintain their services. This site is recommended as putlocker alternatives. If you are using either iPhone or Android device. Though Popcornflix didn’t have TV shows. But other best movies of the year, recent movies and old classic movies can be located on this platform. It doesn’t need any registration and it was designed with smooth navigation.
5. Afdah


It’s one of the putlocker alternatives site to get your favourite TV shows.
You can use years, most viewed, categories or latest to sort out your movie and they have a fear interface. It performs well on all devices either you are using Android, iPhone, or Windows PC.
They have HD movies for you, but most of them are on 720p display quality.
We know ads give us a headache, but they have 3-2 annoying pop-up ads.
It’s a thing you can still ignore.

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6. Yidio


It’s part of the best sites like putlocker, and it seems to be different. Because they behave as a search engine to get all your latest TV series and other movie content for free. They claim to give you access to Netflix, and other TV portals with a token amount and it’s ad-free. There are lots of methods to sort out your movie.l on the platform and their app is available on some devices.

7. 123Movies
We should call it the best putlocker alternatives. because it’s one of the largest movies library. Although the official site was shut down. But there are lots of mirror sites to provide the same services as the official website.
If you are looking for recent TV series, Thriller, Sci-fi, Disney, Anime, Drama, and other videos. 123movies is recommended for you.
Because you can use genres or search box to sort for your favourite movies and stream it without any registration required. You can also sort out your movie by using the Alphabet order or year. but the search box is not pretty cool to fetch out your movie.
When using 123movies other sites like putlocker. You will experience some pop-up ads about two times on links you clicked before they show you the movie. But make sure you close the pop-up tab and stick to your video.
8. SolarMovie
Looking for free movie streaming sites? There is putlocker alternatives website. SolarMovies interface design makes navigation to be user friendly. It’s easy to master in time if it should be your favorite on this list.
SolarMovies didn’t need registration or sign in before you access the video library. But if you want to request for the movie which is not on their website, you will need to register free account with them.
What will you come across in this library? You will find your TV series and movies that include the recent ones.
You will have access to the IMDb rating and little description of the movie before you watch it. SolarMovies might not be the largest movie library. but they have some good content to offer you with fewer ads. You can sort video content by using most viewed, trending. Or video with the highest users rated or genre for your choice.
9. Fmovies


This is one of the new sites like Putlocker to get your desired video content for free without any registration form. They have little ads, but not that annoying.
Fmovies got friendly interface with different videos thumbnail. Even their search box perform well in compared to other videos website.
You will get access to sort out the movie you wish to watch if you know the title by using their Genre, most viewed, recently added, or search function.

Some FAQ’s for you

Question 1

Can Put-locker be a Legal website to use?

It has been running as proxy sites since the original website was shut down by hosting providers and some law enforcement in UK high-Court that put a ban on it. In short, it is known as illegal torrent site.

Question 2: Is it safe to use the Putlockers website?

Well, the official website was safe to use. But since there are lots of mirror sites like Putlocker as listed at the beginning of this article run on the proxy.
We cannot decide either is safe to use.
Because some research let us know some proxy sites can send malware threat to your browser to get valuable data.

Last Question: How can I use sites like putlocker without getting hacked by proxy sites?
The best method to be anonymous is the use of a VPN.

We have given you brief details about Put-locker and the best putlocker alternatives website. It’s now left for you to pick your choice.

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