How to Make an Eye-Catching Email?

We all were in a situation when it is necessary to write an email to a stranger, and it is not clear where to start. And many people familiarize the situation when you try to reach a person several times, but there is no answer. It has a simple explanation – your letters are invisible. Perhaps you do not specify the topic, or your letter looks like spam. Do you want the receiver to get your email instead of deleting it at once? Discover how to create an eye-catching email and reach your purpose easily.

Why Do Eye-Catching Emails Matter?

Some people focus on email content so much that they forget to think about its design. The recent surveys confirm that users often delete the emails without reading them properly just because the letters are not organized well. If you do not want your email to go to a cart at once, then find out effective tips on how to create an attention-grabbing email.

Top Tips on Creating Eye-catching Email

Today most email service providers have great templates that every brand can easily use and do not get deeper. Still, if you want to stand out in the crowd, you should know a few important things that may influence the user’s experience and impact the overall results. Have a look at simple but very effective tips that will help you create eye-catching emails with minimal effort.

Use newspaper as a guide

Despite the current tendencies in a digital world, the newspaper is a great guide to create an eye-catching email. The content of the newspaper is arranged in blocks, and the readers can easily catch the main idea with the help of bold headlines and division between articles.

Optimize for picture blockers

Pictures are a great way to engage the subscribers. A catchy image is the first thing that a person will see after opening the email. A successful combination of eye-catching email subjects and images will grab the readers’ attention but only if they can see the picture properly.

Allow the logo to decide on the colour scheme

If you can’t decide what colours will look like winning on your logo, then you can approach a professional company and ask for help.  It would be great if the logo contains certain colours which then will be presented in small pops or other elements, e.g., the CTA button. It is better to avoid changing the colour scheme for every next email. Instead, work out a single design that will be always associated with your brand. This way, the subscribers will be familiar with your emails and never delete them by accident.

Add call to action buttons

Your letter has a goal – so that the clients make something you need. So, it is necessary to push them to this. Buttons “Select” and “Go to Catalog” still work. Use the verb in the text button is advice and not a rule. You can easily limit the noun – “Catalog”, “Shoes”, “Details”, etc. It will also work. Call to action buttons are a very important element of eye-catching emails.  They will help your letters be more stylish and recognizable. The experts say that creating CTA buttons is more effective than hyperlinked text in custom writing.

Check emails on different devices

Most brands use an email service provider with responsive designs. Even if you do, it is better to check how the email looks on multiple devices.  It means that you need to make sure that everything works well on smartphones and PCs. Acting like this will help you identify problem areas if they exist. Afterward, you can change any necessary elements like trim text, font size, etc., and check everything once again in preview mode.

Have mobile as a priority

Numerous researches state that currently, users open emails mainly on smartphones and tablets, but not on PC. Hence, if you do not want to miss the subscribers, you should have mobile as a priority. Sending mobile-friendly emails would be your great advantage. Some people mistakenly think that such emails should differ from basic templates, but it is not true.  You just need to use templates with responsive design.

Mind font size

The size of the font now is more significant than ever. Simply put, if the person opens your email on a smartphone and can’t read the content at once, he/she will be more likely to close and delete it at once. That’s why you should mind a good font size, for instance, 16 pt. Of course, this may change in the future as smartphone screens will get larger.

Let people unsubscribe easily

Top brands always provide people with the opportunity to unsubscribe. The relevant button usually is situated at the very bottom. Along with it, you need to allow the users to change email preferences. In other words, the person may still want to receive your emails, but not so often. You should give him/her a chance to choose the frequency, topics, or any other parameters. Subscribers will definitely appreciate such an approach and will be eager to stay longer with your brand.

Tone of voice

On the site, in letters, and all companies materials – should have one tone of voice. If you are strict and official on the site, stay the same in letters – do not go to “you” and gifs with cats. The only tone can change – depending on whether you apologize in an email or give a birthday gift.

Final Thoughts

E-mail mailing allows you to communicate with your subscribers and promote your brand more efficiently. But the result comes far from immediately. Of course, it is important to learn how to write a subject in an email, but the overall first impression is sometimes even more significant. Hence, you are recommended to follow all these tips that will help you create an eye-catching email easily. There is no doubt that soon, you will notice positive changes and feedback from your subscribers.

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