How to Record Screen in Windows 10 Step by Step

Record Screen in Windows 10

Using a screen recorder, a user may capture video footage or a sequence of screensavers from a computer’s display and store it as a video file.

Many experts utilize a screen recorder for pc to generate courses and demos. A video recording of your desktop activities may be recorded and shared with others online with this program.

Recording gameplay or screen footage is as simple as pressing a button in the Game bar app on Windows 10. This guide will teach you how to set up the Game Bar on Windows 10 and how to record screen in Windows 10.

The Game bar button on your keyboard, or pressing Alt + PrtScn, may likewise be used to snap screenshots without any further configuration. This video will show you how to generate a snapshot that’s perfect for a critical project or meeting.

How to Record Your Desktop with Game DVR on Windows

To demonstrate how to accomplish anything on a PC, you may record your desktop using Game DVR in a short amount of time and with no effort. This online screen recorder tool in Windows 10 makes it simple to record what’s going on on your desktop, which might be useful if you’re attempting to demonstrate a process or teach someone how to do a task on their own computer.

Game DVR may be accessed by hitting the Windows key and the letter G at the same time, or by selecting it from the start menu. Fortunately, the Windows version of our screen recorder for PC has this capability as well.

How to record screen in Windows 10

It is possible to record and capture your computer screen using a screen recorder, which is one of the tools available to you. It may be used to capture and send audio and video data, as well as to take screenshots, among other things.

A screen recorder is a sort of software that enables you to capture and save what is occurring on your computer’s display screen. Training, demonstration, lesson films, and just sharing fascinating things that are happening on the screen with others are all possible uses for screen recording software. The greatest thing is that there are a plethora of free Windows 10 applications available for download and usage. Windows 10 comes with a built-in online screen recorder that may be used to capture video of the computer’s screen in real-time.

You may access the built-in screen recorder by following the procedures outlined below:

– Go to the Start menu, right-click on the Windows logo, and pick Run from the drop-down menu. The Run dialog box will open, in which you must enter “snipping tool” (without quotation marks) and then click the Enter key to proceed. The Snipping Tool window will appear on the screen. To begin recording the screen, go to the File menu and choose New from there.


A screen recorder for pc is a computer program that records the activity of the entire screen, or just the activity in a particular window, typically with audio. This software can be used to create demo videos for your company’s products, to create how-to guides for your company’s software, or merely to make tutorial videos on various topics.

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