The Modern Millionaires Review

The internet is full of training programs and courses that promise to give you the secret of making money online. Some of them are legit but most of them are just a waste of time (or scam).

We are going to discuss a new one called The Modern Millionaires.

The promises made by all these courses usually sound too good to be true. It is important to take an in-depth look at the course content, the business moden, and of course, the instructors. 

Let’s start with the main guys behind the course. Abdul and Chance are actual entrepreneurs running successful lead generation and marketing agencies of their own. 

The Modern Millionaires Program:

The Modern Millionaires is an online training program/course that teaches people how to build a lucrative business using the lead flipping method. It is unique in a way that its business idea does not involve any major investment. All one needs to do is understand the digital marketing arena, open an agency, and work smartly. They even tell you how to work smart and hard. Their course is extensive and covers everything from basic concepts to advanced/technical steps.

The training focuses on lead generation, a very crucial strategy for businesses. While its importance is recognized in the market, it still is uncapped in terms of utilization and leverage. This industry is growing exponentially—without any slump. Only revenues from Google leads cross the mark of 180 billion, not to mention the revenue of other lead-generating platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. All these factors point to the fact that the Modern Millionaires are right in presenting lead generation as the next big thing. Not only this, but they are also equipping aspiring entrepreneurs with just the right skills. From jump-starting an agency to running it effectively, they provide you with information on everything concerned with starting a marketing agency.

The Brains Behind Modern Millionaires

As earlier mentioned, Chance and Abdul are the real deal in the digital marketing industry. You can see them having one to one sessions with their students on their YouTube channels, which is reassuring. Both of them have some big names as clients in their portfolio. They own separate agencies. Beachwood Tech is founded by Chance, which has some top US attorneys and dentists as clients. Whereas, Abdul is operating Lions Marketing that also has some high-profile companies as clients. 


Course Material:

The course material is more practical than theoretical, which is a prerequisite of a skill-inducing training program. Its first module: ‘The Foundation’ is all about the fundamentals of running an agency. It begins by giving a session on the right way to start a business. Having 13 sections, it prepares the participants for more advanced, technical sessions. This module also teaches to be more productive and explains the business idea in detail. Moreover, it provides the tax advisory consultation to participants. Also, they refine the course material whenever needed and prevent it from being redundant over time. This is also a good sign that tells the program is not a scam.

After explaining the basics, the course switches to more practical steps like actually setting up the agency system. Their unique selling point in this regard is that all the methods they teach are economical to apply and simple to comprehend. They have made it quite simple by breaking it into two major steps: lead generation and selling to those who need it, i.e., business owners. However, simplicity does not mean that it is something to be taken lightly or nonchalantly. Lead generation is crucial for a business’s growth, so you need to have an assuring tone when you approach a business with your proposal/offer. 

The course also explains prospecting and how you can accomplish it via platforms like LinkedIn. It also helps you develop an autopilot system to garner clients and operate effectively, which means you have to work on it once and it will keep bringing results for a long time. Another good thing about this course is that it even provides you templates and scripts that actually worked for Abdul and Change. They turn everything into an autopilot system and that too without any huge investment.

Participants’ Feedback

The Modern Millionaires have developed a community of their own. Only last month, they received a thousand new messages, which means there is significant collaboration in this community. One can rarely find this much activity even in a 100000-member group. Moreover, observing their private group reveals that there is an entire team to coach the students. It conducts live boot camps and the conductors (coaches are successful MM students who are earning between $10000 and $30000.



All the evidence lands us at the conclusion that the MM program is worth the money and time. It gives a complete direction to starting an enterprise that can bring you six to seven figures very easily. Along with simple and easy instructions, the course has some pretty impressive success stories. The boom of digital marketing makes it more convincing. So, we have all the reasons to take up this course and be successful entrepreneurs ourselves.

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