How to Put Discord on Speaker Mode

Have you ever been on a Discord voice call and wanted to put it on speaker so you can hear it better or allow others in the room to listen in? Putting Discord on speaker is easy to do on both desktop and mobile. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the steps for enabling speaker mode on Discord, as well as provide tips for getting the best audio quality.

Put Discord on Speaker Mode

Enabling Speaker Mode on Desktop

Discord’s desktop application makes it simple to toggle speaker mode on and off. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Join a voice channel on Discord. You’ll see a speaker icon in the bottom-left corner of the app window.
  2. Click on the speaker icon. This will enable speaker mode and you’ll hear the call come through your computer’s speakers.
  3. To disable speaker mode, simply click the speaker icon again. This will switch the call back to coming through your headset or headphones.

That’s all there is to it! The speaker icon acts as a toggle, allowing you to quickly switch between speaker mode and headset mode.

Adjusting Volume and Audio Settings

Once you’ve enabled speaker mode, you may need to adjust your volume levels or change audio settings to get the best sound quality. Here are some tips:

  • Use your computer’s volume controls to raise or lower the volume. Make sure it’s not too loud to avoid distortion.
  • In Discord’s settings, go to Voice & Video and adjust the Input Mode Sensitivity. A lower sensitivity will prevent background noise from transmitting.
  • Enable Noise Suppression to help block any ambient sounds from your environment. This results in clearer voice quality.
  • Check that Discord is actually detecting the right input/output devices under Voice & Video settings. You may need to manually select your speaker for output.
  • Adjust individual volume levels for participants if some are louder than others. You can do this in the member list when in a call.

Taking a few minutes to tweak these audio settings can really optimize the speaker listening experience on Discord.

Audio Settings

Using Speaker Mode on Mobile

Discord’s mobile app makes it easy to engage in voice chats on the go. And just like on desktop, you can route the audio through your phone’s speaker.

Here’s how to enable speaker mode on Discord mobile:

  1. Join a voice channel. Tap the phone icon at the bottom to open the call screen.
  2. Tap the Speaker icon in the bottom-left corner. This will start routing the call audio through your phone’s speaker.
  3. To switch back to headphone mode, simply tap the Speaker icon again.

As you can see, the process is very similar to the desktop application. The main difference is that you need to open the call screen first before you’ll see the Speaker toggle.

Optimizing Mobile Audio Quality

Since you’re relying on your phone’s built-in mono speaker, the audio quality may not be as good as with headphones. Try these tips for getting better sound:

  • Use your phone’s volume buttons to raise the volume if needed. But don’t max it out to avoid distortion.
  • Enable Noise Suppression in Discord’s settings to cut down on ambient background noise.
  • Switch to a quieter environment if possible to limit background noise transmission. Outdoors or a noisy room will lower call quality.
  • Consider propping your phone against something or placing it in a bowl to amplify the audio. The curved surface helps project the sound.
  • Use wired headphones or external Bluetooth speakers if you want better audio than your phone’s built-in speaker can provide.

While mobile speaker quality has limits, these handy tips can definitely enhance your Discord call experience.

Speaker Mode Usage Tips

Here are some general best practices to follow when using Discord’s speaker mode:

  • Let others know you’ve enabled speaker mode so they’re aware others may be listening. Common courtesy!
  • Mute your microphone when not speaking to avoid transmitting background noises to others.
  • Adjust your distance from the speaker to find the optimal volume and clarity. Too close can distort the sound.
  • Be cautious of private conversations—anything said can be heard by anyone around you.
  • Disable speaker mode if entering a noisy environment to maintain call quality.

Following proper speaker phone etiquette goes a long way towards having smooth voice chats. Be mindful of background noises and let others know when they’re on speaker.

Troubleshooting Speaker Mode Issues

Having problems getting speaker mode to work properly? Here are some common issues and fixes:

Can’t toggle speaker mode on – This is usually because Discord doesn’t have permission to access your microphone or speakers. Go into your operating system sound settings and make sure Discord is selected for input and output devices.

Audio echoes – If you hear echoing, it means there’s a microphone picking up the speaker audio and creating a feedback loop. Make sure all other nearby mics are muted. Also enable echo cancellation in Discord’s settings.

No audio from speaker – Double check your OS sound settings to confirm the correct speaker device is enabled. Try changing the Output Mode in Discord settings as well. Restarting Discord/your device can also resolve temporary glitches.

Poor call quality – Low Wi-Fi signal, congested networks, and distance from the mic are common issues. Get closer to the mic and enable noise reduction features in Discord to maximize call clarity.

Others can’t hear you – You’ll want to select the correct input device in your OS and Discord settings. Make sure you aren’t muted and increase Discord’s input sensitivity as needed.

Hopefully these troubleshooting tips help you address any speaker mode problems! Just take it step-by-step to pinpoint the issue.

Discord Speaker Mode Benefits

There are a few great reasons you may want to utilize Discord’s speaker mode:

  • Hear conversations more clearly – Your computer or phone speakers often sound better than tiny headset speakers. You may pick up more nuances of the conversation coming through dedicated speakers.
  • Share call with others in room – Enabling speaker mode allows anyone around you to listen in on the Discord chat. Great for family calls!
  • Multitask during call – You can step away from your device and still participate in the voice chat hands-free via speaker mode. It’s more convenient.
  • Avoid headphone discomfort – Speaker mode prevents having to wear headphones which can become uncomfortable over long periods. Give your ears a break!
  • Increased accessibility – Those with hearing impairments may find speaker mode easier to use than standard phone/headset options. It amplifies the call volume.

Overall, Discord’s speaker functionality provides some useful benefits for a better calling experience. Both desktop and mobile users can take advantage of this feature.

In Conclusion

Using Discord’s handy speaker mode feature allows you to comfortably experience voice chats without wearing a headset. Both desktop and mobile users can toggle this on with just the click of a button.

To get the best audio quality, adjust Discord’s settings and your system audio levels appropriately. Follow proper call etiquette by muting yourself when not speaking and letting others know they are on speaker.

Discord speaker mode enables you to clearly hear conversations, seamlessly multitask during calls, and avoid headset discomfort. Just be mindful of keeping background noise to a minimum.

With these tips, you’ll be able to take full advantage of speaker mode for an enhanced Discord calling experience. Never miss a conversation, whether you’re at your computer or on the go. Discord brings flexible communication options for any situation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Discord Speaker Mode

What is Discord speaker mode?

Discord speaker mode routes the audio from a voice call through external speakers instead of headphones or headsets. This allows you to hear the call at higher volumes without wearing headphones.

How do I enable speaker mode on desktop?

On Discord desktop, click on the speaker icon in the bottom left corner of a voice call to toggle speaker mode on. Click again to disable it.

How do I enable speaker mode on mobile?

On the Discord mobile app, tap the phone icon to open the call screen and tap the speaker icon to toggle speaker mode on. Tap again to disable it.

Does speaker mode work on group calls?

Yes, speaker mode works with any Discord voice call including one-on-one calls, group calls, and server channels. The call audio will be routed through your device’s external speakers.

How do I adjust audio settings for best speaker quality?

Use your system volume controls to adjust the level. Enable noise suppression and echo cancellation in Discord settings. Ensure Discord has access to the correct input and output devices.

What are some call etiquette tips for speaker mode?

Let others know you’ve enabled speaker mode, mute your mic when not talking, beware of private conversations being overheard, and move to a quiet environment when possible.

Why does my speaker audio echo during calls?

If you hear echoing, a nearby microphone is likely picking up the audio and creating a feedback loop. Mute other mics and enable echo cancellation in Discord settings.

Can I use external Bluetooth speakers for Discord calls?

Yes, you can set Bluetooth speakers as your output device in your operating system sound settings and route Discord call audio through them.

Does speaker mode work with Discord screen sharing?

Yes, any audio routed through Discord including app/screen sharing will output via speaker mode when enabled.

What causes poor call quality in speaker mode?

Common culprits are incorrect output device selected, bad network connection, distance from mic, and ambient background noise. Try troubleshooting tips to improve quality.

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