Best App-Diaries: Recommendations of a Time-Management Coaches

Probably any professional dreams of a diary, which would be his right hand, so to speak. One in which it is convenient to create lists of things to do, shopping, movies, play online slots in New Zealand, tasks facing him at home and at work. It does not matter what exactly is planned and how big the task is: a diary makes it easier to perform any task.

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According to coaches, the app Wunderlist helps consider a true master of planning. It is very simple and convenient, it saves any task for an hour, a day, or even a week. In addition, synchronization with smartphones, tablets, and computers will help more than once, because all the necessary information will always be at hand.

The main advantages of Wunderlist:

  • Is always responsible for your deadlines and sends a notification at the right time;
  •  Allows you to work as a team and share any information you need online with colleagues or friends;
  • Available anywhere, anytime, and on all platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac, Chromebook, Kindle Fire, and the Web).


Evernote is another universal workspace, which, however, before registration will have a lot of trouble. It has four modes with different functionality. Each of them is in a specific price category.


  • copy information from the Internet;
  • combine access and discussion in Evernote;
  • sync it across all phones and computers.


  • offline access to notes;
  • sending emails to Evernote;c
  • copyinginformation from the Internet;
  • synchronizationonallphones and computers;
  • sharing and discussion in Evernote;
  • password locking in mobile apps.


  • 10GB for new notes monthly;
  • offline access to notes;
  • Search in Office documents and attached files;
  • turningnotes into presentations;
  • copying of information from the Internet;
  • sharing and discussion in Evernote;
  • synchronization with all smartphones and computers;
  • scanning and digitizing business cards;
  • password locking in mobile apps;
  • view information thematically related to your notes;
  • making marks on PDF documents;
  • forwarding emails to Evernote.

Evernote Business

The most expensive and, as they promise, the most effective version. Unfortunately, we can only guess about its capabilities – the developers do not advertise them. But if you become very interested, on their site there is a phone number where you can contact the administrator who will tell you the details.


LeaderTask electronic agenda allows:

  • very individualized customization of the system;
  • use advanced formatting of entries in the electronic diary;
  • back up your data to a location you specify;
  • search for records instantly;
  • print any information: task lists, notes, calendar, emails, contact lists, contact card.

In addition, the agenda has the following options: reminders, markers, labels, contacts, mobile version, data protection and encryption, filtering, and support for all time management systems.


RedNotebook is an app that acts as an electronic diary where you can write notes, thoughts, all kinds of events, schedules, actions, etc. The application also allows you to store not only notes but also important links, files, images, and more in your electronic diary. RedNotebook greatly simplifies the process of planning your day and keeps you from forgetting about important events.

RedNotebook features:

  • works in two modes (viewing and editing);
  • can save files in different formats, links, messages;
  • templates that can be applied to different days of the week;
  • tag cloud, which allows you to quickly search the entire RedNotebook database;
  • calendar navigation.

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