How to Know If Your Netflix Account Has Been Hacked

Netflix and chill? More like Netflix and panic.

Imagine this: it’s Saturday night and you are ready to binge-watch the latest episodes of Stranger Things. You log into your Netflix account and notice something strange – shows you’ve never heard of in your Continue Watching list, profiles for people you don’t know, and charges on your credit card for membership fees way higher than normal.

It’s every Netflix lover’s worst nightmare – your account has been hacked. Hackers can gain access to accounts through phishing scams, malware on devices, or compromised passwords leaked from other sites. Once in, they can watch shows using your membership, change account details, access personal info, and rack up charges.

Don’t press pause in panic just yet though. Here’s what to do if you suspect your Netflix account security has been compromised, plus tips to beef up protection. With the right steps, you can kick the hackers out and get back to streaming your favourite shows in peace.

How to Know If Your Netflix Account Has Been Hacked

Are My Netflix Account Credentials Compromised? How to Check and Protect Yourself

Spotting the signs your Netflix account security has been breached is the first step. Be on the lookout for these red flags:

  • Unknown profiles or rows on your account – If you see profiles you don’t recognize or rows for shows you never watched, hackers may have access. They often create their own profile to keep track of what they watch.
  • Unfamiliar devices logged in – Check the list of devices that are signed into your account. See any you don’t recognize? Devices from locations you haven’t been? Signs of trouble.
  • Weird charges or membership fees – Review billing details and account charges. Way higher membership fees, multiple charges, or purchases you never made indicate issues.
  • Missing favourites or watch history – Notice favourite shows or your Continue Watching list suddenly empty? Could mean someone cleared it out after accessing your account.
  • Login emails you don’t recognize – Check account login notifications. Seeing logins from unknown emails suggests your credentials are compromised.
  • Password not working – Try logging in with your password and get an error that it is incorrect. A key sign that someone else has gotten in and changed it.
  • Other suspicious activity – Things like unknown recommendations, shows you swear you never watched now showing as partially viewed, or forgotten your username.

If you notice any of these, chances are high your Netflix account credentials have been breached. Take action right away before the hackers binge through your membership and credit.

Steps to Take If Your Netflix Account is Hacked

Once you suspect foul play, you’ll need to kick the intruders out and do damage control. Follow these steps to eject unauthorized users, protect your info, and restore security:

1. Reset Your Password

First things first – change your Netflix password immediately.

  • Go to the Netflix login page and click “Forgot Email/Password?”
  • Choose the email associated with your account and click reset.
  • Create a brand new password that is long, complex, and not used on any other sites.

Resetting your password kicks any hackers out of your account instantly so they can no longer access it using your old credentials. Problem solved, right? Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple…

2. Remove Unknown Profiles and Devices

If hackers created profiles or downloaded your account on devices, changing the password alone doesn’t remove access. You need to boot any strange profiles or devices manually.

  • After resetting your password, login to your account. Go to account settings.
  • Under account, delete any profiles you don’t recognize.
  • Under account, go to Recent Device Streaming Activity and Sign Out of all devices.
  • Also change your Netflix username if it was compromised.

This signs hackers out and prevents them from accessing your account from those devices again. Do a quick account review to spot any other signs of access and undo changes.

3. Scan Your Computer for Malware

How did the hackers get your credentials in the first place? There’s a chance malware or a virus on your computer is to blame. Run a full system scan to check for anything suspicious.

  • Download reliable malware protection like Malwarebytes and run a scan.
  • It will detect and remove any keyloggers, spyware, bots, or other nasties compromising your system security.
  • Also update your antivirus software and firewalls and scan for rootkits.

Removing malware fortifies your computer against new attacks or the existing hacker returning once you restore account security. It’s an important step.

4. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor or two-step verification adds an extra layer of account protection beyond just a password. Activate it by:

  • Going to your Netflix account settings
  • Enabling two-factor authentication
  • Choosing to verify by email or text when logging in

With two-factor enabled, hackers need both your password AND access to your phone or email to log in. This makes your account exponentially more secure.

5. Change Passwords On Other Accounts

If you reuse the same password across multiple accounts, hackers could access your other services too. To be safe:

  • Audit all accounts associated with that password.
  • Banking, email, social media, shopping sites, everything.
  • Reset the passwords on each to new unique ones.

Updating passwords seals any other vulnerabilities before they are exploited further.

6. Review Billing Details

Finally, double check billing details for any fraudulent charges or skeevy activity.

  • Scan charges on your payment methods associated with Netflix for anything unfamiliar.
  • Contact your credit card company or bank to report unauthorized charges.
  • You can request refunds or new cards to prevent additional bogus charges.
  • Update your Netflix payment method once your banking is secure.

This protects you financially in case the hackers misused your payment info while in your account. With your bases covered, there’s just one more step…

7. Contact Netflix

Reach out to the big bosses at Netflix directly to investigate the unauthorized access.

  • Open up a case with Customer Service through live chat or by phone.
  • They can look into the suspicious account activity for you.
  • Netflix can also suggest additional account security steps as needed.

Netflix takes hacking seriously, and may offer refunds or free months of service for your troubles. Plus, it alerts them to problems with phishing schemes or security flaws.

Following these seven steps helps get hackers out of your account, restore control, reverse damages, and enhance protection. But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keep reading for pro tips to lock down your Netflix security to avoid hacks happening at all.

Expert Tips to Prevent Netflix Account Hacking

Reclaiming a hacked Netflix account is a pain. Avoid the whole mess in the first place with these proactive precautions:

Choose a Strong Password

The #1 way hackers access accounts is through weak or compromised passwords. Outsmart them by creating a complex password:

  • Use randomly generated passwords rather than common phrases.
  • Include upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • The longer the better – go for at least 12 characters minimum.
  • Avoid personal info like names, birthdays, or dictionary words.
  • Never reuse the same password between accounts or sites.

Using strong passwords makes it incredibly difficult for hackers to crack or guess your credentials. Enforce these rules across all your accounts, not just Netflix.

Beware of Phishing Scams

Phishing is when hackers pose as trusted sources to trick you into revealing passwords or sensitive information. Steer clear of these schemes:

  • Avoid clicking links in unsolicited emails, messages, texts, or pop ups.
  • Don’t enter login credentials on any sites outside official pages.
  • Check for misspelled or fishy domain names.
  • Look for poor grammar, threatening language, or other red flags.
  • Never call sketchy numbers, download unexpected attachments, or fall for phony account warnings.

Staying vigilant for phishing keeps your info out of the wrong hands. If something seems off, it probably is.

Use a Password Manager

Trying to remember tons of complex passwords is impossible. Password managers like Dashlane, LastPass, or 1Password securely store and autofill credentials for you:

  • Install the manager app or extension on your devices.
  • Add accounts and the tool will generate and save unique passwords.
  • Log into sites using your password manager for autofill.
  • Only remember your password manager’s master password yourself.

This lets you have long, random passwords everywhere that you never have to actually remember. Convenient and hacker-proof!

Update Software and Accounts

Out of date software or account details also put your security in danger. Avoid this pitfall with:

  • Enable auto-updates on devices to maintain the latest software.
  • Manually update software that doesn’t self-update.
  • Periodically update account info like your username, password, and payment methods.

Updating minimizes vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to stealthily access accounts. Don’t let things become outdated.

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Like a Netflix hack, no one wants their streaming sessions interrupted by unauthorized users or strange charges. But with vigilance, the right recovery steps, and proactive precautions, you can spot trouble early and send the bad guys packing.

Keep this advice handy in case your account ever gets compromised. And you can get back to guilt-free binge-watching your favourite shows comfortably knowing your account credentials and data are secure.

Hackers want the 24/7 on-demand entertainment too. Don’t let them hijack your hard-earned paid membership and turn your evenings into an episode of criminal minds! Use strong passwords, watch for red flags, enable two-factor protection, and follow the steps above to stay in control.

With the proper password hygiene and security habits, you can relax, click Play, and stream on without worrying about hackers barging into your account. Now cue up that new thriller, make some popcorn, and unwind – you’ve earned it after all this drama. Time to Netflix and chill for real.

FAQs About Netflix Account Hacks

Still concerned about hackers ruining your Netflix and chilling? Here are answers to frequently asked questions to ease your mind.

How do hackers access Netflix accounts?

Hackers gain access through phishing for account info, malware that captures passwords, compromising reused credentials from other sites, or guessing weak passwords.

What can hackers do once in my Netflix account?

Once in your account, hackers can watch all content using your membership, change account details, access personal info, make purchases, and potentially access payment methods.

How do I create a strong Netflix password?

Use randomly generated passwords over common phrases. Include upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Make it 12+ characters. Avoid personal info, dictionary words, or reusing passwords.

Should I use a new email on my Netflix account after being hacked?

If your current email was compromised in the hack, it’s a smart idea to update to a brand new email to fully resecure the account. Use a password manager to remember it.

Can two-factor authentication be hacked?

While not 100% foolproof, two-factor authentication provides vastly enhanced security that is far more difficult for hackers to bypass. It adds critical extra protection.

What happens if I suspect fraud on my payment method?

If you see unauthorized Netflix-related charges, immediately contact your bank or credit card company to report fraud, get refunds issued, and request a new card number to prevent further bogus charges.

How can I check which devices are logged into my Netflix?

In account settings you can see all recently used devices and IP addresses. Sign out of any devices you don’t recognize to revoke that access. Update passwords afterwards.

Is there a way to get alerts if my Netflix is logged into?

Under account settings, you can enable login notifications via email or texts. This way Netflix will alert you anytime your credentials are entered on a new device.

What info can Netflix give me about unauthorized logins?

When you contact Netflix support about potential hacking, they can provide details on IPs, locations, devices, and times of recent account access to help uncover and stop the intrusion.

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