How to Stop Netflix from Suggesting Foreign Films

Netflix is known for its vast library of movies and TV shows from around the world. For some users, getting recommendations for foreign language films can be frustrating, especially if you prefer watching content in your native language. Luckily, there are a few ways to fine-tune Netflix’s algorithm to cut down on foreign film suggestions.

Stop Netflix from Suggesting Foreign Films

How to Stop Netflix from Suggesting Foreign Films

Adjust Your Viewing Preferences

The easiest way to stop Netflix from recommending foreign films is to explicitly tell it your viewing preferences.

On the Netflix website, go to your Account page. Under My Profile, you’ll see a section called Viewing Preferences. Here you can specify:

  • Your preferred audio language
  • Subtitle language
  • Maturity level for content

Set your Audio language to your native tongue, like English. Also set Subtitles to Off or Same as Audio. This tells Netflix you prefer watching content in your native language, without needing subtitles.

Their algorithm heavily factors your viewing habits. So be sure to watch more content in your Language over the next few weeks. This further signals the type of recommendations you want to see.

Remove Foreign Titles From Your Viewing History

Netflix makes recommendations based on your historical viewing data. So if you’ve started a lot of foreign films recently, Netflix will suggest more just like them.

To counter this, you can remove any foreign language titles from your Continue Watching and Viewing Activity rows:

  • On the Netflix home page, hover over a foreign film thumbnail from your viewing history.
  • Click the 3 dots icon in the top corner and choose Remove from row.

This deletes the title from your account’s watch history. Do this for all non-native language films to improve your recommendations.

Pro tip: You can also remove entire rows like Continue Watching if desired. Just click the Remove Row link at the end to delete it.

Give Better Ratings to Shows You Enjoy

Netflix relies heavily on your ratings when deciding what you’ll like. Be sure to rate movies and shows you enjoy with a thumbs up.

Conversely, thumbs down any foreign language titles Netflix suggests. This further helps retrain the algorithm away from foreign films.

You can easily update ratings from your Viewing Activity or by searching for a specific title. Just click the thumbs icon on a movie or show to rate it.

Filter by Audio and Subtitles

When browsing for new content, use the audio and subtitle filters to only see titles in your language.

In the Netflix menus, you can filter by:

  • Audio: To only see titles with audio available in your language
  • Subtitles: To only see titles with subtitles available in your language

Turn these filters on before browsing Netflix’s catalog. This ensures the majority of suggestions will match your audio and subtitle preferences.

Turn Off Autoplay of Previews

One way Netflix suggests new content is via autoplaying previews as you browse titles. Turn this feature off to minimize exposure to foreign language previews.

On the website, go to Manage Profiles > Playback settings. Uncheck the box next to “Autoplay previews while browsing.”

In the Netflix mobile app, go to Settings > Autoplay controls. Turn off Previews while browsing.

This prevents foreign language trailers from accidentally playing as you browse.

Use a More Specific Profile

Netflix allows creating multiple personal profiles for each user. Take advantage of this to make a profile that’s ultra-specific to your native language preferences.

Name the profile something like “English only.” Then be sure to follow the tips above to train its recommendations:

  • Set viewing preferences to English audio with no subtitles
  • Rate English content higher and remove/downrate foreign titles
  • Use audio and subtitle filters when browsing
  • Turn off autoplay of previews

Using a tailored profile prevents watch history from other profiles influencing your suggestions.

Contact Netflix Customer Support

If even after trying all of the above you’re still getting foreign film suggestions, contact Netflix customer support. Explain your preferred language and genres. Ask if they can further optimize your recommendations.

Live chat, email and phone support options are available. Their staff may be able to directly flag your account preferences for more relevant suggestions.

Be Patient and Keep Providing Feedback

Netflix’s algorithm takes time to learn your tastes. The more feedback you provide through your viewing activity and ratings, the quicker it will improve.

Be patient and keep streaming shows, rating content and removing foreign titles from your history. Within a few weeks Netflix should get the hint and minimize non-English suggestions.


Netflix has revolutionized entertainment by making a vast range of international content available. But for some users, getting suggestions for foreign language films can be annoying.

Thankfully, with the right guidance you can optimize Netflix’s algorithm to cut down on non-native recommendations. The key is being explicit in your preferences, removing foreign watch history, and consistently giving feedback through your viewing habits and ratings.

Within a few weeks, Netflix should get the hint and point you towards more relevant films, TV shows and other media tailored to your tastes. So you can spend less time searching, and more time watching great entertainment from the comfort of your couch.

FAQ About Stopping Foreign Film Suggestions

How long does it take for Netflix to learn my preferences?

It can take a few weeks of consistent feedback through your viewing activity and ratings for Netflix’s algorithm to fully optimize your recommendations. Be patient and keep providing signals through your behavior.

What if I watched foreign films in the past – will it still recommend them?

Even if you used to watch international content, Netflix’s suggestions are primarily based on recent activity. Remove old foreign films from your viewing history to stop getting suggestions.

Does setting viewing preferences on the website also affect the Netflix mobile apps?

Yes, viewing preferences like audio language, subtitles and maturity level sync across all devices.

Can I stop movies in other languages appearing in Search results?

No, Netflix will still show all relevant titles in Search regardless of language. Just be sure to filter by audio or subtitles after searching to constrain to your preferred languages.

Will changing the profile language help remove foreign films?

No, the profile language affects the display text in the apps, not the content recommendations. You need to explicitly set viewing preferences and filters to English.

If I accidentally started watching a foreign show, will it still recommend more like it?

Yes, even starting a foreign title briefly can influence Netflix’s algorithm. Be sure to delete any accidental foreign views from your viewing history.

Can I tell Netflix I hate foreign language suggestions?

There’s no direct way to tell Netflix you dislike foreign recommendations. But rating international titles thumbs down will provide that feedback.

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