21 Best Money Earning Apps, Games for Money & Survey App in 2023

We do put huge amounts of money to purchase the latest smartphone from the market, even will do our transaction on it to pay the bills and much more. But the function of the phone doesn’t end there. We can use it to earn money in apps online with the help of money earning apps.

Although legit paying apps online or play games for real money will not get you rich and the same time you can be rich it depends on your luck, but it will help you to pay some bills and give you some cool apps for cash with only a few hours of working online. It’s known as a fast money making apps.

Almost everyone is aware that there are lots of online earning apps in the playstore that claim to give you some money but choosing the right one (i.e legit paying apps) will be a challenge to everyone.
We have made some research and will are going to list out online earning apps, the best online survey to earn real money and play games for real money online.

Yes, we decided to combine money earning apps, games for money, money making apps, and the best survey to earn online. Just for you to pick the one that will be your choice.

Let’s start with the best survey app to make money.
Seems a survey is part of the common way to earn real money on your Android devices and will are going to list our top paid surveys apps for 2023.

Below is the list of best apps survey for money in 2023

1.  Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

Junkie survey is another rated legit paying apps for the past few years. Although the official app was released in 2019 May and it had over millions of download from playstore and even members.
You don’t have to invest in it before you can participate.
All you need to do is sign up and start a survey and earn money
The minimum money to withdraw is $5. You can redeem your money to gift cards or transfer it directly to your PayPal account.

2.  InboxDollars

Inbox Dollars play free online games to earn money

InboxDollars is another best survey money making apps online with your Android phone and you don’t need to earn any points before you complete the task. I mean you will get real money instead of getting points of which you will still have to convert it to real money. InboxDollars doesn’t work like that, they reward their users with real money no points on the money earning apps.
To get started, use that links to sign up and earn $5 for a registration bonus.
There minimum withdraw is $30

3.  Swagbucks

Swagbucks games for money

Aside from a survey on Swagbucks, you can also participate in some tasks like playing games online, or doing Cash-back on online shopping and streaming videos online will fetch you some tokens.
There are different tasks you can perform on Swagbucks money making apps, you just need to choose the one that will be easier for you to make cool cash on app.

Minimum Withdraw then it is $5 directly to your PayPal account or you use it to purchase gift cards which are just $3.

4.  Surveys-On-the-Go


This is another popular survey app on Android devices that give you access to build up your profile and allow you to participate in paid surveys.

Survey on the Go is one of the best legit paying apps that will earn you real money without any investment when you participate in online shopping ratings experience, movies review, and some other product reviews.
Although your sign up bonus money is waiting for you when you download the app.

5.  Money Machine

Money Machine

This is another android survey apps that will fetch you some cash when you participate in their survey, some others task like watching videos ads online and other tasks and this will earn you money whenever you complete the task.

They will also notify you when a new task is available for earnings and you can transfer your earnings directly to your PayPal account.

6.  iPoll


iPoll is a survey for money app that works like a money machine because they will notify you when paid surveys is ready.
All you need to do is to sign up and fill up your profile then wait till you get notifications for a survey that will fetch you fast money.
This iPoll Money earnings app has some tasks like test ads, online product reviews, and some other tasks.

Best money earning apps for cash-back in 2023

7.  Fetch Rewards

This is different from other scanning grocery receipt apps. This money earning apps works on any store. I mean when you purchase some products from their participating brand, you will earn points from it and no coupon for clip or scan barcode is involved.
Although you cannot redeem your points to money and transfer it to your PayPal account, you can only use it to purchase gift cards like Amazon and others.

Minimum points for redeem is 3000 points and when you sign up, you will be rewarded with 3000 bonus only if you use the APREWARDS code.

8.  Ibotta

Some research lets us know that Ibotta has paid out over 600 million of dollars to its members as rewards. Although they started with coupon grocery app but they has expanded their services to online Cash-back.

How they work; If you use ibotta app to scan the barcode of any products of their participating brand you purchase from the store, and when you upload it to ibotta app, you will earn some rewards for doing it.
$10 bonus is awaiting you when you sign up and you upload your first scanned barcode.
The minimum withdrawal is $20 and you can transfer it directly to your PayPal account or Venmo.

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9.  Cointiply: Bitcoin money earning apps

This is a task platform that gives you access to earn free Bitcoins for performing some tasks like; filling survey forms, play games online, watch videos, install apps, and some other tasks.

This app will give you a fraction of Bitcoin for any tasks you participate in it.
Those Bitcoins you have made, you can turn it to real money with the following platform; Coinbase, WazirX (only for India), and Binance.

Are you looking for money making apps?
If so, cointiply is for you because it’s easy to earn cash with it on your Android devices.

10. Playment

This is for Indian fans. Playment pays you some token when you complete the task.
All you need to get started is to create an account using your Facebook account and verify your identity via the mobile number (you will win some points for doing that). That all you need to get paid on the app.

11.  MooCash: Swipe and Tap money making apps

This platform gives you access to make money with your Android devices via screen locker methods.
Whenever you use moocash as a screen locker, you will get rewards each time you unlock your device by swiping to the left to watch videos and others ads so that you can claim your coins.

Those coins can be redeemed to real money and transfer it directly to your PayPal account or Google card.
Minimum coins to redeem are 2,000 and that will produce $2.

You can also gain Google Play card, Amazon, or iTunes card on Moocash. All you need is to download the app and register.

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12.  Pact: Earn money by staying active

This should surprise you, imagine stay healthy and get paid on the pact app.
The app is available for download on both iOS and Android device.

How does the Pact money earnings app works?

All you need is to set your desired goals and make sure you archive it and you will earn some cash with the activities.
Although it’s not available in some countries. It’s the app that will make you fit and at the same time fetch you some token.

13.  Google opinions Rewards

Google opinions Rewards is one of the best money making apps on Android devices.

This app doesn’t give you cash but will give you opinions reward points that you can use across all Google Play services like store, music, books, and other services.

All you need is to download, install it, and sign up. Google will give you 10-20 survey weekly and when you complete the task (like; product reviews, others jobs) you will be rewarded.

Best website & app to play games for real money


14.  Exodus3000

Exodus 3000 real money earning games

Do you want to play for real money earning games online?
If so, Exodus-3000 is right for you because it’s among the popular multiplayer Android RPG strategy games. You can earn more than $100 within a month von Exodus 3000 by participating in the RPG game and you don’t need to invest money on it before you can earn.

The game storyline said in 1000 years, the earth with not be okay for humans, try to find a better place to defend yourself against other players on games for money.
You will get 250 moves daily and this move gives you access to move around and attack other players.
While playing the game, you will be rewarded with Mars Dollars on every action you take and this Mars dollar can be turned to real money.

15.  SecondLife

Are you looking for a platform or app to earn money by playing games on android?
If you are in such situations, second-life is another option to make real money by playing games online.

Some research said that the second-life platform has over 1 million active members.

This game site works by trading like gadgets, real estate trading, clothing, also engage in rock concerts, event performing, and other activities.

16.  Bingo Mania

If you have an interest in bingo, this is an opportunity for you to earn money by playing your favorite Bingo mania for real money earning games.
This platform offers you different games modes to play free online games to earn money daily through the process.

17.  Gamesville


Gamesville money earning apps

Are you searching for gaming website to earn money online by playing games without investment?

This is one of the most popular platforms that rewards their members for playing games on their platform.
This GV allow you to participate in real money earning games competition. If you decide not to earn rewards, you can participate in the real money earning games competitions.

18.  Clip-2-Play: play free online games to earn money

Clip-2-Play is another website that gives you access to participate in different daily tournaments by fighting against each other band winner will pick any the end of the tournament for rewards.
They have a referral system, which means you will earn some point when you play free online games to earn money.

19.  PaidGamePlayer

Paid Game Player earn money by playing games paypal

This is another real money earning games. This website claims to have over 500 active online games of which you can participate in anyone that will benefit you by play free online games to earn money. They will match you with other online gamers of your game choice like Bejewelled 2,  arcade, Puzzles, Zuma, and family feud.

All you need to do is to fight and make sure you are the winner in any circle. Because you will be rewarded for the action on this real money earning games platform.

Although before you can get full benefits, you have to upgrade your membership as you earn some extra cash from it. But if your aim is just to make some little amount of earnings, you don’t need to upgrade your membership with them.
Aside from playing games without investment, you can also participate on their survey system and earn some little change.

20.  GSN Cash Games

On this platform, you will gain access to puzzles, arcade, strategy, card games like Solitaire, Freecell categories to make some fun and cash.
GSN got awesome features that allow you to try how the game looks like before you participate in real games and it also allows you to match with people on your own level.

21.  Mistplay

Looking for a gaming app to earn money by playing games on android?
This is another fast money making apps that rewards with points you for playing new games and the points can be redeem to cash or other gift card like Amazon and others.

All you need is to download the app and after installation, pick a game from mixlist, then start earning wit it.

Those are the list of the best money making apps for your android device.


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