10 Reasons Why Instagram Is Better Platform For Businesses

In today’s digital world, social media presence is a must for businesses looking to stay relevant and connect with their target audience. Of all the major social platforms, Instagram stands out for its heavy focus on visual storytelling and ability to showcase products or services in an eye-catching way. The highly engaged user base, opportunities for organic growth, and versatility of ad formats on Instagram make it a powerful tool for brands. With features like shoppable posts and influencer marketing, businesses can drive conversions and sales directly via the app. Read on to learn why Instagram should be a vital part of your social strategy.


10 Reasons Why Instagram Is a Better Platform For Businesses

Here are 10 compelling reasons why Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for businesses today.

1. Huge Global Audience

With over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, Instagram provides access to an enormous audience across geographies and demographics. 72% of Instagram users are under 35, making it ideal for reaching younger millennials and Gen Z. The user base is expected to grow to 1.2 billion in 2023, providing an even bigger opportunity for brands. Instagram is the go-to platform for visual storytelling, with users actively engaged and interacting with content daily.

2. High Engagement Rates

The highly visual nature of Instagram combined with simple interface and effective algorithms leads to higher engagement rates compared to other networks. Instagram posts generate engagement rates of about 1.5-2% on average, much higher than Facebook or Twitter. Stories, Reels and Live videos can drive even more comments and shares when done right. This allows brands to foster genuine engagement and relationships with their community.

3. Powerful Visual Storytelling

Instagram is built around visuals – photos, short videos, Stories, Reels etc. This provides brands the perfect medium to showcase products beautifully, tell their story creatively and convey emotions and experiences. You can highlight your product range, behind the scenes content or employee stories effortlessly. Humanizing your brand and making connections become easier with powerful visuals and captions.

4. Organic Growth Potential

Instagram’s algorithm is still largely chronological, unlike Facebook or Twitter. This means users see the most recent posts from accounts they follow. So brands can grow their followers organically with high-quality, value-adding content. Evergreen and popular content has longevity and can continue engaging audience. With a follower base built organically, you can drive more conversions long-term.

5. Wide Range of Ad Formats

Instagram provides a variety of ad formats like photo, video, carousel, Stories ads and more. You can choose the ones that align best with campaign goals and audience preferences. Hyper-targeting options allow brands to reach very specific demographics and optimize ads for conversions or brand awareness. Instagram ad costs are still relatively low, making it ideal for brands to scale campaigns without high budgets.

6. Shoppable Posts

Instagram makes purchasing seamless with shoppable posts. Brands can tag products and add ‘View Shop’ buttons, so users can browse and buy without leaving the app. Conversion tracking lets you measure ROI accurately. With convenience of in-app shopping and secure native payments via Facebook, shoppable posts remove friction in user journey. Brands have reported shoppable posts driving higher sales.

7. Tools for User-Generated Content

People trust user-generated content and reviews over brand claims. Instagram provides ways to collect such content through hashtag campaigns or by collaborating with influencers, brand ambassadors etc. This helps showcase real-life use cases, builds credibility and fosters a sense of community. User-generated content performs better in terms of engagement as it comes across more authentic.

8. Instagram Stories & Reels

Instagram Stories have 500 million daily active users, making it a powerful medium for brands too. You can showcase new products, run polls, host Q&As and drive more engagement through Stories. It provides a way to be creative and informal. Instagram Reels are short entertaining videos that brands can use to cash in on latest trends and memes. Reels have huge potential for going viral quickly.

9. Track Performance with Insights

Instagram provides detailed analytics through Insights – impressions, reach, engagement rate, demographics and more. You can see which types of content work best, when your followers are most active, top locations and more. These data-led insights help optimize your Instagram marketing and content strategy. Monitoring key metrics ensures you are able to continually improve performance.

10. Instagram Is Gaining More Traction

In a poll of the most popular social networks worldwide sorted by the number of members with 1 billion subscribers, Instagram was rated sixth in January 2019. According to Omnicore, 80 percent of its 500 million active followers are located overseas in the United States, 35 percent are millennials, and 37% monitor their feed numerous times each day. Likes, shares, and comments on Instagram are ideal, with a score of 4.2 percent, which is ten times more than Facebook, 85 times higher than Twitter, and 55 times higher than Pinterest. Businesses can achieve tremendous success with a focused Instagram marketing plan, thanks to the plethora of eyes present. If you use the TikTok platform, you can also buy TikTok likes and views to enhance your profile.


Given Instagram’s immense popularity, highly engaged user base and tools to drive business results, it is undoubtedly an essential platform for brands today. Visually oriented content allows you to highlight your brand personality and products effectively. With the variety of content formats, targeting options, shopping and UGC features, Instagram enables brands to drive awareness, connect with customers and boost conversion across the purchase funnel. Tracking performance through Insights allows you to continually optimize efforts. Focusing on adding value for your audience and conveying your brand story creatively will lead to fruitful Instagram marketing.


How can small businesses use Instagram effectively?

Small businesses can leverage Instagram by regularly posting engaging photos/Reels showcasing products/services, running targeted ads, using shoppable posts and incentives to drive sales. Fostering local community connections also helps.

What types of content work best on Instagram?

Visually appealing, high-quality photos, short videos like Reels, Stories and Instagram Live perform well. Showcase products, behind the scenes, employee stories or user-generated content.

How much time should a business spend daily on Instagram?

About 30-60 mins daily for creating content, engaging with users, Instagram Stories and analyzing performance data is ideal for most small businesses. Larger brands may need more time.

How can I grow my Instagram following organically?

Post high-value content consistently using relevant hashtags. Engage with followers and like/comment on posts in your niche. Run contests and promotions. Cross-promote on other social channels.

How do I track Instagram marketing performance?

Use Instagram Insights to track key metrics like impressions, reach, engagement rate, website traffic. Monitor growth rate and sales from Instagram. Track UTM parameters to measure conversions.

How much do Instagram ads cost?

Instagram ad costs vary based on several factors but are relatively affordable, averaging $0.50-$2 per CPM across ad formats. Specific costs depend on competition, targeting, budgets and optimization efforts.

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