Amazing Tricks to Boost the Performance of Your Internet Connection

Having a slow internet is no excuse in today’s world. You can get a high-speed internet connection from various internet companies easily. A recommended option would be AT&T Internet you can choose for outstanding service worth your money.

Boost the Performance of Your Internet Connection

However, even with superb internet services from a reliable internet company, there’s still a chance that you’ll face some issues. These issues mostly occur at the user’s end, which is why one can use the following easy fixes for boosting internet speed. Let’s check these out:

Close Unused Open Browser Tabs

Yes, we get it, keeping tabs opened on your browser is a way to ensure that you don’t lose information that you’ll access later. However, the more tabs you keep open, the more juice your browser takes from your internet connection.

It’s already extracting enough from your device, consuming memory and speed, and keeping unused tabs opened will slow down your overall internet speed too. This happens because such tabs are placed in the cache memory of the browser.

The browser keeps them ready so that when the user clicks them, they can be reloaded again. That is how it keeps consuming a chunk of your internet’s speed, making it slow. So, if you want that boost, then close the tabs and reopen them when you need them.

Closing Background Applications

The next thing you want to do is to close background applications that are running on your computer. Just like the unused tabs opened on your internet browser, these applications use the juice of your internet to keep running.

You can check the impact of these applications from your task manager. The greater the impact, the higher will be the use of the resources from your device and the speed of your internet. In most cases, these applications also auto-update themselves, which makes things even worse for the users.

That is why, if you think your internet is acting weird and you don’t have ample speed even when the provider has ensured everything, check the background apps running on your device. You’ll find this fix to be effective, especially in terms of boosting your internet speed.

Disconnecting Devices

Sometimes we keep our devices connected even when we’re not using them. That is to ensure that we don’t waste our time reconnecting everything. However, this habit of ours isn’t good, and turns out, it minimizes the overall speed of your internet connection.

Whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, Wi-Fi extender, or any kind of smart device that is actively connected but not in use, it’ll extract the juice out of your internet connection. There’s a reason why game streamers often have high-speed internet so that they can accommodate additional devices without having to sacrifice the overall speed of their connection.

Therefore, if you’re experiencing slowness in your internet speed, you need to disconnect unused devices instantly. A good way of doing this is by changing your gateway’s password. That way, all devices connected to it will have to reconnect using new credentials. Also, you’ll minimize any unwanted devices from using your internet too (especially if you suspect your neighbors have got your Wi-Fi password).

Removing Cache

The cache is like temporary storage, apart from RAM. It’s like RAM but can store processes that are called almost instantly. Similar to FAQs, cache memory stores processes that consume memory, space and well, internet speed.

Latest laptops and PCs are coming with higher cache memory. The reason is to ensure more processes are loaded for immediate use, ultimately leading to a higher processing speed. However, this perk comes at the expense of your internet speed, which is what we’re focusing on here.

Similar to closing background apps, you need to remove cache from your memory so that it can be freed for processes running locally on your device. However, for that, you’ll have to prioritize processes so that you don’t eliminate important ones.

Although processes stored on cache are the most frequently used ones, still, if there’s a slight chance that you can alter the list, it’ll help create the space you need. On second thought, you’ll have to clear cache from your browser as well as from your device too.

It’s not that you need to do it regularly; however, clearing it once in a while is a good way to release internet speed.

Upgrading Your Gateway

A good option is to upgrade your internet modem or Wi-Fi router. Devices come with firmware upgrades and not upgrading them can result in a sluggish device that will ultimately diminish your internet speed.

To avoid this, you should first upgrade the firmware on your existing router for the latest updates. If your device’s firmware upgrades are not available, you should go for a new one. Buying a new gateway will surely give amazing perks since the latest devices come with amazing upgrades such as multi-band frequency, better range and speed, enhanced coverage, and many more.

In the end, you’d probably have multiple benefits that will surely allow you to enjoy good-speed internet with other additional perks.

Closing Notes

It’s that simple! Applying these fixes will surely help you reap good internet speed from your internet connection. Although you can apply several other fixes too; however, these are the easiest and most common ways to get a boost for your internet speed. Apply these and you’ll observe a visible change for sure!

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