17 Cash Advance Apps Like Dave, Moneylion, Earnin, & Brigit

Are You Searching for Instant Cash Advance Apps like Dave, Moneylion, Earnin, & Brigit?

We have the top list of loan apps like Dave, apps like Moneylion, Branch, Earnin, & Brigit that can be a lifesaver when you need financial assistance, $50 loan instant app or you want to earn some cash to cover up your bills till you receive your next paycheck.

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How does Dave App work?

This is another loan app that provides paycheck in advances and financial assistance to users in times of need. Thousands of people use instant cash advance apps to funds upcoming bills, avoid interest and collect up to $100 whenever they require immediate cash. The additional benefit is that, rather than billing you a fixed or variable interest rate on your loan, you only pay a monthly subscription fee of $1. The company is actually one of the top payday loan lenders. There are various other loan apps that provide even great offers for people in need of money quickly.

17 Best Loan Apps Like Dave, Moneylion, Earnin, & Brigit


1. Chime

Chime as apps like brigit provide financial aids to meet your need if you are searching for $50 loan instant app or apps that loan you money with no credit and it’s also one of the best instant cash advance apps that let you borrow money. The app enables you to receive your paycheck early, take advantage of a fee-free overdraft facility, grow your income, and handle your finances. You can even obtain a savings account, a free Visa Debit Card, and a spending account by utilizing its internet banking platform. So, before checking for instant cash advance apps that work with chime, try to explore more on Chime or make use of the apps similar to dave in this content.

Chime app is available for iOS and Android devices, it enables real-time transactions, instant money transfers to loved ones, balance notifications, and check for deposits. In fact, users can use it to transfer funds between their multiple savings accounts.


2. Even

even loan apps like daveEven is one of the most popular financial planning apps that let you borrow money by providing personal loans of up to 50% of previously earned money. To gain access to the financial programs offered on this app, your employers must support them. If you need to withdraw money that same day, you need to visit your local Walmart. It is more expensive than other $50 loan instant app, as it requires a monthly membership fee of $8 for Even Plus plan.

In comparison to payday loan apps, Even allows you to track your account 3 times a day. Also known to be cash advance apps that work with chime. Additionally, it alerts you of an “all-clear to spend” amount for your expenses. The app will deduct a fixed amount from your local bank account to ensure that you do not run into financial difficulties near the month’s end.

3. Earnin

Earnin apps like daveEarnin works as cash advance apps, without the subscription fees. It enables users to borrow money, which is determined by the number of hours worked previously. For instance, if you have accumulated a sufficient number of work hours, you can be eligible to borrow up to $500 per day. in fact, you don’t need to travel elsewhere to obtain your funds. If you’d like to take out your loan, simply make use of its Lightning Speed system. Within one business day, the app will deposit the funds into your bank account. It’s one of the apps that loan you money without credit.

Earnin also includes a Balance Shield feature that safeguards against overdraft fees. However, you must work regular hours in order to qualify for the Lightning Speed programs and advance withdrawal.  Users must enable location services or upload their work schedule in order to obtain a loan.

4. Bright

BrigitBrigit is a popular app that let you borrow money by enables users to receive up to $250 in financial support. Brigit application is great for financial planning and money management. It enables you to gain a more in-depth understanding of your money spending patterns and keep track on daily, weekly or monthly expenses.

With Brigit, you can obtain a no-interest loan in under 10 minutes. Brigit provides its users with greater flexibility when it comes to loan repayments, advance extensions, and notifications to avoid overdrafts.

5. Branch

Branch payday appBranch is far more than a cash advance apps like dave. It allows the user to manage their work-life by allowing a user to switch shifts, communicate with coworkers, and monitor their working time. Additionally, you can earn up to $500 per pay period in $150 daily increments which are based on your work hours.

Branch is the most app that lends you money in terms of speed and flexibility, even though it is free to join. You can withdraw a portion of your earnings as an advance on the same day. The one and only secret is that your employer must also have a Branch account. Otherwise, the Branch app will place you on a waiting list till your employer become a member. You need to upload your work hours, and the advance is only valid for the time period in which you worked. Looking for apps that loan you money with no interest? You can make use of Branch

6. 15M Finance

15MFinance is the easiest way to get a cash advance. Their user-friendly interface makes it easy to apply for a loan—no matter where you are, and no matter what you’re doing. You can apply from your phone, from your computer, or from any public Wi-Fi connection.
Once you’ve applied for a loan, they’ll direct deposit the money into your checking account within 24 hours. And if you need more time to pay it back? No problem they’ll give you up to 30 days to repay the loan.
With 15M Finance, there’s no need to wait around at the bank, waiting for them to tell you whether or not you’ve been approved for a loan. Just fill out our simple application form and get instant approval decision within several minutes.

7. MoneyLion

MoneyLion apps like daveTake into consideration that the loan apps require you to have a MoneyLion checking account in order to obtain pay in advances. This app is serious about offering pay advances to all its customers. Each day, you can receive up to a $250 advance. The greatest feature of this cash advance apps like dave is that it will simply move your funds to the client’s local bank account on that same day.

There are no borrowing fees or interest associated with this loan. Additionally, it enables you to access your bank account and a variety of other services, such as monitoring your free credit. This application is not available in some states, including Nevada, Montana, Indiana, Iowa, Vermont, and Nebraska. Additionally, you are only permitted to borrow only 10% of your direct deposit per pay period.

8. DailyPay

This is another loan apps like dave because it enables you to access your unpaid wages in a secure and convenient manner. It’s a convenient application for borrowing cash to pay your bills on time, even if your daily, weekly, or monthly wages are delayed.

DailyPay enables customers to access funds they have already earned. Employers must register for this service (which is completely free) in order for the client to be qualified. Each transfer costs between $1.99 and $2.99.

9. Affirm

Affirm appAffirm has been one of the simplest finance applications to use because it enables you to split your online purchases into manageable monthly payments. Additionally, it functions exactly like a virtual credit card without any extra charges. All you have to do is fill the form on the app for a real-time decision and select a payment schedule that works for your job.

Affirm enables you to make purchases from any location. Once users install this app on their devices and enter the purchase amount, it will automatically create a monthly payment plan based on their spending habits. Additionally, you can use Affirm to send money to others in a matter of seconds.

10. Even Instapay

This is one of the best apps that let you borrow money by providing its users with a wide range of financial planning tools. As a customer, it enables you to obtain funds on-demand that is in between your earnings. Additionally, the service is beneficial for saving money and managing your expenses.

When you’re in need of funds, you can just use the app to request a loan, which will be deposited into your saving account in the following business day. There are no extra charges, interest, or loans. However, in order to receive funds prior to payday, your employer needs to be a member of Even Instapay.

11. Activehours

Activehours appUnlike other loan apps, which usually require one or more business days to process your payment, Activehours pays you immediately upon completion of your work. This application is compatible with almost all kinds of businesses, allowing employees to receive funds immediately rather than waiting for their next payday. However, your employer must have an Activehours account. The application will inquire about your employer and hours of work.

Additionally, you must connect this app to your savings account. Another benefit of using Activehours is that you can withdraw up to $100 per day from your paycheck. There are no hidden fees or charges associated with withdrawals, making it an ideal app for daily wage earners. Along with receiving instant payments, users can still keep track on their spending habit.

12. FlexWage

FlexWage provides employers with financial wellness and payment services. Only when your employer partner with this service, you can access your earned wages prior to payday using the FlexWage app. The application is very useful for viewing your account balances, transferring funds between banks, and reviewing your transaction history.

To qualify for the company’s loan service, you need an active account on FlexWage.  When you make a payment request, there are no hidden charges.

13. Ingo Money

Ingo MoneyThis Ingo Money is another instant cash advance apps like dave, which offers a variety of features, including instant access to personal checks, cash paychecks, and business checks. It outruns Dave in terms of speed. Ingo Money facilitates money transfers in a matter of minutes. Users do not have to queue until the next business day to obtain their loan.

Ingo Money can be used as a pay advance app, it can also be used to pay outstanding bills, transfer money to different accounts, and purchase Amazon gift cards. Additionally, this app lets users participate in the referral program. If your mates, family, or coworkers download this app using your referral code, you will earn extra points, improve your chances of acquiring Amazon gift cards without having to spend any real cash.

14. LenMe

If you need instant money apps, use LenMe, it helps users to borrow from various financial institutions. It connects users with financial institutions, private investors, and companies that are eager to lend you money via its iOS or Android app. As just a peer-to-peer payment network, you can borrow or lend money digitally in less than a few minutes.

15. PayActiv

PayActiv is a leading payday advance app related to Branch instant money apps that provide financial assistance to employees based on the work you have done in the past. If your employer participates in the program, you can now make use of the PayActiv app to acquire a loan on your salary prior to your payday.

Any funds you receive from the service will be deducted from your next salary. You will avoid paying interest on your borrowings because they are not loans. Furthermore, the app can be used to pay bills directly, transfer money to any of your bank accounts, budget your finances, and also save cash for future use.

16. Speedy Cash

Speedy Cash is a leading loan app similar to Earnin that enables users to manage various types of loans. You can monitor your payday, title, as well as instalment loans through its app. Additionally, it is an excellent application for maintaining your credit lines, obtaining a loan, or obtaining additional cash on existing loans.

The app enables secure payment processing, loan refinancing, and account funding selection. Through the app, you can obtain a loan for as little as $50 or as much as $26,000.

17. SoFi

SoFi is another instant money apps that provide users with a variety of financial options. From your phone, you can trade ETFs, stocks, and cryptocurrency. Additionally, it is a personal loan and student loan refinancing program through which you can borrow money when you are in need of it.

As a user, you will receive a debit card. With that kind of card, you can earn cashback rewards on purchases made at the company’s partner brands.

18. CashNetUSA

CashNetUSACashNetUSA is one of the apps like earnin & moneylion and it’s a mobile application that enables customers to access credit quickly and conveniently when they are in need of it. Additionally, the application enables everyone to manage their credit line and gain access to their account in order to make payments, request withdrawals, and check their balance.

Users can use this to audit their payment information, including previous and upcoming payments. With the aid of their iOS and Android application,  you can access the company’s benefits, which include discounts, coupons, and some financial courses.


By now, you should be able to know the differences between instant cash advance apps like Dave, apps like Moneylion, Earnin, & Brigit. It’s time for you to select apps that loan you money with no credit.

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