12 Best VipBox Alternatives to Stream Live Sports Online

Are you part of those football fans that are looking for vipbox alternatives? Or you are searching for mirror sites of vipbox.tv like; vipboxtv.se, viprow.me, vipbox.se and more proxy sites. If that should be what you are looking for, you are in the right place.

What you should know about VIPBox and its alternatives

This is a good sports streaming platform that lets you watch live sports events. When you think of sports like the NBA (basketball), NFL (football), and so on. This site, on the other hand, also has annoying ads and redirects.

Sometimes this platform fails and for that reason, people are searching for VIPBox alternatives to rely on. We’ll discuss the top VIP sports streaming sites for a live sports events in this post.

Are Vipbox Alternative Sites Safe to Use?

I will say yes because those sites like Vipbox sports are safe as long you are making use of VPN, ads blocker or you try not to click on those pop-up ads.

Top VIPBox Alternatives Sites to Watch Live Sports

VipBox Alternatives

Here is the list of sites like vipbox.tv to stream live sports activities with no signup. Let’s take a look at those proxy websites.

As you know that the vip box sports proxy listed below are not active and some might be still active, though we are going to share you active mirror sites as we go on.


1. Sportlemon



Sportlemon is yet another good site for watching sports online. You could also stream a lot of different sports there for free. As a bonus, it makes sure that you don’t miss a game of your beloved team.

When you visit the site during the day, you can also see highlights and clips. It also has a lot of HD sporting events that you can stream. By keeping ads to a minimal level, Sportlemon makes the user feel good. For instance, users will be interested to witness any sports activities without having to deal with ads.

2. Stream2Watch

Vipbox alternatives

One of the best places to watch live sports activities is Stream2Watch. Soccer, football, golf, & tennis are just a few of the sports you can stream on this website. You can also watch sports like rugby & boxing.

A lot of ads may annoy you on this platform. It’s the only source of revenue for them, so they have to put a lot on it. It’s also worth noting that the quality of the videos on Stream2Watch supersedes some vipbox alternatives.

3. SportSurge

sites like vipbox

If you want to watch free sports matches like football, basketball, boxing, motorsports, and more, SportSurge is the place to visit.

Most likely, there will be ads that will disturb the live stream, but since it’s all free, that won’t be a big deal.

4. Cricfree


Cricfree is just another great service that lets you watch live sports events.

This platform gives you notifications about the next matches. People can instantly find the sports event and matches they want to watch on the site because it is very well organised.

A widely used mobile chat is on this platform where users can chat about what they’re having trouble with.
There are a lot of foreign sports channels available on this platform, and they all working.

5. FirstRowSports


Consider yourself to be a fan of football. For that reason, FirstRowSports must be on your list of best vipbox alternatives because of their simple design. Though they might contain little ads and some annoying pop-ups. You can still give it a try.

6. Feed2all

This service lets you watch sports online for free, and it’s very easy to use. The site is easy to use and shows upcoming games, but also includes logo on their thumbnails. There aren’t many fancy things on the site’s design. Snooker, Cricket, Formula 1, MotoGP, UFC, WWE, and live boxing are all available. The biggest feature concerning Feed2all is that it doesn’t have many ads. Users can choose their time zone on this website to get game times.

The site’s biggest flaw is that it updates more slowly than usual, which gives competing sites an opportunity over it. The colour pattern and game brand logo are the second things I’d like to talk about.

7. Streamhunters.top

For people who wish to stream their favourite football matches without having to sign up or pay, this site might be suitable for you. There are lots of different forms of streaming alternatives for you to make use of. Users can also find out more about highly anticipated and ongoing sports games, like cricket, rugby, tennis, hockey, boxing and so on.

If you’re looking for something that’s both safe and free to use, this is the best option for you. Try Streamhunters if you are searching for the best sites like vipbox.tv.

8. Mamahd

Mamahd is a good website to watch live sports like WWE, UFC, cricket,  boxing, Formula 1, MotoGP and other sporting activities. A lot of football fans like the site because it is free to use and has a variety of exciting displays. There are events like gymnastics, horse racing, college basketball, and some other events.

The Live chat on this site has been one of the things that haven’t worked well for me. It seems to disconnect after a while of not using it. The live stream sometimes stops. However, the site has more than 20,000 active users each month, which is a clear sign that it is growing quickly.

9. Laola

Similarly, Laola is a newcomer to the world of free sports websites and remains in its infancy in comparison to others. The website has a lot of games that don’t require you to sign up or be a pro member. It’s easy to visit the platform and search for whatever you want.
As it functions as vipbox alternatives, it offers news and free live sports streaming for its readers.


It’s a must-see site if you want to keep up with the latest sports news around the world and watch them live. If you want to watch different types of sports in one place then this is the site to visit. Not to mention the massive sports libraries dedicated to both current and coming games.

Rojadirecta is the best place to find all sports activities, TV channels, and live stream those matches. Nowadays, interesting sporting events may be streamed online. On these sites like vipbox.tv, you should find different types of sports, such as football, soccer games, as well as hockey tournaments and other events.

11. Vipleauge

It’s completely free to watch your favourite sporting event on the internet. As you know that lots  Vip Box sports proxy sites can be found on the web.

Users can browse through those VipBox sports unblocked websites and select the ones that are useful to them. Vipleauge seems to be one of those websites that serve as Vipbox alternatives sites. Vipleauge gives users access to a variety of live sports streaming channels.

Just visit the Vipleauge and click the link that says “Live” beside the live sports that are going on. If you want to watch live sports, Vipleauge is the best place because it doesn’t charge you for this service at all. Visitors don’t have to pay for Vipleauge to watch different live stream content.

12. MYP2P

Everywhere you go, you can stream live sports matches on any of your devices. Because  MyP2P is a live sports streaming platform that is totally free to use. You can watch your favourite sports activities in high quality. The site’s layout is simple and easy to use and looks very good.

Unlike most other vipbox alternatives, this one also has a lot of different sports categories, such as Football, Tennis, Soccer, Boxing, Baseball, MotoGP, and so on.


As a fan of football, this sportsrar should be on your checklist to visit. The sportsrar website is open to everyone and quite entertaining to explore with no signup. There are a lot of sports events on this sportsrar platform. There are a few things you can adjust, one of which is the Time Zone (within your nation of residence). This feature lets you see and keep track of the time of events that happen in your own time zone.

There are a lot of big sports channels from all over the world that work with the site. This means that they can legally show live TV shows. If you are not interested in Motorsports, you may still watch Ice Hockey, Nba, Fighting, NFL, Nhl, MLB, Tennis, and other sports.


So those are the list of alternative sites to vipbox.tv you should give it a try as a football fan.

FAQs about VipBox Site

Is VIPBox legal?

No, VIPBox is not a legal streaming option.

Is VipBox safe?

Yes, VipBox is safe and secure to access, if you don’t click on those ads. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use a reliable VPN to secure your data and ensure complete protection.

Is VipBox free?

Yes, VipBox is completely free to access. No signup or registration process is required to stream sports events online.

How do I access VipBox?

Simply visit the proxy website and start streaming live sports events for free.

Is there any alternative to VipBox?

Yes, our list consists of great VipBox alternatives for streaming sports events without any signup or registration process.

Does VipBox offer HD streaming?

Yes, some VipBox proxy website offers HD streaming of all its content for an optimal viewing experience.

Is there a mobile app for VipBox?

No, currently there isn’t a mobile app available but you can still access the website from your mobile browser.

Does VipBox offer any other content besides sports?

No, currently VipBox only offers sports related content such as live matches and highlights.

Can I download content from VipBox?

No, downloading of content is not allowed on VipBox as it violates their Terms of Service.

Are there any ads while watching content on Vibox

Yes, there may be some ads when watching content on the website but it doesn’t affect the viewing experience significantly.

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