10 Free Sports Streaming Sites Like Sportsurge

There are a lot of different sports streaming platforms out there, and it can be hard to know which one is the best for you. In this article, we’ll explore some popular sports streaming platforms that you can use as your sportsurge alternatives.

Sportsurge alternatives

About Sportsurge

Sportsurge is one of the most popular sports streaming platforms. It has a user-friendly interface and a wide variety of streaming options. UFC, basketball, football, boxing, tennis, etc., are some of the most popular live sports streams on Sport Surge.

Is Sportsurge.net legal?

Since it’s running as proxy website and contains pop ads, to me it’s illegal streaming platform.

10 Websites Similar to Sportsurge

If you’re looking for websites similar to Sportsurge, you’ve come to the right place. In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the best Sportsurge alternatives on the market.

1. StopStreamTV


StopStreamTV is yet another live-streaming website that users can use to watch live sports events. It’s a sports channel that is available to watch on the Internet. On the site’s website, you can find soccer, basketball, tennis, and other sports. Users may watch live sports, but will not have the ability to record the event directly. It is catch-up and live sports streaming website that is free of charge. It is a proxy website and does not require users to register or login. You do not need to download any software to watch sports on the platform.

2. CricFree


CricFree is another proxy streaming site for live sports. You can watch live sports, sports news, upcoming events, and more without paying. You do not need to register or sign up to watch any live sports. The site is best known for its cricket live streaming and other sports. Any live sport, like football, rugby, tennis, and hockey, is available on this proxy platform.

It provides access to live sport events from around the world and it’s easy to navigate.



LAOLA1 is a great place to watch live sports and sports events on-site. If you’re still missing your favourite games, then you’re in luck. It has a variety of sports and sports events to check out. The website also has a huge selection of videos clips that you’d love to see. This site is especially great for you if you’re travelling and don’t want to miss out on a game.

If you’re looking for the best sites like sportsurge, LAOLA1 is a great option. It has a range of different sports to check out.

4. VIPLeague


VIPLeague is one of the best live-streaming sites that provides you with the best live streaming of your favourite sports channels. All the channels are free for the users. Unlike other similar sites like sportsurge, it is quite different; it provides the service for all types and genres of sports. Whether it is cricket, football, tennis, hockey, golf, or any other game, you will find the channels to stream.

You can stream the ongoing matches and tournaments of all the countries of the world. The streaming quality is quite high, which allows you to enjoy the games without any kind of interruption. The best thing is that you can stream the games for free. You don’t need any account for using the platform.

5. Stream2Watch


Another site where you can watch sports for free is Stream2Watch. This site has a lot of things to stream. As the name implies, you can watch the game as it happens. And you can also view the archives of games that were played. This website isn’t exactly like the others. You can find your favourite teams and games by searching. On this website, you will get to see many active channel links to different live sports that will take you straight to the live sports for free.

6. BossCast

Let us tell you that BossCast is a sports streaming website that allows its users to watch live sports for free. There are many links on the website that are easy to follow, which will take you to the live sports shows. The interface of the website is quite simple and easy to understand. You don’t have to sign up to here to watch live sports online.

7. LiveTV

LiveTV platform is considered to be one of the best sportsurge alternatives. This service offers live streaming of many different sports, all of which are in HD quality. You can easily watch your favourite sports in this service with just a single click. If you are a fan of live sports, then LiveTV is a must-have website. You can access this website by entering free and it is simple to use. You can also watch different sports on your PC, TV, and mobile devices. You can also watch live sports on your mobile device using the mobile app.



ATDHE is a free sports streaming website that is a great alternative to Sportsurge. It carries a wide variety of sports coverage, including live sports events, highlights, and news. The site also offers a wide selection of user-generated content, including live-streaming services.

One of the key features of ATDHE is its ability to provide users with a broad list of popular events from around the world. The platform uses an AJAX script for smooth interaction with the user. At the same time, this makes it impossible to create a playlist.

9. Rojadirecta

Rojadirecta 1

Rojadirecta is a platform that allows you to watch sports online. It is one of the best options for live sports streaming. The platform is free to use and provides you with the ability to watch over 20 events live. It has an easy-to-use interface and a vast video library that will satisfy even the most extreme sports fans.

10. Ronaldo7

Despite being a relatively new site, Ronaldo7 is a favourite among football fans. It is a fan-operated site and so it is a great platform where you can find all the football matches that you want to watch.

It has all the major sports covered, including football, basketball, baseball, and so on. The streaming site also allows users to create their own custom profiles that let them view sports through the filters they prefer. There are a number of other features that you will find in Ronaldo7 but these are not as prominent as the ones mentioned above. As an added benefit, Ronaldo7 is totally free to use.

FAQs about Sportsurge Website

Is Sportsurge illegal?

Watching matches on Sportsurge is against the law in some countries. It is not a legal source to stream content, and users should be aware of the risks associated with using the platform. It is recommended to use a VPN when streaming sports on Sportsurge, as this will help protect your identity.

Is SportSurge safe to use?

Yes, SportSurge is not really safe to use because of the pop ads.

How do I use Sportsurge on FireStick?

To use Sportsurge on FireStick, simply install the Sportsurge app from the Play Store and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

Is there a mobile version of the site available?

Yes, Sportsurge is now available for both iOS and Android devices.

Is there a fee to use Sportsurge?

No, using Sportsurge is completely free.

Does Sportsurge offer any live streaming services?

Yes, you can stream live sports games and events directly from the Sportsurge website.

Does Sportsurge offer any other features?

Yes, in addition to live streaming services, Sportsurge also offers highlights and post-game analysis for many of its featured sports games and events.

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