16 Best Free Games Download for Android 2023

Top list of Android Games Free Download apk

We have made some research and will are going to list out the best android games free download.
There are lots of free games download for android and iOS games out there on play-store, apkpure, apple store, and other directories. But to choose the right free games for download on android without in purchase items will be an issue for the most gamer.

Sometimes, we wasted our precious time and data on downloading those games and at the end of the day, we realized that those games are not totally free.

If you are looking for the best android games free download apk without in-purchases then check the list below.


Asphalt 9: Legends

As we know knew that Asphalt franchise is one of the most popular racing android games series but most of them are not free to download and some have in-purchase items.
Asphalt Airborne and Xtreme were said to be the famous games in the Asphalt franchise series.
Asphalt 9: Legends is a freemium game with 50 cars for racing. Although it has some in-purchases items to speed up your cars, it’s a thing that you can ignore.


  • It supports online multiplayer
  • It has awesome graphics and runs well on all android devices without flicking
  • Different modes of challenges you participate with free online solitaire
  • It supports the auto-go method, which means you don’t have to hit the acceleration button


Call of Duty: Mobile version

free games download for android

Call of Duty has different series, but the Mobile version is totally free games download for android apk. Although it has in purchases items and it’s for cosmetics of gear, the game in-reward will cover the purchase items for you.


  • It has online classic FPS PvP just like other Call of Duty game series
  • It possesses over 110 royale battle player mode that is related to Fortnite and PUBG game

Road Warrior

free games download for androidCategory> Racing

Did you need an addictive free racing multiplayer game?
If that should be the case, Road warrior is what you need to try right now.
It’s known as battle multiplayer game via racing by defeating your opponents with different methods you find along with the race. It’s one of the best free games download for android apk on playstore without in purchase app.

All you need is to launch the app every day so that you can get your daily rewards.

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Dead Effect 2: Action game

android games free download apk

Looking for the best free android shooter games?
Let try Dead effect 2 on your smartphone right now because it’s one of the free android shooting game at your tips with some console graphics.

You will come across different weapons to play the game for about 20 hours, 15 gameplay achievements, and some awesome soundtrack along the line.
You will have access to three different characters that you will train during the gameplay.

5  Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 free android games

It was classified under action/Arcade, known as first-person shooting in Zombieland and the eye-widening graphic is pretty cool on the device without any flicking.
Dead trigger two was developed in awesome auto fire (that helps you to maintain target while moving) and easy control, but the finger is more powerful than the use of guns.

There were different hideout in the game with different helpers along the line just to help you out in some way.
Also, you will see bounty-cash along the gameplay that will help to make the building fast. Also, each weapon you use to fight can be upgraded with the aid of money you earn along the gameplay.
I hoped this free android game download is good for you if you are looking for best shooter game.
Get it on playstore

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2 was classified as a casual game and it was developed by Electronic Arts Inc.

This is incredible games to have because it’s going to keep you busy while cracking your brain on how to stop zombies from eating your character’s brain once they find their way in.

When they are moving toward your house, you can use that time to plant son flowers, that will generate money to buy some shooting items and Garden eggs that will delay them from entering your house.
Along the gameplay earn coins as much as possible because it will help you to purchase some items so that you can win the battle.
Although while playing the game you will find different ways to survive.

Galaxy on Fire 2

Galaxy on Fire 2 free android games for download

It’s also classified as Action/Arcade and was developed by Fishlabs Entertainment GmbH.

This is a sci-role game that features players for mining asteroids for tracking-down some space-ships pirate. During the battle, you got enough swamping to do with your fingers and you can upgrade your ship as the level increases or buy some items via treasure you gained along the gameplay.
Although it contains some in-app purchases but it’s a thing you can ignore.


  1. It has more than 80 space ships customizable with different methods of defence.
  2. You can also take some screenshots and will be saved directly on your smartphone.

PUBG mobile lite

PUBG MOBILE LITE apk free download
It’s classified as battle Royale games and it’s free to play game without any cost on each level. But it has in purchase features and it’s to help you gain more ability while playing, it’s a thing you can ignore.

Playing tips:

  • If you are searching for those quality pieces of equipment, you will come across it in the high-risk zone. All you need is to team up and target the zone wisely.
  • If you need some exclusive items, you need to shoot at the plane and some packages will be dropped.
  • Since that package produces red-smoke, it will draw players attention towards it, you just need to be smart about it.

Garena Free Fire: The Spooky Night

Garena Free Fire apk

It’s one of the battle Royale game to have on your smartphone and it’s cost-free to play, though it has some in-app purchases that make it easier.
During the gameplay, you and the rest of 49 players will be parachute to the pitted Island area from the beginning of the gameplay. It looked like the game is familiar with PUBG?
Yes, it’s. What you need to do is to search for weapons and some other material to get rid of other players as fast as possible.
It’s an Action-adventure game that will keep you busy throughout.


  • The game has fewer weapons, the popular ones are M1873 pistols, M4A1 Assault rifles, M500, Famas, and M1014 shotgun.
  • The control is pretty cool on all devices, along the gameplay you will develop your control skills.
  • It supports ten minutes long play and the best gamer will survive it.
  • You can gain backpack, free pumpkin headset, token and other items when you join various events.

10  Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS

Modern strike online
It’s classified under Action game and it’s one cost-free games download for android devices, though it possesses some in-app purchase to make the gameplay goes smoothly.

Modern strike online: pro-FPS is a first-person shooting multiplayer game of which you will gain access to control some teams that were highly trained. You and your team will go on a mission to hunt down those terrorists and their hidden places across the Globe.


  • It’s a multiplayer game with different game modes like Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch with a Bomb, Duel and Special operations and some other modes.
  • It has tutorial mode and it’s all about the control and some features before going into a real game.
  • You can use good and virtual money you earned to increase your weapons.
  • It has over 70 different weapons to pick from and with 14 different maps.

11  Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars apk app
This is another multiplayer action game and it’s one cost-free games download for android devices, though it gets some in-app purchase.
During the gameplay, you will find yourself on a different battle mission.
You just need to take down your opponent and acquire some items like stars, gems, power-ups, and some items that will help you to improve your gameplay ability.

It supports multiplayer and you can team up or go on solo play.

Brawl Stars have modes like; Gem Grab, Showdown, Bounty, Heist, Brawl ball mode, and some different challenges modes.
The gameplay duration is just three minutes.
It supports automatic aiming

12  Asphalt 8: Airborne

Airborne apk download

This is another Racing game developed by Gameloft and it’s one of the best racing android games for free download.


  • Different awesome locations
  • Some cool soundtrack that will put you in spirit
  • New speed freaks feature
  • It supports multiplayer challenges
  • Over 170 different modes with eight seasons to pick from.
  • The graphics are pretty cool across all devices

13  Alto’s Odyssey

It’s another cost-free games download for android apk with in-app purchases that will help you along the gameplay.
Alto’s Odyssey is an action snowboarding game. During the gameplay, you will take some mission with different challenges that will override your boredom by running on 500 meters, make stunts while still on the air and some other tasks to complete.
Some said Alto’s Odyssey has an endless journey.
This is awesome, during gameplay, you don’t need to move your character forward, all you need is to control it either by the stunt, jumping over objects, and other tasks. Performing those actions will increase your character speed.

14  Vainglory

This is another battle arena strategy free games download for android with in-app purchases that can be ignored in some cases.
Vainglory is a battle game of which you have to take down your enemy base team that was built with some creatures and towers in the jungle that will stop you to achieve your goals.
Vainglory has a different mission, all you need to do is to protect your base from enemies.
It has different gameplay modes e.g 3vs3 battle mode which lasts for just 25 minutes long, while brawls mode lasts for just 5 minutes.

15  EA Sports games

It’s a collection for your favorite EA sports games like; FIFA Soccer, EA Sports UFC, NBA Live mobile, Motorsport manager, Dream league, and other freemium games.
Those EA have some similar features and their graphics are pretty cool.

Get the game collection on playstore

16  Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

This is another cost-free games download for android phones that has different features to the original game which includes hidden treasures, an actual town, tons of lore, and secret dungeons.
Some said it’s a mind game because you have to take your time and think about how to take down those bosses and other enemies.
Get this best android games free download on Playstore

17.  Solitaire Card Games

This is one of the free online Solitaire card games which is available for Andriod users and was developed by Queens Solitaire Games.

Additional information about Classic Solitaire
It is widely used in Ethiopia, Malaysia, and the U.s.
Classic Solitaire is accessible on Android 4.3 and later versions, and it can be downloaded in English.


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