12 Best VipBox Alternatives to Stream Live Sports Online

For sports fans, catching live games and matches online is a thrill. Streaming sites like Vipbox made it possible to watch any sport imaginable completely free. But with Vipbox now gone, where can diehard sports buffs get their fix of live sports streams?

Plenty of sites have emerged to fill the void left by Vipbox. In this post, I’ll cover 15 of the best websites similar to Vipbox.tv for streaming live sports in high quality without any subscriptions or fees.

Are Vipbox Alternative Sites Safe to Use?

I will say yes because those sites like Vipboxtv sports are safe as long you are making use of VPN, or ads blocker or you try not to click on those pop-up ads.

Top Sites Similar to VIPBox to Watch Live Sports

VipBox Alternatives

Here is the list of sites like vipbox.tv to stream live sports activities with no signup. Let’s take a look at those proxy websites.

As you know the VIPbox sports proxy listed below are not active and some might be still active, though we are going to share you active mirror sites as we go on.


1. Sportlemon



Sportlemon has emerged as one of the top Vipbox alternatives since filling a similar role for years. It offers live streams for soccer, basketball, baseball, football, hockey, tennis, and much more.

The site provides multiple HD streams for each game. The streams have great video quality with smooth playback and minimal buffering. Sportlemon also has live scores, highlights, and news coverage for major sports and leagues.

While Sportlemon has some ads, they aren’t too intrusive. For a comprehensive sports streaming site covering all the major sports, it is a terrific free option similar to Vipbox.

Key Features:

  • Wide range of sports
  • Multiple HD streams
  • Live scores and highlights
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Free access with pop ads

2. Stream2Watch

Vipbox alternatives

As its name suggests, Stream2Watch focuses on enabling users to stream live sports easily. The site offers free HD streams for soccer, American football, basketball, baseball, tennis, boxing, and more.

It provide multiple backup streams for each event in up to 1080p quality. The streams have great consistency with almost no lag or buffering. Stream2Watch’s minimalist interface also makes finding your game straightforward.

With free access to HD live streams for all major sports, Stream2Watch makes an excellent Vipbox replacement. The top-notch streaming performance is reminiscent of Vipbox in its prime.

Key Features:

  • HD streams for major sports along with ads
  • Multiple high-quality backup streams
  • Great streaming consistency
  • Intuitive minimal interface
  • 100% free access

3. SportSurge

sites like vipbox

SportsSurge has emerged as one of the most robust Vipbox alternatives thanks to its wide range of sports coverage. It offers live streamed and on-demand sports content from over a dozen sports.

The site provides multiple streaming options for events including up to 1080p HD quality where available. Streams are smooth and consistent. It also offers useful features like live chat, real-time stats, and scoreboards.

Although the site does display some ads, they aren’t too obtrusive.

Key Features:

  • Covers 15+ sports
  • Live and on-demand streams
  • Stats and scoreboards
  • Multiple HD stream options
  • Free access

4. Cricfree


As the name implies, CricFree is a phenomenal option for cricket fans missing Vipbox cricket streaming. The site offers live cricket streams from all major international tournaments and leagues.

CricFree provides multiple high-quality streams for cricket matches that deliver smooth, uninterrupted viewing. The site also covers other sports like soccer, tennis, basketball, NFL, and NHL with reliable streams.

Easy-to-use options like calendars of upcoming matches and embedded HD players make CricFree a great alternative for cricket and general sports streaming.

Key Features:

  • Live cricket streaming
  • Other major sports covered
  • Multiple HD streams
  • Match calendars
  • Easy HD streaming with pop ads

5. FirstRowSports


FirstRowSports offers an easy way to stream various sports live reminiscent of Vipbox. Covered sports include football, baseball, basketball, hockey, boxing, motorsports, and more.

The site provides multiple streaming options including mobile-friendly and HD streams. Stream quality and performance are reliable with minimal buffering. It has occasionally had uptime issues in the past but remains a popular free sports streaming choice.

With broad sports coverage and multiple quality stream options, FirstRowSports stands as a viable Vipbox replacement. Just be prepared for some ads interrupting the streams occasionally.

Key Features:

  • 10+ sports covered
  • Multiple stream options
  • Mobile-friendly streams
  • Solid performance
  • Free access with ads

6. Feed2all


Feed2All is another excellent free live sports streaming site similar to Vipbox. It offers streams for soccer, tennis, basketball, motorsports, wrestling, rugby, baseball, football, and more.

Smooth HD streams paired with a clean intuitive interface make watching any sport straightforward on Feed2All. Streaming reliability is excellent with multiple backup streams available. And the site conveniently lists games by start time on the homepage.

If you can navigate through some ads, Feed2All provides an exceptional free live sports streaming experience reminiscent of Vipbox. It’s a go-to option for catching games across different sports.

Key Features:

  • 10+ sports covered
  • Multiple HD streams
  • Great performance
  • Easy access to live games
  • Free access

7. Streamhunters.top


For a smooth ad-free sports streaming experience, StreamHunters.top is a great Vipbox. tv option to try. The site offers free live streams for soccer, tennis, cricket, hockey, NFL, and other sports in HD quality.

StreamHunters.top provides multiple high-quality links for each game. Streams load swiftly with minimal buffering even at max resolutions. The clean simple interface lets you easily access various sports streams.

While StreamHunters.top has a smaller catalog compared to some sites, the premium HD streaming performance makes it a winner. If you’re looking for something that’s both safe and free to use with fewer ads, this is the best option for you. Try Streamhunters if you are searching for the best sites like vipbox.tv.

Key Features:

  • HD streams for major sports
  • Multiple high-quality streams
  • Excellent performance
  • Simple minimal interface
  • Completely free access

8. Mamahd


MamaHD is a great option similar to Vipbox.tv for free live sports streaming in high definition. It offers HD coverage of soccer, football, basketball, motorsports, tennis, hockey, baseball, and more.

Smooth flawless HD streams paired with a modern intuitive interface provide an exceptional viewing experience on MamaHD. The site also features convenient highlights and scoreboards for live games.

Although it has some ads to contend with, they aren’t excessively intrusive. For reliable HD sports streaming in a polished package, this site makes an excellent free alternative to Vipbox.

Key Features:

  • HD streams for top sports
  • Latest highlights and scores
  • Modern intuitive interface
  • Smooth streaming performance
  • Free access

9. Laola


Based in Austria, Laola1 has grown into a top international destination for free live sports streaming after Vipbox’s demise. It offers streams for soccer, tennis, motorsports, handball, volleyball, basketball, ice hockey, and more.

Laola1 provides multiple high-quality streams in HD and 4K resolution when available. Streaming is super smooth with minimal buffering. scheduled games. And Laola1’s video hub also features sports highlights, interviews, and more.

Key Features:

  • European and international sports
  • Multiple HD and 4K streams
  • Video hub with highlights
  • Smooth performance


Rojadirecta 1

Rojadirecta is a long-running sports streaming site based in Spain that offers a nice alternative to Vipbox. It features streams for soccer, motorsports, tennis, basketball, baseball, football, boxing, and more.

Smooth HD streams paired with a straightforward interface make watching any sport easy on Rojadirecta. Ad popups can be distracting but are manageable. Using an ad blocker also helps.

While Rojadirecta’s catalog depth doesn’t match dedicated sports streaming sites, its quality streams and coverage of major sports make it a viable free Vipbox replacement. And access to Spanish language streams provides a nice niche advantage.

Key Features:

  • Live streams for top sports
  • HD quality streams
  • Spanish language streams
  • Intuitive and easy to use

11. Vipleauge


As another popular alternative to Vipbox, Vipleague focuses on delivering live sports streams in high-definition quality. It offers great HD coverage of soccer, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, tennis, cricket, rugby, motorsports, and more.

Easy navigation paired with multiple HD stream options ensures you can easily access any game in smooth lag-free video. Minor drawbacks are the site’s somewhat dated interface and occasional downtime issues.

But for reliably good HD streams across various sports when up, Vipleague is one of the better free options available. It provides great quality reminiscent of Vipbox’s glory days.

Key Features:

  • Wide variety of sports
  • Multiple HD stream options
  • Reliable video quality
  • Easy access to live games

12. MYP2P


MyP2P is a lesser-known but solid free sports streaming site like Vipbox tv. It offers live game feeds for soccer, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, tennis, rugby, motorsports, cricket, and more.

Smooth streams and a simple interface make watching sports hassle-free on MyP2P. Ad popups can be annoying but are manageable. For some big events, MyP2P provides AceStream links for true HD streaming.

While MyP2P has a smaller user base than other Vipbox alternatives, its solid performance and HD streams make it a reliable niche option for free sports streaming.

Key Features:

  • Top sports covered
  • Smooth streams
  • AceStream HD links
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Free access

13. BuffStreams


Focused on live sports in high definition, BuffStreams is one of the top websites like Vipbox recommended by cord cutters and streamers. It offers great HD coverage of NFL games along with NBA, NHL, MLB, soccer, boxing, MMA events, and more.

Smooth lag-free HD streams paired with easy navigation makes watching any sport straightforward on BuffStreams. The site really shines for NFL football with multiple HD feeds for every game during the season.

Although BuffStreams has some ads, the streaming experience remains disruption-free. For free HD sports streams that just work smoothly, BuffStreams is arguably the best Vipbox replacement today.

Key Features:

  • HD streams for top sports
  • Excellent NFL football coverage
  • Smooth lag-free performance
  • Easy to find streams


While Vipbox’s shutdown was disappointing for sports streaming fans, numerous sites have emerged to fill the void with free HD sports streams.

Make sure to test multiple links for any game you want to watch to identify the fastest and most reliable stream. And consider signing up for a VPN service to bypass any streaming restrictions.

With so many great free sports streaming sites now available, watching live sports online has never been easier without Vipbox. These Vipbox alternatives ensure you’ll never miss a game again!

What other sites do you use to stream live sports for free? Let me know in the comments!

FAQs About Vipbox and Alternatives

Is Vipbox still working?

No, Vipbox.tv officially shut down in 2017 after facing legal pressure for streaming sports without rights. The site remained offline since then.

What sports did Vipbox offer streaming for?

Vipbox offered free live streams for all major sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, soccer, tennis, rugby, motorsports, boxing, MMA, and more niche sports.

Are Vipbox alternative sites legal?

Sites offering free sports streaming operate in legal grey areas. While not completely legal, sports streaming for personal use is generally considered low risk. Use common sense and caution when using these sites.

Which Vipbox alternative is best for NFL games?

BuffStreams and Stream2Watch both offer multiple free HD streams for NFL games that work very smoothly. Great options for watching football.

Is VIPBox legal?

No, VIPBox is not a legal streaming option.

Is VipBox safe?

Yes, VipBox is safe and secure to access, if you don’t click on those ads. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use a reliable VPN to secure your data and ensure complete protection.

Is VipBox free?

Yes, VipBox is completely free to access. No signup or registration process is required to stream sports events online.

What you should know about VIPBox and its alternatives

This is a good sports streaming platform that lets you watch live sports events. When you think of sports like the NBA (basketball), NFL (football), and so on. This site, on the other hand, also has annoying ads and redirects.

Sometimes this platform fails and for that reason, people are searching for a VIPBox replacement to rely on. We’ll discuss the top VIP sports streaming sites for a live sports events in this post.

Is there any alternative to VipBox?

Yes, our list consists of great VipBox alternatives for streaming sports events without any signup or registration process.

Does VipBox offer HD streaming?

Yes, some VipBox proxy website offers HD streaming of all its content for an optimal viewing experience.

Is there a mobile app for VipBox?

No, currently there isn’t a mobile app available but you can still access the website from your mobile browser.

Does VipBox offer any other content besides sports?

No, currently VipBox only offers sports related content such as live matches and highlights.

Can I download content from VipBox?

No, downloading of content is not allowed on VipBox as it violates their Terms of Service.

Are there any ads while watching content on Vibox

Yes, there may be some ads when watching content on the website but it doesn’t affect the viewing experience significantly.

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