16+ Airbnb Alternatives & Its Competitors | Best rental websites 2023

Are you tired of searching for Airbnb alternatives? Because you don’t see sites that perform like them? We know how difficult its to find an awesome home rental for your next vacation in 2023. But we are going to list out the best websites or apps like Airbnb for users in Canada, USA, Australia, Uk and some other countries.

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What is Airbnb

Airbnb is the most popular of all online vacation rental sites, but it has many rivals now. This platform was established in August 2008, with the sole goal of displaying different accommodations throughout the globe. By providing travellers with an alternative to standard hotels.

Why Did you Need Sites Like Airbnb?

Airbnb is awesome!

This platform includes many search filters. This can be used to narrow down your search for the perfect accommodation. Users can check to see whether the accommodation includes a pool or is within their budget.

Renting out a home on Airbnb has become quite popular, and many websites are offering the same service. But each website has a unique feature that makes it different. One of the Airbnb competitors feature is the cheaper price and time of booking.

Each year, fresh vacation and rental websites or apps like Airbnb are launched. But, we’ve included a list of other Airbnb competitors for 2023 as shown below.

16 Best Airbnb Alternatives and Its Competitors for 2023

1. Vrbo

Vrbo major airbnb competitors

Vrbo is just one of those Airbnb competitors and older brother. You’ll find more stylish vacation home listings on Vrbo, as the hosts are usually experts for listings. Vrbo is the ideal target if you’re searching for a great status of rental websites.

Vrbo has approximately 2 million house rentals worldwide, and what distinguishes it apart is the size of the assets. In general, the assets on Vrbo are larger and include a backyard. This implies that if you are a large group or a couple with kids, Vrbo is an online reservation option.

As is the case with the majority of these booking platforms. Vrbo includes an integrated rating system. Owners are unable to delete negative reviews. So you can be certain that if there is a challenge with an asset, the reviews will inform you.

2. Agoda Homes

Agoda Homes

If you’re planning a trip to Asia and you are searching for flats or vacation rentals websites. we highly suggest Agoda Homes it’s one of those sites like Airbnb. While Agoda is best known for its hotel reservation service it also provides apartments, guesthouses vacation rentals, and private rooms in residential properties.

Agoda provides over 700,000 properties and other rental properties in more than 50 countries, the majority of which are in Asia.

3. Flipkey

Flipkey as apps like airbnb

You might not be familiar with this platform, but you are likely to be familiar with TripAdvisor, the company that owns it. It also offers a variety of property listings, but with fewer assets and cities covered, as the case may be, is one of Airbnb competitors. Another significant distinction is that Flipkey does not offer dormitories. Because this site does not feature hostels or communes, its budget is not that friendly.

Flipkey, on the other hand, has a pretty advanced search feature. If you’re looking for something specific; for example, a property with a beach view or very close to mountains. they’ve got you covered. In addition, if your four-legged furry friend will be travelling with you, then you should search for pet-friendly accommodations to ensure your four-legged furry friend will have a fun vacation.

Signing up on Flipkey has a number of distinct advantages for property owners. After registration, your property will appear in the TripAdvisor search engine, assuring that your business receives the maximum amount of exposure.

4. TurnKey


You might want to check out Turnkey if you’re searching for a rental property in the United States. They currently own and operate over 5,000 vacation homes in more than 80 locations across the USA. Turnkey has assets in over twenty states, with the majority of them located in popular states such as Texas, Florida, Colorado, and California.

They offer both customers and owners quality, luxury vacation rentals and houses, which are professionally managed and cleaned, also available 24/7. All properties include free Wi-Fi, a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen, and a simple check-in procedure. Turnkey is part of sites like Airbnb to give a try.

5. Plum Guide

Plum Guide

If you’re looking for the best rental websites, you should start your search at Plum Guide. Plum Guide is another excellent resource for rental services and trips.

Plum Guide has an extremely user-friendly and mobile-friendly design that makes navigation a bit easier. Thanks to this website, you’ll be able to discover your next dream vacation rental location closer to your home.

Their Home Critics vet each and every one of their vacation rental properties thoroughly, and the majority of applicants are usually denied. That means you will stay in an amazing place, simply because it fulfils the Plum Guide requirement. Search the directories and you’ll notice they’re all quite lovely.

6. Hotels.com

With thousands of listings and properties, Hotels.com is one of the largest booking platforms on the web. These apps like Airbnb are not just for booking hotels, they are one of the best rental websites; they’ve expanded their website to include sections for rental apartments.

You do not need to do something special to obtain the properties listed on this platform; they will stand alongside hotels, homes, and apartments in your search results. Asset owners can easily add their property to their inventory by creating a listing.

7. Homestay

Homestay offers a limited collection of rental homes, just like other sites like Airbnb. Finding a location that fits your needs can be somehow challenging. Though, staying in a homestay is still an excellent and credible way to explore a new location and culture. Signing up on the app is free for homeowners that want to list and looking for the best apps like Airbnb. Homestay is on the go.

Homestay is part of Airbnb alternatives but stands apart from other vacation rental websites. Rather than renting an entire property through Homestay, you can be booking a house and enjoy the moment with a local owner.

They are one of the more reputable travel accommodation providers available. They list both private and hosted properties. Homestay only lists places that are occupied by the local owners. It is an exceptional value to stay at a place featured on this site, both in terms of the vacation experience and for adding cultural insight.

8. Sonder

Sonder seems to be one of the Airbnb’s competitors. It features both rental apartments and hotels. Although Sonder properties’ rental prices are on the higher side, you receive comfort and cleanliness without compromise.

Sonder rents the apartments directly and then renovates them just before leasing them out, including the addition of quality beds, a kitchen, towels, and coffee, some other facilities. That is, you will have a hotel-like experience while maintaining the feel of a rental apartment.

It provides both short and long-term rentals, making it an excellent alternative if you’re searching for a longer-term rental apartment.

9. Interhome

Interhome is one of the top providers of vacation rentals, with around 50,000 accommodations spread across 25 countries, mainly focus on Europe. This company, founded in 1965 in Switzerland, has been supplying vacation packages for a long period of time and is able to assist clients with check-in and also provide support care on-site just like other sites like Airbnb.

This is a superb website to visit if you’re travelling to Europe and want to speak with a local service agent 24 hours a day.

If you are the owner of the property, you have the choice to either hire a full-time professional manager or to serve as an agent. Fees vary according to the type of management and the terms of the contract.

10. Tripadvisor

If you’re searching for the best apartment in a city for your holiday, Tripadvisor can help you find the perfect rental, regardless of your budget or destination.

While listing your assets on any TripAdvisor platform is free, each booking made on the site involves a commission. Your commission will gradually rise to the popularity of your rental.

Tripadvisor allows you to explore the best attractions, restaurants, and things to do during your vacation, making it an excellent Airbnb alternative.

11. AKA

AKA’s possibly the best hotel apartments that are ideal for business or international travellers, as well as families seeking comfortable accommodations with some more solitude. In major metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles, Washington, New York, D.C., and London, furnished luxury apartments are available.

AKA is another site like Airbnb that’s basically related to a hotel, including a 24-hour front desk, a business centre, a fitness centre, an in-house Tesla, bike rentals, and a private screening room. The prices are cheap in comparison to the quality of the accommodations and support offered. Additional charges vary by the city that may include a Transient Occupancy Tax and a municipal surcharge.

12. Kid & Coe

This vacation rental company was founded in 2013 by a mother with the goal of easing family travel. Kid and Coe offer residences throughout the world, from San Francisco apartments to villas in Italy. Also, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you open the door because new renters can list their must-haves (child gates or high chairs) at their vacation home.

13. Home Exchange

Home Exchange as airbnb competitors

If you’ve really preferred to travel out of “The Holiday’s” plot, Home Exchange is a good place to start. As the website states, it is a platform that allows you to exchange homes with other travellers for a specified period of time. It has a database of over 65,000 properties in over 150 countries. While a registration fee is required to become a member and use the service, the process of doing so also validates every member and property on the site. Additionally, for those who aren’t interested in completely swapping homes with strangers, there is a renting feature that allows you to sponsor guests in exchange for “balloons” that you can use to travel in your free time.

14. Booking.com

In the past, Booking.com has consistently ranked among the top travel booking websites like Airbnb. As a result, I’m overjoyed that the platform now enables the booking of houses and vacation rentals. Trying to find the desired hotel, apartment, or rental property is never a problem thanks to the user-friendly interface and quick filtering feature.

You’ll be able to stay in an amazing location for a much lower price since you have so many properties to choose from. This is precisely why it is one of the best Airbnb alternatives. If you own assets, you can list them for free. However, please remember that there is a fee per booking.

One of the aspects of Airbnb that I dislike is that you have to pay the full price at the time of booking and will only receive a refund if the host specifically mentions it in the booking policy. However, this is not the case with Booking.com, in which many assets either do not require advance payment or require only a percentage of the total booking amount.

Hand-Picked Content for You

15. 9flats

People know that this platform is one of the best places to rent an apartment, home, or vacation rental because it’s owned by locals. As a result, you can make use of this platform to find a proper vacation rental while also benefiting from the excellent hosting experience.

9flats provides vacation rentals in a variety of cities worldwide, including London, Australia, Berlin, and New York. As a result, finding a property in the majority of the world should be straightforward. It meets both high-end and moderate-priced requirements.

Additionally, with a trusted rating system based on a ten-point scale, it enables you to quickly determine the quality of a property. Cancellation and prepayment policies vary according to the type of accommodation selected.

16. Onefinestay

If you seeking for sites like Airbnb or amazing housing and excellent service, look no further than “onefinestay”. In terms of service and value for money, it deserves of being rated as one of the best Airbnb alternatives. What drew my attention to this platform is the capability to create an extraordinary collection of wishlists.

Depending on what catches your eye or appeals to your preferences, you can quickly add your favourite homes to your personal collection by clicking the heart symbol. Thus, when planning for your awaited vacation, you will also have a wide array of fantastic options to choose from.

Though onefinestay cannot compete with Airbnb’s global reach, the site is rapidly expanding in a number of countries, including well-known cities and islands.


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