How To Watch Netflix On Nintendo Switch | 4 Step-By-Step Guide

As an avid gamer and Netflix binger, you probably want to know if you can watch Netflix on your Nintendo Switch. After all, who wouldn’t want to watch Stranger Things or Bridgerton while playing Animal Crossing?

Unfortunately, there is no official Netflix app available for download on the Nintendo eShop. But don’t despair! With a bit of creativity, you can rig up a makeshift way to get your Netflix fix on the Switch. Let’s dive into the workaround options so you can make the most of your hybrid console.

How To Watch Netflix On Nintendo Switch

Can I Use Netflix On Nintendo Switch?

In short – no, you can’t directly download and use the Netflix app on your Switch. Nintendo has not authorized Netflix to develop a native app for their gaming platform.

Without an official Netflix app, you’ll need to get creative with streaming devices and connections to simulate the Netflix experience on your Switch. It takes a bit more effort than downloading an app, but it can be done!

The good news is, multiple alternative methods allow you to unofficially watch Netflix on your Nintendo Switch. Let’s break down how you can rig things up.

Ways To Watch Netflix On Nintendo Switch

how to netflix on nintendo switch

While you can’t natively run Netflix on the Switch, three main workarounds let you stream Netflix to your Switch:

1. Use A Streaming Device Like Chromecast or Fire Stick

The most straightforward way is connecting a streaming device to your Switch’s dock. For example, plugging a Chromecast into the dock’s HDMI port lets you cast Netflix from your phone or laptop directly to the Switch’s screen.

Similarly, using an Amazon Fire Stick or Roku Express enables Netflix streaming through your Switch. This method relies on the streaming stick rather than the Switch itself. But it does get Netflix up on your Switch’s display.

Make sure to use the dock rather than directly connecting a streaming stick to the Switch – the dock provides the necessary USB power to run streaming devices.

The pros of using a streaming stick are simplicity and affordability. Chromecasts start around $20, delivering an easy wired connection for Netflix. Streaming sticks also work with other apps like Hulu, Prime Video, Disney+, etc.

The only major con is that you must control Netflix through another device like your phone, rather than the Switch’s controls. But it works in a pinch to get your Netflix fix!

2. Mirror Your Computer’s Display On The Switch

If you have a Windows PC or Apple Mac, you can mirror your computer’s display directly onto the Nintendo Switch.

For Windows, use the integrated Screen Projection feature to wirelessly cast your computer screen to the Switch console. Make sure both devices are on the same WiFi network.

On Macs, enable AirPlay Mirroring in Settings to mirror your display. Like with Windows, the Mac and Switch must connect to the same WiFi network.

Once mirroring is active, simply pull up Netflix through your computer’s browser or Netflix app. Then the video streams right to your Switch’s screen!

The main pros of screen mirroring are that it’s wireless and leverages your existing computer. You also control Netflix directly through your computer, rather than relying on another device.

Downsides are potential lag from wireless casting and lack of remote control support. You’ll need a keyboard and mouse close by to control playback. But it’s one of the easiest solutions.

3. Use A Mobile Hotspot On Your Phone

This method requires more setup but gives you remote control of Netflix on your Switch:

  1. Turn on the mobile hotspot on your smartphone. Connect your Switch to the smartphone’s WiFi network.
  2. Install a remote access app like TeamViewer on your phone and Switch.
  3. Launch TeamViewer on both devices to mirror and control your phone’s screen on the Switch.
  4. Open the Netflix app on your phone, which now displays on your Switch via TeamViewer screen sharing.
  5. Use the Switch’s controls to navigate Netflix and play shows!

The main advantage here is gaining remote control of Netflix on your Switch, for a true native feel. TeamViewer also enables smooth full HD streaming.

The catch is dealing with potential data usage on your phone plan, depending on your hotspot allowance. Also, initial setup takes more effort compared to the other methods.

4. Use HDMI Connection To Stream

For a wired streaming setup, you can directly connect a laptop, tablet, or other device with an HDMI output to your Switch dock. Here’s how:

  1. Connect your streaming device to the Switch dock with an HDMI cable.
  2. Turn on your Switch and enter TV mode so the console streams to your TV display.
  3. On your streaming device, select the HDMI output for the cable connected to your Switch dock. This will send your device’s screen feed directly to your Switch in TV mode and out to your TV.
  4. Open Netflix on your streaming device. The video will now play through your Switch on your TV!

This hardwired connection provides the most reliable performance for streaming video. Any laptop or tablet with an HDMI output should work fine. Just remember to switch the HDMI output on your streaming device when connecting and disconnecting from your Switch.

Is Netflix Available For Download On The Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, Nintendo has not authorized a Netflix downloadable app for the Switch eShop. So there is no native Netflix app you can install directly on the console.

Without approval from Nintendo, Netflix currently can’t develop an official app for Switch OS. The alternative streaming options outlined above are the only ways to rig up Netflix access on the Switch.

Hopefully, at some point, Nintendo will greenlight Netflix to bring an authorized app to the platform. Until then, the workarounds listed here are your best bet to start watching your favourite shows on the Switch!

Tips For Optimal Netflix Streaming On Nintendo Switch

Follow these tips to maximize performance when streaming Netflix to your Switch:

  • Position devices closer together to improve connection speeds.
  • Reduce interference by turning off other nearby wireless devices.
  • Close unused apps and processes on your streaming host device.
  • Turn phone or Switch to airplane mode, and re-enable WiFi for a boosted signal.
  • Stream at 720p resolution, lower than max 1080p, if experiencing lag or buffering.
  • Restart streaming device and host device before connecting to freshen processes.
  • Update your streaming software, Switch system, and apps to latest versions.
  • If streaming from hotspot, disable mobile data to avoid eating through data allowance.
  • Adjust TV display settings if necessary to improve brightness, contrast, and colour.

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While the Nintendo Switch currently lacks an official Netflix app, you have options to access Netflix through streaming devices, screen mirroring, and mobile hotspots. Each method has pros and cons to consider. But with the right workaround, any Switch owner can finagle a pseudo-native Netflix viewing experience.

Resourceful Switch fans continue to find new ways to maximize this versatile console. With some creative thinking and the right gear, you can enjoy your favourite Netflix shows on the go. So fire up the hybrid handheld, rig up one of these Netflix solutions, and start streaming Stranger Things and chill.

FAQs About Netflix on Nintendo Switch

Can I download Netflix on the Nintendo eShop?

No, there is currently no Netflix app available to download directly from the eShop. Without Nintendo’s authorization, Netflix cannot offer an official native app.

What about Hulu or Prime Video?

Like Netflix, there are no native apps for these streaming services on the Switch eShop. But you can access them using the display mirroring workarounds!

Do I need to jailbreak my Switch for Netflix?

No jailbreaking required! The methods outlined above work on standard, unmodified Switch consoles. Jailbreaking introduces security risks, so it is not recommended.

Can I use a VPN to get Netflix on my Switch?

You can try routing your streaming device or computer through a VPN to access Netflix in different regions. However, VPN performance can be spotty.

Will Nintendo ever allow Netflix on the Switch?

While not guaranteed, there’s hope! As player demand grows, Nintendo may eventually authorize Netflix and other apps for the Switch. Contact Nintendo customer support to provide feedback.

What is the best way to watch Netflix on Switch?

It depends on your priorities! For hands-free use, a streaming stick is simplest. For remote control of Netflix, smartphone mirroring works well. Mirroring your computer display is quick and easy too.

Can I use Bluetooth headphones with these methods?

Yes! Connecting Bluetooth headphones to the Switch will allow you to wirelessly listen as you stream. Just make sure to keep the streaming device or computer nearby.

Will streaming Netflix drain my Switch battery when handheld?

When mirroring your phone hotspot or computer wirelessly, the Switch will drain faster than usual. But using a streaming stick through the dock provides consistent power.

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