Putting Up A Web Design Bay Area: Things To Consider

If you want to operate a professional business, you can choose the web design industry. Does it mean it is great to put up a design agency? The answer is yes because nowadays, no business can succeed without a professional website. More so, both profit and non-profit organizations should be visible and accessible online. Thus, it is amazing to be part of this particular industry.

It’s a perfect time now to open a web design Bay Area. Actually, it’s always a good time to open a web design firm anywhere you are in the world. Another good thing with this is that this business knows no boundary. Unlike if you open a physical retail shop, you need to consider a physical setup, e.g. a building. But in the case of a web design firm, all you need is to know the things you should consider before starting.

All businesses need online presence in order to compete. This was made clear as the whole world grappled with the pandemic last year. It was hard to get out of the house and when things were already open, it was quite scary to get out of the house.

Amazon’s business skyrocketed during the pandemic. It was already doing well but the pandemic brought on more customers. People who never thought they would need the internet in their lives finally learned to rely on it to order essentials.

That’s what we meant when we said that it’s a great time to start your own website design firm.

Why web design Bay Area?

The Bay Area is still a major tech hub in the country, which means that it’s a great place to put up a business. But if you don’t live in the area and you are not willing to relocate, you can still put up your business and target startups in the Bay Area as your clients.

The great thing about creating a web design firm is that you don’t need to be in the same place as your clients. You can create a website and other related services even if you and your client are in different time zones.

The location doesn’t matter as much because everything is online. However, there are important considerations to ensure the success of the company.

Things to consider when creating a web design Bay Area:

1.    Great team

Every company needs to have a great team to be successful. When it comes to a web design firm, it’s imperative that you have divisions that are strong and that these divisions can work together.

Divisions don’t necessarily mean a group of people. As a startup, you can’t really have a large manpower yet. The division only refers to the segment of web division. For example, there are front-end and back-end development teams. These don’t need to be a whole team as one person can do the front-end and another can do the back-end.

There is also a content team that would provide the photos and articles that would be necessary for the web pages. You could even include SEO for this division. You will also need a UI / UX designer. User interface is separate from user experience. They can be handled by separate people or they can be handled by just one.

A social media manager is also necessary since you want a modern web design agency. This means that you should be able to provide a complete service to clients. While the website is the main consideration, online presence is crucial as a whole. You should offer social media services, too.

And just like any company, you should have an administrative division to take care of office work. The people need to get paid and somebody has to be on top of this matter.

It’s important that each member of the team is an asset. The work of each individual is interconnected and so when one slacks off, the entire work could be jeopardized.

2.    Communication

Since the members of the company have different sets of skills, it also follows that they speak different “languages.” Okay, we don’t mean that literally. This means that each individual abides by different work procedures and deadlines.

With that, it’s important that all members of the team could communicate well. While there are different divisions in the team, the people should not deliver fragmented outputs. The output should be anchored on unity.

The people in the company should be able to work well together. It’s up to you, as owner, to develop mechanisms to allow them to work together. Perhaps, you should have a team-building activity before officially opening for business.

Or maybe it should be the setup of the office. Perhaps, a roundtable office setup would be better to keep communication open every step of the way. However, this type of setup may not be preferable to all people since some prefer silence and the ability to concentrate with work in their own nook.

While you want to provide the team with an office atmosphere, it’s also important that they can be comfortable with their work environment. Comfort can take a long way when it comes to work. There are different ways to open a great communication line, but you have to find something that works for all the people concerned.

3.    Marketing

Since you are just launching a business, you may not have a long list of clients yet. You can’t wait for word of mouth to take effect easily. Word of mouth takes time.

This is why it is essential that you have a marketing team to help you launch the business. It doesn’t have to be a red-carpet event to usher in large names. That would be an expensive event that is usually reserved for already established companies, or at least, established names who want to open a company with a bang.

A professional marketing team will be able to help the website firm through this. It really helps when you have a professional doing the marketing campaign because the marketing collateral will look exactly that—professional.

But you do need some semblance of marketing. You can take advantage of what’s available on the internet. Besides, most clients looking for a web design firm will be browsing for it on the internet.

It’s not only that, when you hire a professional marketing team, the campaign will also include branding.

Branding is an essential part of marketing. As a web design firm, you might think that the output will speak for itself. But you have to remember that you are just a startup. You don’t have outputs to speak of—yet.

Allow the professional team to build a brand for you. But it has to be with important inputs from you as nobody knows the company better than the person who gave birth to it.

Take advantage of social media because it’s free. A professional team knows how to establish a social media campaign that would encourage people to check out the company.

It doesn’t matter that the people who check it out aren’t clients because these people know other people who could be clients. This is also when search engine optimization or SEO process would be essential to the success of the team.


Websites and web-related services are important. It’s a great time to launch a web design firm. However, you also need to note that there are already dozens of firms around.

You need to stand out in order to actually gain clientele. You need to provide great outputs in order to encourage loyalty among the clients.

Build a strong team of individuals in order to ensure success. One problematic team member could bring the company down.

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