Best Movies to Watch On Amazon Prime Video

Top 9 Movies to Watch On Amazon Prime Video in 2021

Already subscribed to an affordable and fast speed internet plan from buytvinternetphone? It’s time to make the most out of it by streaming some of the best movies on Amazon Prime Video. It is a great alternative to Netflix, in case you have already exhausted all the good content on that platform!

Movies To Watch On Amazon Prime Video

1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Genre: Comedy/Roman

Release year: 2008

Rating: 7.1/10

Starring Mila Kunis, Russel Brand, Jason Segal, and Kristen Bell, the movie is all about relationship troubles, love triangles. and blasts from the pasts as Peter meets his ex on a rebound vacation. The movie will take you on a virtual trip to Hawaii, and will be a rollercoaster of surprises and some actually funny scenes. If you are staying in with your partner or friends for a movie night, then this 2008 rom-com can be the perfect watch.

2. Skyfall

Genre: Action/adventure

Release year: 2012

Rating: 7.7/10

Featuring our favourite Daniel Craig as James Bond, Skyfall is available to watch on Amazon Prime. This movie is for those who want to re-watch and cherish the exceptional plot and scenes that we are so used to seeing in all James Bond movies. Skyfall is not very light and might not be very fun, but it is for serious watchers who’d like some action and iconic scenes on their screens. In this movie, we also see Judi Dench appear in the Bond series the 7th time as “M ” and is the one who is targeted by an ex-M16 agent.

3. The Sixth Sense

Genre: Mystery/thriller

Release date: 1999

Rating: 8.1/10

Let’s go a little back in the days of some classics. The Sixth Sense is the perfect choice for people who are not into romantic comedies and want to watch something that will have them on their toes. The movie is also a bit horror, so avoid streaming it all alone! It revolves around Malcolm, who is a child psychologist and is dealing with a child patient who talks to spirits. The twisted part is that these spirits are not happy, they are vengeful and have some serious plans! This movie has many twists and turns that will also fall into place by the end of the story, so make good use of your cheap internet plans and stream a movie like The Sixth Sense to make your sleepovers more thrilling.

4. Arrival

Genre: Sci-fi/thriller

Release year: 2016

Rating: 7.9/10

While we are used to watching sci-fi thrillers like Stranger Things these days in the age of Netflix original series, let’s not forget to watch some best of 2016 movies. If you are craving something irregular and fictitious, then Arrival is the one you need. The movie is based on the existence of aliens, their language and how to cope with them. It includes a linguistic expert, played by Amy Adams who struggles but manages to interpret the Alien’s language. The movie could be a nice watch for families, especially if you have teenage kids and want to bond with them over spaceships and aliens and doctors and so much more!

5. The Lighthouse

Genre: Horror/drama

Release year: 2019

Rating: 7.5/10

Relatively recent, The Lighthouse stars the Twilight-famous star Robert Patinson. If you want to watch something scary yet engaging, then the movie’s plot based on an isolated island will definitely keep you up all night. A lighthouse keeper, all alone on the island with his older-aged supervisor, will be the most spooky yet adventurous watch for anybody. The overall movie has a skilful touch to it, as well as some graphic scenes that are more difficult to watch than they are scary.

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6. Sound Of Metal

Genre: drama/music

Release year: 2019

Rating: 7.8/10

Another huge hit from 2019 is Sound Of Metal. It is quite different from the usual drama, thrillers, and romantic movies that are listed here. The movie is more about music and is going to be a huge hit for those who have a knack for music. The cast includes Riz Ahmed playing the role of a heavy metal drummer, Ruben Stone. We are taken through a wholesome, sad and overwhelming journey of a drummer whose career might be on the verge of failing due to his failing hearing capabilities. If you don’t have a strong heart and can get attached to movie characters quickly, then this movie is not for you!

7. Uncle Frank

Genre: drama/comedy

Release year: 2020

Rating: 7.3/10

Let’s take a chance for a 2020 hit, Uncle Frank. The movie is more like a family drama but with lots of comic relief and emotional scenes. It is about a literature professor who is also gay, and is finally returning home for his father’s funeral, accompanied by his teenage niece. The movie takes a toll when the coming-out drama starts and everyone seems to get triggered in their own way. The professor, also Uncle Frank, had escaped his life from a small town and built a whole new world of his own in New York. So, this movie about homosexuality, the struggles, family drama and the life of a small-towner in a big city. It can be a great pick for a chill and light weekend.

8. Saint Maud

Genre: Horror/drama

Release year: 2019

Rating: 6.8/10

Its IMDB rating might not be higher than an almost 7, but the movie is still spooky and twisted enough to throw anyone over the fence! The pious nurse in the movie and her obsession with one of the patients takes us through a jumpy but scary ride. Morfydd Clark plays the role of Maud, and she has done a phenomenal job at it! So if you are up for some excellent storyline and even more amazing and skilful acting, then do give this a watch!

9. One Night In Miami

Genre: drama

Release year: 2020

Rating: 7.1/10

Last on the list is One Night In Miami. This movie is for those who are up for a dramatic movie set in historical times, particularly during the Civil War. It is based on four black men who struggle their way through by making plans and getting together to become “successful” during the difficult times back then.

Bottom Line

You might have already streamed and enjoyed all the good movies during the lockdown. But Amazon’s wide selection makes it one of the best platforms where you can find even the best classics like The Sixth Sense.

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