The Best Live Action Remakes of Your Favorite Disney Movie

It is safe to say that almost everyone has watched a Disney movie or to during their childhood and most likely fallen in love with one of them. When we were younger, we could watch them over and over with ease without getting tired of them. However, we are all grown up now and need something new while we still miss the old classics.

The Disney repertoire is amazing. This is why Disney has started making live-action remakes of their famous animated classics. You can finally stop watching bad new movies, or spend your time on TikTok, it is time to watch the best Disney movies online again, now better than ever.

Entertainment comes in many shapes and sizes when going online. While your children are occupied with the new live-action Disney movies, you could go explore the best online game guide in the US. This way everybody can be entertained at all times.

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The story of Dumbo is so touching it is almost impossible to watch without shedding a tear or two. The little Elephant was born with abnormally large ears and for that, he is mistreated by the circus he is captured by. The workers are not kind to Dumbo which makes his elephant mother very mad, she goes berserk in the circus tent and is therefore being locked up by the workers.

They continue putting dumbo in dangerous stunts, and one time he has to stand on top of a very tall building and jump to the pool on the ground with nothing but a small, black feather. Dumbo is very scared, but have no other choice than to jump, luckily the feather is magic, and together with his large ears, Dumbo can fly! The next step is just finding where to watch it.

Dumbo can fly


The romantic story about Aladdin the pocket thief and Jasmin, the beautiful princes, is a must-see when it comes to live-action Disney remakes. It combines music, action and fantasy and the legendary Will Smit in the role of Genie. Aladdin spends his day stealing from people so that he can sell it and make some money. He suddenly meets the beautiful Jasmine and discovers that she is a princess. Aladdin is determined to win the heart of jasmine and luckily meets Genie, who is willing to help him.

Aladdin is granted three wishes and use them to make himself a rich prince of a made-up country. Together with a marching band, parade and a grand show, he enters Jasmin’s kingdom in hopes of winning her over, but will she fall for his money and price status, or will she simply fall in love with the true Aladdin?


If you want something to look forward to, mark the calendar for May 26th. This is when the live-action movie about the villain from 101 Dalmatian, Cruella de Ville has its premiere. Emma Stone plays the villain, and the story revolves around her past leading up to her gruesome acts. Young Estella is an orphan in London with a dream to become a famous fashion designer. However, life seems to have other plans and her dream might never come true. Instead, she joins forces with her trusted partners-in-crime, Horac and Jasper, and her life takes an unexpected turn.

Happy watching!

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