Top 9 Sites Like Primewire to Watch Free Movies With No Sign Up

If you are searching for Primewire alternatives, we got what you want.

We are going to give you the best sites like Primewire to watch your favourite movies. Though many on this list didn’t require sign up before you get full access to them and some will require free account registration and they contain ads. But we will provide more details about their ads and how to bypass them.

Since the service was stopped, this led to a rise in Google searches with the best Primewire alternative or sites like primewire. But there are lots of primewire proxy sites on the internet. Some are safe why other proxy sites are not safe. But will advise you to always make use of VPN to hide your identity each time you visit the proxy sites.

What is the new PrimeWire website?

Since many people are interested in current prime-Wire website, below are the top list of primewire replacement in case you have an interest on the proxy list.

List of copied primewire alternative proxy sites claim to be new unblocked site

9 Best Sites Like Primewire

Below is the list of sites similar to primewire to get your favourite movies for free without registration

1. Vumoo

Vumoo sites like primewire

Vumoo is another new primewire alternative site to get your new release TV shows and top mind bending movies for free without any registration.

When using Primewire movies, you can have some difficulty on how to get your recent TV series or newly released movies because they don’t have categories. But you can visit the Vumoo website, it is a new primewire site.

They classified their movies into two sections, which are TV shows and movies. Getting your desired movies will take your time somehow because you have to make use next button till you get what you are looking for.

But they possess some amazing features if you are about to watch any movies on this platform. They will give you a good description, IMDb rating, the genres, and other information.

2. Vmovee

Vmovee Primewire alternatives

Vmovee platform runs like other primewire alternatives that offer you to watch movies and other TV series for free without signing up.

They classified their movies such as, recent movies & TV shows, most-watched movies & TV series, and categories are available to filter out your movie whether you are searching for sci-fi, Thriller, Action, Family, Adventure, and other categories.

You can also use the search section, by inputting your movie title and let it search it for you when you hit the enter button.

When you see your choice, you can click on the thumbnail or play button to watch the movie. But when you click, you will experience 2-3 pop-up ads, that will open a new tab to redirect you to the advertisement site, make sure you close the tab and continue streaming your video for free.

3. FlixTor


Looking for new primewire alternatives? FlixTor website is among the best sites like Primewire replacements in terms of features.

FlixTor get ads, but the good news is that they don’t have any popup ads on their platform which is totally safe to use

They got a pretty layout design for you, that arranged their latest movies with dates, most-watched, language, highest rated video, votes, genre, and language.
You can use a TV series and a movie section to find your movie.
It seems FlixTor is running on one server, in case it’s not available in your country, you can make use of VPN.

FlixTor is one of the largest video libraries to stream your video without any registration attached to it and annoyance ads.

4. Hindilinks4u


Hindilinks4u was one of the popular platforms for movie libraries without any registration, their video library is free to use for any user and it’s the best primewire alternatives.

The word Hindi has shown that is one of the Hindi movie sites to watch your favourite Hindi movie and Hindi TV series for free and other dubbed movies without registration.

This platform work like 123movies. You can use documentaries, dubbed A-Z, Series, Date, and other features to sort your movie out.
If you are about to watch movie, you will see a full description of the movie that shows; the duration time, IMDb rating, genre, released date, and other valuable information.


Looking for sites like primewire to watch your favourite TV shows?
We have got you YesMovies. They have a good design that will help you to get what you want by using their search box, categories, country, recently added, and most viewed to filter out your movie.

YesMovies doesn’t require registration and their services are free to use with just 2-3 pop ads when you are about to watch the video.

Secondly, before you watch any video on this platform, you will see a brief description like; IMDb rating, country, Genre, Released date, and duration.

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Best Sites to watch tv shows online for free

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YesMovies is known as Tv series home because they are one of the platforms with the largest TV series library to get any new or old episode for free.

6. YMovies

It’s also known as YifyTv and it’s other sites like primewire movies. Because they are well organized and it’s easy for you to filter or search for what you want even if you don’t know the full title. You only need to have the title and hit the search button for YMovies to display related movies for you.

They classified their movies into different sections, you just need to pick the one that will be easier for you to handle.
They have ads and one pop-up ads that will show when you are about to watch movie. Just make sure you close the pop tab and continue streaming your video for free.

7. XMovies8


If will don’t announce XMovies8 as primewire alternatives, then our list is yet to be complete.
XMovies8 is just like FlixTor website that doesn’t have any pop-up ads but has ads like Taboola and no annoying pop ads when using it to watch your favourite TV shows and other video content.
If you decide you don’t want to see their ads, then you can enable your ads blocker or make use of the Adblock extension.
They put their movies into three sections (TV shows, TV episodes and movies). Each section has Genres, new releases movies, best rated, language, updates, and sort by name to get your desired movies to watch.

8. LookMovie

This is another platform to watch your latest TV shows and newly released movies for free without sign up.

LookMovie has a friendly design and they provide services like Netflix without paying for any money or sign up.

They have all newly released Tv shows and movies. You will experience just 2-3 annoyance pop ads.

9. Bmovies

This platform has some features (like interface) with SolarMovies, 123movies, and other platforms.

They have a huge database of TV series and movies to watch without any registration but with little ads (about 2-4 pop ads) any time you use this platform.
If you are searching for a movie base on the country, I will advise you to try it right now.

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FAQs On PrimeWire

What Is PrimeWire?

PrimeWire is a streaming website where users can watch the most recent tv shows and movies programmes. In contrast to its competitor, which is recognised for its music services, this site does not offer music streaming. PrimeWire is one of the most detailed platforms available, providing users with a comprehensive media streaming experience. PrimeWire started as a small project almost a decade ago, and its growth since then has been exponential.

Is Using The PrimeWire Website Safe?

No, it is not safe since they run a proxy websites. It does contain adware and malware. One wrong click could immediately result in the installation of a bug or virus on your computer. Always employ pop-up ad blockers when navigating the Internet. To avoid legal issues, it is best to use a VPN when accessing and navigating the PrimeWire website.

Is PrimeWire dead?

PrimeWire insists that it will not shut down operations. All user accounts and the ability to comment and chat will continue to exist. TV episode tracking, along with search and personalised TV schedules, will also continue.

Why are there no links on the new PrimeWire?

It is done.   In order to avoid being completely shut down, they did agree to only offer links to free movies. Therefore, the majority of links disappeared.

Does Prime-Wire give viruses?

Since most of them have lots of pop-up ads, they can lead you to malware sites or with annoying notifications. But if you try to avoid those pop-up ads and you don’t click or accept the notification. Then you will be safe from viruses and other malware.

Which devices are commonly used to stream PrimeWire alternatives?

PrimeWire alternatives can be accessed on a variety of devices, including the iPhone, Android devices, laptops, Fire TV stick, and Chromebook.

Do you need a VPN for PrimeWire proxy sites?

Using a virtual private network (VPN) to access PrimeWire or other restricted content is a good idea. This enables you to conceal your streaming activities and maintain your online anonymity and safety from hackers, site administrators, ISPs, fraudsters, etc.

Can you get viruses from using PrimeWire?

There are a lot of pop-up ads on free streaming sites, and some of them may inadvertently lead you to malicious websites or annoy you with notifications. You can prevent these interruptions by not clicking on any of the notifications that pop up. Thereby, you will be protected from viruses and other malicious software.

What are the consequences for using sites like PrimeWire?

In the event that the cyber-crime authority catches you using sites such as PrimeWire to view copyrighted material, you may face legal consequences but this varies from country to country. Consequently, you should only access content that is in the public domain.


Those are the list of similar sites to primewire alternatives. But make sure you use a VPN for some of those list proxy sites.

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