13+ Rabbit Alternatives to Stream Movies With Friends in 2023

It’s now easy to find rabbit alternatives that will allow us to stream content and chat with friends simultaneously. Now, more than a million people are looking for apps like rabbit.
Therefore, if you were a previous user of Rabbit, below are the top sites like Rabbit of which you can visit. We’ve verified that they all function properly, but contains some ads.

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13 Best Sites Like Rabbit to Watch Movies Online With Friends in 2023

1. Invited.tv

screen sharing website like rabbit

It’s one of those rabbit alternatives you are searching for. If you want to browse the web with your pals, there are no rules. Invited provides you with high-quality video content.

There are many websites you can go to like Crunchyroll Netflix, and Crave. You can even go to any other app and do the same thing! The room has a maximum capacity of 50 persons. People who get private rooms get free Virtual machines with them, but they have to pay for the services. There seems to be a $5 premium plan that allows you to bypass the queue for the room.

2. Twoseven

rabbit alternatives

When you share videos on Twoseven, you can watch them with your friends and relatives, as well as to chat with them at a time. With low latency and compatibility for a wide variety of exciting streaming websites, it provides a great session. Additionally, it includes a chrome extension that enables you to watch films from almost all websites.

3. Airtime


Airtime is part of apps like rabbit that works on all smartphones and permits you to stream with a friend or your family member simultaneously. Airtime allows you to do a variety of things, including streaming videos together, playing music in the chatroom, sending sound emojis, & exchanging GIFs.

Airtime is a powerful tool. It can support up to 10 people in a single room, and that is more than enough for all of your relatives and friends to join in. It lets you listen to audio commentary & watch videos at the same time. If you’re unaware, this function was extremely popular on Rabb.it.

4. Watch2Gether


This seems to be among the ancient sites that provide you rabb.it’s features. In the beginning, it was just like sharing profiles with your friends and making audio playlists for them.

You may also use this site to shop on Amazon while you stream movies on YouTube at the same time… Because it can run on all kinds of computer systems like Windows OS or Mac OS X, or Linux, or Android.

5. TogetherTub


Interested in watching or listening to music in real-time? Then, this apps like rabbit can be used to watch videos on a lot of different sites like Vimeo, YouTube, and Soundcloud. There’s no more stress about being far from relatives or friends because you can stream movies and listen to music together on this platform.

What makes this platform unique is how simple it is to use, how much fun it is, and registration is optional. As a bonus, each room also comes with built-in chat features that let you interact with your relatives while you’re there.

6. Netflix Party

Netflix Party

If you searching for rabbit alternatives, then Netflix Party is for you. It has a lot of the same functionalities, but only for Netflix. If you really want to stream Netflix with other people in an awesome sync playback, then do not even look any further. It is entirely browser-based, therefore there is no need for you to download any heavy applications.

7. Kosmi

If you want to have remote hangouts, then Kosmi is the perfect platform for you to use. You don’t even have to sign up with this site before you access a room.

Using this website, you and a friend may stream Netflix or whatever else is happening on your browser tab or screen together. You can watch videos that have been synced with YouTube or videos that you have on your computer. It’s also possible to start a SNES emulator that can be played by all of your friends in the same room.

8. SyncLounge

A lot of people like SyncLounge, but it isn’t exactly the same as Rabb.it. If you use Plex and you are searching for a good live sync video player, then SyncLounge is for you. SyncLounge has made it easy for you to stream Plex with your family and stream the Plex library too. If you want to send data to other people, it uses its own server instead of the Plex servers.

9. Andchill

Since all of the platforms above could make rooms for you. Andchill, on the other hand, will accomplish the same for you in a matter of minutes without requiring any additional authentication.

The interface is very easy to use. You can share audio and video with just one click. Meet a lot of strangers as well. You can use this platform to build a great network of people.

10. ShareTube

ShareTube is a simple apps like rabbit that lets you watch YouTube with your friends and relatives in a simple way. As soon as you set up your room, you can share your YouTube video link there and everyone can watch it together. There is a chatroom option that makes the game even more fun. If all you wish to do is stream YouTube movies, then this rabbit alternatives is for you.

11. Metastream


On-screen chat and user management are also available on Metastream, that feature makes it a good video-streaming platform. It works with all the big streaming platforms, like amazon prime video, Vimeo, Youtube, and so on. Users have a good time on this site, but it could be better.

If you only want to stream movies and TV shows on a shared computer. Then this platform is sure to meet your needs.

12. MyCircle.tv

This seems to be one of the top rabbit alternatives because it lets you stream in a group and also lets you make a chat group and share it with your friends. Watch videos on YouTube, Vimeo and even make playlists. MyCircle features straightforward interfaces for establishing and accessing chat rooms, and also no need for you to register.

13. SimulChat

If you want an exact copy of Rabb.it, SimulChat should be your first choice. It lets you make video calls and share files.

YouTube videos can also be streamed without a hitch. To safeguard your privacy, you may need to create private chat rooms with Nifty private chat rooms. SimulChat is based in South Africa. This site is very easy to use and even with a virtual chat.


What Is Rabbit?

In 2014, the streaming video website and mobile app known as Rabbit (also known as Rabb.it) was introduced. It featured a group chat environment for its users. It let users post and watch the same content from far away, as well as chat with each other via text or video. Sadly, it had to close in 2019 because it didn’t have enough money.

Is Rabbit a site you can trust?

Rabbit was a website where people could watch videos and communicate to each other. It was a real site, but it had to be shut down because it ran out of money, not because it was accused of piracy or for any other reason. Even though it worked, it was 100% safe.

Why is Rabbit Down?

Rabbit, which was also known as Rabb.it, was a platform that let people chat and watch videos, but it shut down in 2019 because it didn’t have enough money. Kast took over the platform at the end of July. Before that, it had been mostly working for about a month.

Is Rabbit Dead?

Rabbit needed to be shut down in the year 2019. CEO Amanda Richardson posted the news of the closure on her LinkedIn page. In July, the platform was only partially working, and by the end of the month, Kast had taken over its intellectual property, software stack, and patents.

Is Rabbit Shutting Down?

Rabbit was a cool way for friends to share videos as well as to stream them at the same time from different places. The website had to be taken down in 2019 because there weren’t enough funds to keep it running. Kast took over the platform’s intellectual property, including its software and patents.

Are Kast and Rabbit the Same Thing?

In July of the year 2019, Kast made a deal with Rabbit to take over its intellectual property rights. Kast has purchased the software stack, rights, and patents that were previously owned by Rabbit, and the company plans to invite the users and supporters of Rabbit to use it’s upgraded and redesigned platform for streamining and sharing videos.


So, guys, this was the best list of sites like rabbit that can be used to watch online movies and shows with your friends. We have tried and tested all these platforms and all of them work without any issues. If you are facing any issues while using these websites, then please tell us in the comments section.

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