Will SEO for Web3 Products & Business Work?

Unless you are living under a rock, you would have known about the silent revolution that is happening in the technological landscape. The rise of decentralised blockchain oriented technologies is creating huge waves across the spectrum of things. Web3 products and businesses have gathered a huge traction. More and more people are embracing new technologies. Unlike the Web 1 & Web 2, Web3 is completely decentralised. 

With such a technology, the most common and unanswered question for people is, will the SEO for Web3 work? We know how SEO works in general and it works in Web2 technologies. However, will it work for the Web3 platforms?

SEO for Web3 Products

How Web3 Differs from the World Wide Web That We Know


When the Web2 technology has come, it has widened the availability of data from a single point source to multiple point source. However, in Web3, the data will be completely anonymised and decentralised making it more safe and secure. As a result, any data will be present at multiple locations and can be verified by a number of users. 


These Web3 companies are sprouting up like mushrooms. This initial bloom and boom will soon burst and only the strong businesses will last for a long time. In order to get the right eyes on your business or brand, you need to get proper search engine optimisation for your brand.

The SEO Strategy is the Same But the Tactics Differ

As far as the Search Engine Optimisation principles and strategy are concerned, they are pretty much the same. However, the implementation is the part where the change occurs. It is important to customise the tactics, steps and processes as per the requirements of the brand. 

SEO will still involve the usual steps like on-page optimisation, content optimisation, image optimisation, off-page works, link building, citation building, etc. While the SEO for Web3 process is similar, the steps involved will vary depending on the niche and the scope of the Web3 technology. 


Create Value for Your Budding Web3 Company 

If you want to grow your Web3 business, it is important that you start marketing for the same. Paid ads could be a tough ask for many budding companies as many of the web3 companies are bootstrapped. Competing with the large sharks in the wide open ocean is hard for a small fish. So, it is advisable to look for a relatively low cost but a more permanent source of traffic. 

Another important problem the new blockchain technology companies face is the seeming ban on the ads by these companies. Most social media and search engines are averse of running ads for these technologies. So, SEO for Web3 is a very reliable way to bring visitors to your digital assets. 

If you are looking for a reliable freelance SEO consultant for ranking your Web3 business, then Josien is the perfect one for you. With a long experience in the SEO sector and many successful crypto and web3 projects on bringing high-quality traffic (like this crypto newsletter) and good revenue to businesses, you need not look any further.

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