How to Add Discord to the Opera GX Sidebar

Opera GX is a specially designed web browser for gamers. It comes packed with useful gaming-centric features like CPU, RAM, and Network Bandwidth limiters that let you optimize the browser’s performance for gaming.

One handy feature of Opera GX is its customizable sidebar. The sidebar gives quick access to your favorite apps and websites. By default, the Opera GX sidebar contains shortcuts for Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. But you can easily add more apps to the sidebar, like Discord.

Having the Discord icon in the Opera GX sidebar makes it quicker and easier to access your Discord servers and contacts. You don’t have to first open a new browser tab and go to the Discord website. Just click the Discord icon in the sidebar and you are good to go.

In this guide, I’ll show you how

Add Discord to Opera GX Sidebar to add the Discord app to your Opera GX sidebar in a few quick steps. Let’s get started!

How to Add Discord to Opera GX Sidebar

Adding Discord to the Opera GX sidebar is an easy process that takes less than a minute. Follow these steps:

1. Open the Opera GX Sidebar Customization Menu

  • Click the “Customize Sidebar” icon near the top of the sidebar (it looks like a puzzle piece icon)
  • This will open the sidebar customization menu

2. Click the Plus Icon to Add a New Item

Plus Icon to Add a New Item discord

  • In the sidebar customization menu, click the plus (+) icon to add a new item to the sidebar

3. Select Discord

  • In the menu that pops up, select the Discord icon
  • This adds Discord to the sidebar customization menu

4. Click and Drag the Discord Icon to Position it

  • Now click and drag the Discord icon to position it wherever you want in the sidebar
  • You can rearrange all the items this way

5. Click Done to Save the New Sidebar Setup

  • Once you’ve added and arranged Discord in the sidebar, click “Done” to save your new sidebar setup

That’s it! Discord is now pinned to your Opera GX sidebar for easy access. Click the icon anytime to directly open your Discord app.

Customizing the Discord Sidebar Shortcut

Once you’ve added Discord to the sidebar, you can further customize the shortcut to suit your preferences:

  • Change icon: Click the Discord icon in the customization menu to change it to a different icon or image
  • Edit name: Click the text below the icon to change the name of the shortcut from “Discord” to anything you want
  • Link to server: Right-click the Discord shortcut and select “Edit.” Change the link from to a specific Discord server invite link to directly open that server.
  • Open new/current tab: Right-click the shortcut, choose “Edit”, then toggle “Open in new tab” on or off to change the behavior.

Take some time to customize the Discord sidebar shortcut so it best fits your personal needs. The more you tweak it, the quicker you can access your key Discord channels.

Pinning Specific Discord Servers to the Sidebar

The steps above add a Discord shortcut to your Opera GX sidebar that opens the Discord app homepage. But you can also pin shortcuts to specific Discord servers for direct quick access:

  • Go to the Discord server you want to pin and get its invite link
  • Follow steps 1-3 above to add a new sidebar item, but instead of selecting Discord, paste the server’s invite link into the “URL” field

3. Customize the Sidebar Shortcut

  • Give the shortcut a name, icon and other settings specific to that server

Now you’ve got a one-click shortcut to jump straight into your most-used Discord servers! Add as many as you like.

Additional Ways to Customize the Sidebar

A few more customization options to trick out your Opera GX sidebar:

  • Change background color: Click the color dot at the top to pick a new background color for the whole sidebar.
  • Adjust transparency: Use the slider at the top to make the sidebar background transparent so you can see open browser tabs behind it.
  • Rearrange sections: Drag section names like “Messengers” or “Games” to reorder sidebar sections.
  • Add section dividers: Use the line icon in the customization menu to add visual dividers between sections.

Take some time to explore all the sidebar tweaks available to really make it your own. A customized Opera GX sidebar can be a productivity boon for your gaming workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adding Discord to the Opera GX Sidebar

What are the benefits of adding Discord to my Opera GX sidebar?

Having the Discord shortcut in your sidebar makes it faster and more convenient to access your Discord app and servers. Instead of taking multiple clicks, you can now open Discord with one quick click/tap from anywhere.

Can I add unlimited items to my Opera GX sidebar?

Yes, you can keep adding as many shortcuts, apps, and links to your sidebar as you want. The more you customize it, the more useful shortcuts you’ll have for quick access.

Does adding Discord to the sidebar use more RAM/resources?

No, having more sidebar shortcuts does not use any additional system resources. The Opera GX browser is optimized to run smoothly no matter how many items you add.

What if I later want to remove Discord from my sidebar?

No problem! Just re-open the sidebar customization menu by clicking the puzzle icon. Then right-click the Discord shortcut and choose Delete. This removes Discord from the sidebar.

Can I rearrange the order of items in my sidebar?

Absolutely. Click the puzzle icon to enter the sidebar customization menu. Then click and drag any item to rearrange their order along the sidebar however you prefer.

What happens if I set Discord to open in a new tab instead?

If you right-click the Discord shortcut and toggle “Open in new tab” on, clicking the shortcut will open Discord in a fresh new browser tab instead of the current tab.

How do I customize the icon and name of my Discord sidebar shortcut?

Re-enter customization mode, click the Discord icon or text, then edit the icon image and name fields to change how the shortcut looks. Get creative!

Yes! Just copy a server invite link and paste it into the URL field when adding a new sidebar shortcut. Name and customize it to create a shortcut that takes you straight into specific servers.

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