Four tips for students on how to write a good movie review essay

Everyone loves watching movies. Indeed, films play a pivotal role in our lives. They are fun and help us recharge our batteries. But if you are a student, watching a movie is not a simple pastime. It is a pure craft.

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movie review eassay

Have you ever been assigned to write a film review essay? A movie review is an entire organism that carries lots of goals. It aims to inform the reader about the plot, highlight the film’s weaknesses and strengths, and, most importantly, establish the writer’s opinion regarding the movie. If you don’t know how to write a student work, use custom paper writing services and professionals will do it for you quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking for tips on how to write an excellent movie review essay, you have come to the right place. Keep following the article, and you will find out why.

What Is A Movie Review?

A movie review is an assessment of a specific film that comprises a movie’s summary, thorough analysis, and opinion. Movie reviews can be different. Lots of web pages have brief movie reviews. However, they are utterly different from specific essays. A movie review essay must be a full-fledged analysis of the movie to help the readers get a clear picture of the film’s peculiarities and the writer’s take on the film. A standard movie review contains an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Whatever film you have to write about, make sure each of these three sections is included in the paper.

Before you start writing the review essay, you must pay close attention to the professor’s requirements. Make sure you understand the instructions. It will reduce your time composing an entire review.

Watch A Movie

First and foremost, watch the movie. It is vital to know what the film is about before proceeding to write a review essay. Watching a movie will help you realize what you have to focus on further. At this stage, you don’t need to scrutinize the details and analyze the film thoroughly. Try to feel like you are a regular person that came to a cinema to watch a film.

Dive Deep Into Movie’s Background

Once you watch the movie, learn something about it. Convincing reviews also have background information about the movie. They comprise the director’s professional background, the choice of primary and secondary actors, decorations, visual effects, budget, locations, interviews, and so on. When you know the film’s fundamentals, you will find it much easier to write the essay. Moreover, you will spend less time editing and proofreading the paper.

This tip may be the most time-consuming. But believe it or not, it will pay off. If you don’t know where to look for credible materials, visit Rottentomatoes, IMDb, and Metacritic. Those web pages have relatively objective reviews with additional information on films. Additionally, you can use such resources as Google Scholar, The New York Times, The Guardian, or any other credible news agency to find interviews with the actors or directors on the film.

Write A Draft

When you know some basics (the title, release year, director, lead actors, genre), it is high time to write the first draft. Drafting is a crucial step because it shows you how your review essay will look in the long run.

A draft is the backbone of your essay. Write what you liked and disliked the most. Add anything that came to your mind while watching the film. It might be observations about the location, decorations, sound, and dialogs. At this point, it is not important how your draft looks. However, keep in mind that you must follow the structure.

Every paragraph has critical sub-sections to include. Therefore, when writing an introduction, make sure to write:

  • An opening sentence

Every essay must catch the reader’s attention. And an opening sentence (also known as a hook) serves this goal. Hooks can appear in various forms. For example, it can be written as a statistic, joke, striking fact, misconception, or shocking statement. Before writing a hook, analyze your audience. If your readers are of the same age, you can include a shocking statement or even an anecdote.

  • Background information

Not only do you have to know fundamental information about the movie, but your readers also should know some facts. Considering the tight word count, write two short sentences to give some brief background information. It will help the audience understand your review more in-depth.

  • Thesis statement

While ending up the introduction, a thesis statement is the most significant sentence of your review. It must have points that you will develop within the paper. Remember to make it concise and very accurate.

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A body part usually has three to four paragraphs. Every section contains:

  • Topic sentence

This sentence kicks off the paragraph and refers to the thesis statement’s point. A topic sentence helps the reader remember what the paragraph will be about.

  • Description/Explanation

The review is not only about describing a plot. It also has the writer’s opinion. When writing this section, make sure to include essential attributes that make the film unique. Or, on the contrary, unnecessary elements.

  • Transition

It is essential to make an essay logical and coherent. Using transitions, such as however, moreover, and besides will make your paper smooth-running.

Finally, a conclusion has:

  • Opinion

When concluding, make sure to take your stance regarding the movie. Enlist what you liked the most and the least.

  • Call to action

Provide the readers with the reasons why they should or shouldn’t watch the film. But remember, do not spoil the plot!

  • Closing sentence

When you watch the movie and eventually adore it, describe your feelings. Make the last sentence emotionally robust.

Watch The Movie Again

Once you know what your movie review essay must look like, you have to rewatch the film. “Why do I have to do that?” you might ask. The point is that your opinion is authoritative, and many people will consider it the driving factor for watching the movie or not. Thus, you must ensure you haven’t missed anything during the previous viewing. Relaunch the movie and focus on the components every expert critic pays attention to:

  • Writing: Carefully read the script and analyze whether conversations were meaningful.
  • Sound: Check if the sound was right and created amusement and suspense right on time.
  • Editing: Assess how scenes were switching. Check whether they were coherent and smooth.
  • Cinematography: Examine which cinematic techniques were predominant in the movie.
  • Costume design: Analyze if the clothing fit the scenes and was visually appealing.

Final Words

Writing a movie review essay may be simple at first glance. However, an academic review paper is a complicated task that students find tricky. If you have to write a movie review and don’t know where to start, read the article. It sheds light on tips to make your review peerless and thought-provoking.

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