Six Ways Technology Can Kickstart Your Small Business

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So you want to start a small business. You have your eyes on the prize, soaring excitement, and the motivation to build something great. However, amongst all the thrill, you realize that starting a small business can be a daunting experience. Unlike full-blown business empires, small business owners have to do all the planning, production, and marketing, all on their own. 

But don’t worry! We’re here to make things a little less daunting. Keep reading to find out how technology can help boost your new project! 

The 6-Step Plan to Land Your Way Into Business

If the few years of the pandemic have taught us one thing, it’s the fact that a lot can happen with the click of a button. Whether you need help with getting started or are looking for ways to manage finances, technology has services for it all. Here are six simple ways to use technology to put your business-owning dreams to action! 

1. Dream Big, Plan Bigger

Okay, so you have dreamed of being a business owner for quite some time now. Now, how do you get things moving? Technology offers multiple ways to keep yourself accountable. Do not keep anything to memory if you can put it down on a calendar. Use time-tracking apps and digital reminders to track your goals. Use online to-do lists and project and task management software to keep things organized as you move into the small business world. Go paperless by using digital filing systems that are smart, easy to use, and automatic! 

2. Make Media Your Bestfriend

More people are on social media today than ever before – and it isn’t surprising why. They are there to do so much more than simply scroll through pictures of their friends and family. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are among the most accessible places to get your business in front of your target audience. Social media also helps business owners to hear their customers’ needs and wishes directly by setting up accessible customer services. 

Some social media platforms may limit the number of accounts a single user can own, only five on Instagram, for example. But the availability of safe and reliable proxies for Instagram has turned this around! 

3. Cloud It All

The simplest way to understand cloud computing is by picturing services like storage and database at the comfort of a click. Today, technology offers multiple safe and even free cloud computing spaces. For example, Google Drive is one such service that allows for storage of up to 15GB for free. 

4. Advertise and Maximize

Big businesses often have partner advertising companies to create and manage their marketing. Unfortunately, for those just starting out, this means chunking out a large sum from the budget. Thanks to technology, small business owners can use user-friendly software and apps to take matters into their own hands! Use online software and applications to create your own advertisement videos and posts to boost your business on social media. 

5. Fix Your Finances

Owning a small business can be very time consuming. Looking for ways to efficiently manage your time and energy is an essential practice to adopt right from the beginning. Online invoicing and budget tracking services can save you time and money as you manage your finances. You can also pay your taxes online, further enhancing efficiency. Using technology to manage your finances can help weed out wasteful expenses and increase productivity. 

6. Security Is Key

Small businesses are the product of a great deal of mental and financial investment. Owners must make sure their efforts are productive through trustworthy and secure means. While technology allows for ease in setting up a small business, it also invites new safety threats. Luckily, tech also comes with versatile ways of protecting your hard work. Using cost-effective and innovative online cybersecurity services is the way to go. 

Final Thoughts

Ever since the pandemic, small businesses have taken over the world. People have realized that they no longer need hefty investments that take up half their lives to repay. With smart planning and the ingenious technology available today, you can set your business up right away. Remember: a working laptop, internet, and a great idea can go a long way!


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