Blockchain technology is taking over the world – Real world uses of the technology to make lives better

Blockchain has tremendous potential in the digital world. Most of the tech giants and smart investors are leveraging blockchain technology to enhance business processes. Most of the leaders in the consumer world and “techpreneurs” are regularly using Blockchain to safeguard transactions, information, and business data. Therefore, it is vital to understand that there are tricks to tap into the potential of Blockchain. The best way to understand the uses of Blockchain is to look at some of the leading players from the world of business and how they use the technology to realize their business goals. However, this is just an overview, as depending on the requirements of an organization, you can build and modify your platform accordingly.

Supply chain management

Following the COVID-19 crisis, supply chain disturbances and management have jumped to the forefront of under-risk aspects during an emergency. With Blockchain technology, organizations and firms can monitor and take stock of their supply chain while products move worldwide. Companies like Provenance and SkuChain are the two leading players when it comes to implementing Blockchain for supply chain management.

Property dealings

Blockchain has moved into the real estate domain as well. Slock is a property dealing Blockchain from Ethereum, and this application allows customers to rent apartments. The process is performed through a smart-lock feature that enables house hunters to agree upon mutual contracts through the application. The transaction is stored in a ledger, and smart keys can be exchanged between the involved parties to finalize the deal. It is the best way to deal with property fraud and title errors.

Sharing of data

Blockchain technology uses a “ledger,” which houses all the transactions and other vital data. However, it is critical to understand that this data is often called responsive and open data. This government-sourced accessible data is something that firms and organizations can use to develop processes and ensure smooth operations. Firms can use open and free Blockchain data to detect transaction frauds, agriculturists to develop better farming processes, and pharmaceutical companies during the testing stages.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing and cloud storage has taken the world by storm. The reason for this is that cloud storage negates the use of hardware to store and retrieve data. Now, all that you need is a stable internet connection. Storj is a Blockchain-based storage firm that has been beta-testing its platform that offers unique storage solutions for business data while reducing dependency. According to experts, a uniform cloud storage system can significantly reduce the running costs of such systems.

Maintenance of health records and insurance

Insurance processors have to work through several fraudulent claims. And it is not just that as there are the usual problems of fragmented data and discontinued user policies. The more there is human dependency; the more are the chances of error. This is why more and more insurance firms are pivoting their systems and leveraging the wonder that is Blockchain to keep track of all health, medical and insurance records. Blockchain is highly safe and almost impossible to hack into.

Fitness trackers

Blockchain technology is in use to provide adequate healthcare and improve the fitness of individuals. Through Blockchain, fitness firms can now offer fitness regimes and dietary plans to individuals while taking stock of their personal conditions and issues. This personalized system allows individuals to reach their fitness goals quicker and efficiently. Blockchain database can also keep track of your daily fitness goals and efforts to provide real-time data.

Retailing and e-commerce systems

The e-commerce world needs to deal with vast amounts of data almost daily. When they aren’t managing customer data, e-commerce ventures are involved with internal and external auditing. This means all the points of sale and transaction data must be compiled into the financial ledger. This is where a digital ledger system through Blockchain can prove beneficial as it removes human error from the process and increases productivity by boosting efficiency. Blockchain technology also allows customers to make the most out of offers and gift cards. Maintain your e-commerce venture Big Data through remote management at

Blockchain for advertising

Advertisers need to have all the information about the customers right at their fingertips. A failure to collect and analyze customer information leads to the development of products without any market demand. Blockchain tech can allow you, the customer, to choose the kind of data you want to send to the advertiser or even block the entire data transfer if need be. And, on the other end of the spectrum, the same technology allows businesses and organizations to store customer data securely and transparently in secure databases.

Blockchain in education

Education records amount to huge data dumps as well. This is why there is no wonder that Blockchain technologies and platforms are increasing in demand as far as educational data is concerned. Global tech giants and consumer product manufacturers, Sony has a patent in the works for a platform based on Blockchain that can provide a repository for storing education data of individuals. Such a system is universal and easily retrievable. So, no more cases of lying on the C.V. and data frauds.

Blockchain in personal life

If you are an artist, you must be involved in distributing creative content with intellectual rights and royalties. Blockchain platforms are comprehensive and decentralized databases where you can store your music and creative content. The smart tech also allows the transfer of fees and distribution rights. And, it is not just that. Educators, tutors, and students can now run knowledge banks based on Blockchain platforms to extract academic information globally.

Decentralized I.D.s

Account I.D.s and passwords are usually in multiples for every individual in the world. We all have online account I.D.s, along with passports, D.L.s, birth certificates, and other vital documents. Most of us have problems while dealing with identity cards and details. After all, there are so many personal details to keep tabs on whenever you are applying for a service. Blockchain technology allows you to safely store all your account details and credentials for easy retrieval without the risk of data theft.

That’s not all, as Blockchain is slowly gaining traction for Notary processes, e-voting systems, compliance, and security, along with gaming and entertainment. If Internet data protection was the issue at the turn of the century, Blockchain is the answer.

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