How to Resolve the Dreaded Netflix Black Screen on Discord

Watching Netflix together on Discord should be an easy, enjoyable experience. But sometimes, that dreaded black screen pops up instead of the show or movie you were excited to see. Nothing ruins a virtual Netflix party like struggling with tech issues.

If you’ve dealt with the frustration of Netflix not showing up on Discord, this guide will walk you through the common causes and solutions to fix that pesky black screen. No more movie night letdowns – let’s dive in and get your shared Netflix screen working again!

Why Does the Netflix Screen Stay Black on Discord?

Before we troubleshoot, it helps to understand what causes the black screen issue. Here are the most common culprits behind Netflix not displaying on Discord:

Discord Lacks Screen Share Permissions

Discord’s screen share feature requires permission to broadcast your screen. If you or your fellow Discord users haven’t allowed screen sharing in settings, Netflix won’t appear when you try sharing your screen.

Outdated Discord Version

Discord needs regular updates to keep screen sharing working smoothly. Using an outdated version can interrupt screen sharing and cause a black screen.

Computer Security Settings Block Screen Sharing

Some antivirus software and firewalls block applications from accessing screens to share. This can cause Netflix to display as black on Discord.

Browser Extensions Interfere with Screen Sharing

Some browser extensions are known to disrupt screen sharing, likely causing the Netflix black screen issue.

Unstable Internet Connectivity

Choppy internet can interrupt Discord’s screen share feed, resulting in Netflix failing to broadcast properly.

Now that we know what’s behind the black screen, let’s move onto the solutions so you can successfully watch Netflix together on Discord.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix Netflix Black Screen on Discord

Fix Netflix Black Screen on Discord

Follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve the Netflix black screen issue:

1. Check Discord Screen Share Permissions

The first thing to check is that Discord has your permission to share your screen.

On Desktop:

  • Open your Discord settings by clicking the cogwheel icon
  • Select “Voice & Video”
  • Make sure “Screen” is enabled under Video Settings

On Mobile:

  • Tap your profile icon
  • Select “Settings”
  • Tap “Voice & Video”
  • Enable “Share Your Screen”

If screen sharing was disabled, re-enabling it should allow Netflix to display properly when shared.

2. Update to the Latest Discord Version

An outdated version of Discord can cause screen sharing to fail and show a black Netflix screen.

Updating is simple – just close and re-open Discord to automatically download the newest version. On mobile, update Discord through your device’s app store.

3. Adjust Computer Security Settings

Sometimes antivirus software or firewalls block Discord from capturing your screen. To allow Discord through:

On Windows:

  • Open Windows Security
  • Select Virus & Threat Protection
  • Click Manage Settings under Firewall & Network Protection
  • Allow Discord through your firewall

On Mac:

  • Open System Preferences
  • Click Security & Privacy
  • Select the Firewall tab
  • Check the box next to Discord to enable access

Adding Discord as an exception in your firewall improves the chance of screen sharing working properly.

4. Disable Browser Extensions Temporarily

If you share Netflix through a web browser, extensions may interfere with Discord capturing the screen.

Try temporarily disabling extensions like ad blockers and VPNs to see if that fixes the issue. You can re-enable extensions after finishing the Netflix session.

5. Connect to a Stable Internet Source

Choppy Wi-Fi can cause Netflix to fail when sharing your screen. For smooth screen sharing:

  • Plug your computer directly into your router via ethernet
  • Switch to a 5GHz Wi-Fi network rather than 2.4GHz
  • Close bandwidth-hogging programs and apps
  • Ask others on your network to pause internet usage

A fast, stable internet connection minimizes glitches that can cause the black screen.

6. Restart Your Computer and Router

As silly as it sounds, simply restarting your computer and router can resolve many intermittent technical issues like screen sharing failures.

Restart to refresh the computer’s memory, reconnect with a strong network signal, and load Discord freshly. This quick fix may be all you need to get Netflix on Discord working again.

7. Re-install Discord

If other troubleshooting steps fail, re-installing Discord often helps. Uninstall your current Discord, restart your device, then download a fresh version from Discord’s website.

On mobile, delete the Discord app then install it again through the app store. Re-installing can clear up underlying software issues.

8. Allow Discord Through Your Firewall

Sometimes antivirus or firewall software can interfere with Discord’s ability to share the Netflix screen.

You may need to add permissions for Discord:

On Windows:

  1. Open the Start menu and search for “Windows Defender Firewall”.
  2. Click “Allow an app through Firewall”.
  3. Check the box for “Discord” on the Allowed apps list.

On Mac:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall.
  2. Click Firewall Options.
  3. Add Discord to the list of allowed apps in the firewall.

9. Contact Discord Support

For help identifying and fixing unusual technical issues, you can contact Discord’s customer support team.

In Discord, click the question mark icon, then “Contact Support”. Explain your Netflix screen share problem and include details like your device, OS, Discord version, and troubleshooting steps tried.

Discord support may be able to spot issues with your specific setup and suggest targeted solutions.


With Netflix parties being so popular, it’s frustrating when the black screen ruins your viewing experience. Luckily, the common causes of Netflix not showing on Discord are fairly easy to address.

By checking Discord settings, software versions, browser extensions, network connections, and possibly re-installing Discord, you can typically resolve the black screen problem and get your shared Netflix screen working properly again.

Next time Netflix fails to share on Discord, try working through these troubleshooting steps. The detailed guide above outlines the solutions that should have you and your friends enjoying shared Netflix again in no time. No more futzing with a black screen – just sit back and finally watch that show or movie you’ve been looking forward to. Happy streaming!

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FAQs About Fixing Netflix Black Screen on Discord

Still have questions about getting Netflix to display when screen sharing on Discord? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Why does Netflix show a black screen when I share it on Discord?

The most common causes are lack of screen share permissions in Discord, outdated Discord version, interfering browser extensions, computer security settings blocking sharing, and unstable internet connection.

How can I enable screen sharing in Discord?

In Discord settings, go to Voice & Video and enable the “Screen” option under Video Settings to allow screen share.

Does using a VPN cause Netflix black screen on Discord?

It can. VPN extensions should be temporarily disabled when trying to share Netflix to prevent conflicts.

My internet is fast but Netflix still won’t appear – what now?

Beyond internet speed, wired connections and less network congestion provide the stability needed for smooth screen sharing.

What should I do if Netflix won’t work after updating Discord?

Further steps like adjusting firewall settings, re-installing Discord, and contacting support may be needed to resolve the issue.

Is it possible to fix the Netflix black screen issue on mobile?

Yes, by ensuring screen sharing is enabled in Discord’s mobile settings, updating the app, and connecting to stable Wi-Fi.

Why does my shared Netflix screen work sometimes but not others?

Intermittent issues can stem from factors like flaky internet, remote server problems, or buggy Discord updates.

Who can I contact if I can’t get Netflix to appear even after troubleshooting?

Discord has a dedicated customer support team to help diagnose difficult technical issues affecting screen sharing.

Will re-installing Discord delete my settings and data?

No, Discord stores your information in the cloud, so re-installing just refreshes the app without losing settings, servers, or contacts.

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