How to Put Text in a Box on Discord On Mobile & Desktop

Have you ever wanted to make your text stand out in a Discord chat? Putting text in a box is an easy way to do just that. Boxes allow you to highlight important information, separate text for readability, and add visual interest to your messages.

In this beginner’s guide, I’ll explain exactly how to put text in a box on Discord using both desktop and mobile. We’ll cover the Markdown syntax you need to know and see examples of how you can customize your text boxes. Follow along to start leveling up your Discord text formatting skills!

Text Boxes on Discord

Why Use Text Boxes on Discord?

Before jumping into the how-to, let’s first go over some of the main reasons you may want to put text in a box on Discord:

  • Make text stand out – Boxes naturally draw the reader’s eye. This makes them perfect for calling attention to important info.
  • Organize thoughts – Boxes can help separate different ideas or sections. This improves readability.
  • Highlight key points – Use boxes to emphasize crucial bits of text that you want readers to remember.
  • Improve aesthetics – Boxes can make large blocks of text more visually appealing and easier to digest.
  • Add flair – Stylish boxes can spruce up the look of your Discord messages.

So if you want certain parts of your messages to pop or you need help organizing messy text, putting it in a box can help!

How to Make a Text Box on Desktop

Text Boxes on Discord 1

Let’s start with putting text in a box using the Discord desktop app. It’s a simple process:

  1. Type your text as usual in the message box
  2. Surround the text you want to box with three backticks (“`) on each side

For example:

“` This text will appear in a box! “`

The result looks like this neat little text box:

This text will appear in a box!

The backticks act like brackets around your text. This signals to Discord to render the text inside a box.

You can make boxes with longer text too:

“` This is a text box with a bit more text inside it. As you can see, the box expands to fit multiple lines of text without any issues. “`

Which gives you:

This is a text box with a bit more text inside it. As you can see, the box expands to fit multiple lines of text without any issues.

Simple enough, right? The backtick boxes are great for highlighting key points, roadmaps, instructions – anything you want to stand out.

Next let’s look at how to customize the look of your boxes.

Customizing Text Boxes on Discord

You have a few formatting options to style your text boxes and make them fit your message. Here are some examples:

Change Box Type

By default, Discord uses a gray inline code block for text boxes. You can change the type using keywords before the first set of backticks:

“`css This is a CSS box “`

“`diff This box shows +/- indicators like in git diff “`

“`js This one is for JavaScript code “`

Giving you:

This is a CSS box
This box shows +/- indicators like in git diff
This one is for JavaScript code

There are tons of available syntax keywords like pythonhtmlyaml, and more. Pick ones fitting for your text box content.

Adjust Box Width

You can widen text boxes by adding more backticks. Each extra set adds around 20 characters width:

““` This box is slightly wider ““`

“““` This box is very wide – good for large code samples “““`

Giving you:

This box is slightly wider
This box is very wide - good for large code samples

So if your text is spilling over, simply add more backticks around it to widen the box.

Change Text Alignment

Standard text boxes are left aligned. You can center or right align the contents by adding a :center or :right modifier like:

“` This text is left aligned (default) “`

“`:center This text is centered! “`

“`:right This text is right-aligned “`

Resulting in:

This text is left aligned (default)
This text is centered!
This text is right-aligned

Super handy for formatting text how you need it.

Add Language Syntax Highlighting

Discord can add color coding for programming languages like JavaScript, Python, CSS, and more. Just add the language name after the first set of backticks:

“`js // This JavaScript will have syntax highlighting

function helloWorld() { console.log(“Hello World!”); } “`

Which makes:

// This JavaScript will have syntax highlighting

function helloWorld() {
  console.log("Hello World!"); 

The language keyword controls the colors, so pick one matching what’s inside your code block.

That covers the main formatting options for sprucing up your text boxes on desktop Discord. Let’s look at how to do it on mobile next.

Creating Text Boxes on Mobile Discord

The Discord mobile app doesn’t have a Markdown editor like desktop. But you can still make text boxes! Here’s how:

  1. Type your text as usual in the send box
  2. Tap the + symbol
  3. Choose the Code Block option
  4. Paste your text inside
  5. Tap Add Block to insert the box

For example, I typed “Hello from mobile!” then:

  • Tapped the + symbol
  • Picked Code Block
  • Pasted my text inside
  • Hit Add Block

This inserted a text box with my text:

Hello from mobile!

You can customize the box type and language just like on desktop:

  1. Tap the gear icon in the code block
  2. Choose your options
  3. Tap Update to save

So on mobile you get all the same formatting abilities, just with a slightly different process.

When to Use Text Boxes on Discord

Now that you know how to make text boxes on Discord, let’s discuss some good ways to use them. Here are a few ideas:

  • Highlight key points in long messages
  • Set off instructions, tips, or warnings
  • Share code snippets cleanly
  • Quote long passages from articles/websites
  • Create visual contrast from regular messages

Text boxes stand out and grab readers’ attention. But be careful not to overuse them – you don’t want your whole message to be a sea of boxes. Use them intentionally when part of your post needs emphasis.

They work great in Discord guides, release notes, status updates, and knowledge bases. Don’t feel you have to use them for every message, but keep text boxes in mind as formatting options.

Formatting Your Way to Better Discord Posts

And that’s all you need to know to start using text boxes in your Discord messages! They are incredibly handy for organizing information and making your points stand out.

Here are some key tips to remember:

  • Use three backticks on desktop or Code Block on mobile
  • Customize width, alignment, syntax highlighting as desired
  • Highlight key points, instructions, warnings, and quotes
  • Don’t overuse text boxes – use them intentionally for emphasis

Now get out there and inject some sleek, formatted text boxes into your Discord chats! Your community members will appreciate the effort you put into communication. Plus it’s a great way to flex your Markdown muscles.

Thanks for reading – happy Discord text boxing! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different ways to make a text box in Discord?

You can make text boxes in Discord using Markdown on desktop or the Code Block tool on mobile. On desktop, surround your text with three backticks (“`) to create a box. On mobile, tap the + symbol, choose Code Block, paste your text, and tap Add Block.

How do you change the style of a Discord text box?

To customize a Discord text box, add keywords before the opening backticks to change the box type (e.g. js for JavaScript syntax). You can also add more backticks to widen the box, or add :center or :right after the opening backticks to align the text.

What’s the maximum size of a Discord text box?

Discord text boxes have a limit of 1000 characters. If your text exceeds that length, you will need to break it into multiple boxes. There is no limit on the number of boxes you can use in a message.

Can you use text boxes on mobile Discord?

Yes, you can create text boxes through the Discord mobile app. Tap the + symbol, choose Code Block, paste your text inside, and tap Add Block to insert a box. The mobile options are more limited, but you can still change the box language and style.

How do you type the backtick symbol to make Discord text boxes?

On a standard US keyboard layout, the backtick ` symbol is located on the key beside the number 1, above Tab. You can also copy and paste the backtick character instead of typing it directly.

Why are my text boxes not working in Discord messages?

If your text boxes aren’t showing up properly, make sure to use backticks () and not single quotes (‘). Backticks are on a different key than the apostrophe. Also verify you have three backticks on each side of the text and that they are not up against other text.

Can I use Discord text boxes in channel topics or descriptions?

Unfortunately you cannot use Markdown syntax like text boxes in Discord channel topics, descriptions, usernames, or other profile customization text. Text boxes only work within chat messages and embeds.

Is there a Discord text box character limit?

Yes, each individual Discord text box has a limit of 1000 characters. If you reach the character max, your text will get cut off. To work around this, break long content into multiple text boxes within your message. There is no limit on the number of boxes.

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