11 Best Apps Like Offerup | Offer Up Similar Sites List

Are you searching for where to buy or sell something online? Are you looking for apps like Offerup or sites like offer up platforms?

If you are in such a situation, you don’t have to worry. Because we have a list of best apps like Offerup to buy and sell. For both old and new items in the online market by creating free ads for such items and tag them with the price you wish to sell it.

apps like Offerup

What’s Offerup? It’s in application and website form that is used to post ads for free without any charge. Posting ads by selling your desired items either old or new. It can be used for online shopping. Because it works like a wish app that improves your online shopping experience.

Best apps like Offerup to buy and sell for 2020


1. Oodle

oodle apps like OfferupThis is an online market platform, where you can create free ads for the items you decide to sell. You can even search for other items by using different filters. like location or categories. Here are few items to come across on oodle; Pets, Cars, Estate, Jobs ads, Boats, Tickets, and other items. Oodle is available on application and also on the web.

2. Close5

Close5 sites like offerup

Looking for similar to offerup platform. Close5 is another marketing place where you can create your free ads. To make money on it without any cost attached to it. Their app is available on playstore and it’s free to use. Close5 is another site like offerup. That uses your location (of buyers) to display relevant items for you. When browsing on the store via the app or on their website.

Close5 helps you to locate items that are not far to your location and that’s a pretty cool feature of Close5.

The seller gets access to set their free ads on a specific location.

3. LetGo


I’m sure you should be aware of Letgo. It’s one of the popular (that’s completing with Craigslist and eBay) platforms to buy and sell your items. It’s a free classified app that allows sellers to chat with other users either locally. LetGo app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Another feature is that it auto-fill your ad details. Because it makes your work faster when creating ads. It also provides a location filter to get your desired items.

There are lots of items you will come across on LetGo. e.g; Cars, Electronic accessories, Games accessories, Clothes, Home items, and others.

4. Recycler


Recycler is another free classified ads platform like offerup app. Its use to buy and sell your items locally. These local classified ads get thousands of items. e.g; Electronics accessories, Pets, Real estate, Rental properties, Used items, and others.

This classified ads platform provides access for buyers and sellers to communicate through the use of the mobile app.

5. Yerdle (Trove)


These free classified ads are different from apps like offerup, eBay, Craigslist site. Whenever you post your ads, buyers need to make the shipping fee for any items he/she buy. This feature makes Yerdle unique from others. Yerdle is now known as Trove, a place to resale your goods.

6. GumTree


It’s another popular selling & buying apps like offerup in UK, South Africa, Australia. Their app is available on iOS store and Google Play store for free download. It’s also easy to access thru the web with the help of your browser in case you are using a computer for browsing.

There are lots of categories on GumTree. Since it delivers worldwide, an example of items to come across are;
Jobs ads, Pets, Cars, Home items, Used items for sale, and others.

Gumtree doesn’t take part in shipping fees, which means buyers and sellers need to chat about that. To create your ads, it’s free. No cost is attached while listening to your items for sale on Gumtree.

7. OLX

This is one of the online market places to sell your items across the globe. Because they’re recognized and it’s one of the largest classified ads platforms for buying and selling. They have an active app on playstore and iTunes store for free download. OLX is active in 45 countries e.g Poland, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Brazil, and others. There are lots of different features you can use to filter your items as a buyer. You will come across the following items on OLX;
all electronic accessories, Jobs, Phones, Books, Cars, Home items, and other categories.

8. TradeMade

This is another site related to offer up with minor differences operations by tweaking buying and selling method. In such a way that buying is not available on TradeMade.

This platform is known as barter app and trade to create ads for your items. or exchange for your proposed services. Each complete trade will earn you a badge and that will inform you about carbon footprint. E.g, you can advertise your tutoring service in exchange for a pair of concert tickets.

9. eBay

eBay is another popular and recognized sites like offerup. It provides business to customer sales via the use of its official app and website. This platform is available in over 25 countries. This is not free, on like other alternatives to offerup. eBay charges sellers for posting ads on their platform. They provide access for users and sellers to chat before purchasing the items. Their app is available on both iOS and Google Play store for free download.

10. Mercari

This is another selling apps similar to offerup platform. This selling and buying app make things easier for their users by creating a dashboard for advertising, earning dashboard, and shipping. They have different shipping methods for you to pick your choice.

11. Listia

This is another swapping Platform, it’s not an offerup alternative but a little bit similar to Yerdle. This platform provides access to swap for your desired items but you must make the shipping fee.


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