Challenges of iOS development

For an iOS user, this is a great platform. But programmers sometimes face proprietary iPhone challenges. Sometimes the platform is a little boring and not flexible enough, and sometimes it is beautiful and convenient (second most of the time). If you do not want to waste time and effort on this, you can simply order iOS development services. In this article, we will tell you about the most common causes of minor difficulties with iOS mobile development.

Challenges of iOS development

Safari for iOS is a pain

This is one of the most atypical browsers that has a huge number of bugs and non-standard features. These features also look like bugs for ordinary users. For developers, this browser is one big headache. Experienced programmers are forced to make edits to the code so that it behaves normally in Safari on iOS.

So that you understand what we are talking about, we will give an example. Can’t you specify the height of the iframe element? It appeared in 1999, and so it can be done in any browser, even IE6, the slowest browser on the planet, but not Safari. Since 2011, this problem has remained unresolved. Naturally, this is amazing. Why can’t Apple use other browser engines for iOS? Or why is Apple no longer investing in the Webkit project like Google does with Chromium?

You cannot (no problem) test older versions of iOS

If you need to check out the simulator for iOS 7, you have to spend a lot of time. This is technically possible, but for this, you need to download an old and no longer supported version of Xcode, which only works under Mavericks. If you do not want to burden your IT department with such a routine, you can order any services at

Apple’s policy is for people to buy newer versions of devices. If you don’t update your devices, you are an unnecessary client. So, go and buy a new one if you don’t want to use apps with a lot of bugs.

Certificates and Profiles

Dealing with iOS certificates is tedious, bureaucratic, and shrouded in mystery. Sometimes something goes wrong, and neither the Apple documentation, nor Xcode, nor the Member Center will answer the true reasons for what is happening. There were examples when the working code gave an inactive button in the application. As a Fullstack developer, you don’t need to ask Apple for permission to run your code on your devices, just like on any other platform in the world, even macOS. But such stories have happened, and Apple does not comment on them in any way.


The AppStore is another corner of frustration. For example, an app might be rejected because someone in the company didn’t like its screenshots. “We noticed that your screenshots are not showing the application as expected.” This is a common reason for rejection. By the way, it takes Apple about a week to decide if the company likes your screenshots. This makes scheduling a release date very difficult.

However, the described situation is not as bad as the one that happened with the Dash cryptocurrency application for iOS. Apple decided that the developer of such a successful application was definitely a scammer and blocked his application. Apple’s decision is final and non-appealable.

The most interesting

The privilege of being an iOS developer comes at a price. Not only do you have to work on a computer purchased with a brand premium and endure all these problems. You also need to pay for access to work. By the way, almost any other platform can be developed for free and even compiled for some other platforms. Well, that is, compile a Windows application for macOS, an Android application for Linux. Although all these disadvantages still override the advantages. There is no other way to explain the fact that people continue to develop on iOS and use iPhones.

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