Top Netflix Secrets You’ll Need

Are you an avid Netflix user looking to get even more out of your subscription? With over 220 million subscribers worldwide, Netflix has become the go-to source for on-demand video content. However, with such a vast library of TV shows, films, and original programming, it can be easy to get overwhelmed.

That’s why I’ve put together this guide covering 7 Netflix secrets and tips you’ll need to get the most out of your account. As a long time subscriber myself, I’ve discovered many hidden features and tricks over the years. Read on to learn how to unlock Netflix’s full potential.

Netflix Secrets

Why is Netflix so popular?

As we said earlier, Netflix is popular because it is a streaming service that offers its users a wide variety of TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Netflix also offers its users the ability to watch TV shows and movies with no commercials. It is also a great way to keep up with your favourite shows when you have free time.

Netflix Secrets You’ll Need

Master the Netflix Search Functions

The sheer volume of Netflix’s catalogue can make finding something new to watch a daunting task. That’s why mastering the platform’s search functions is so important. Here are some search tricks you’ll want to know:

  • Use quotation marks around movie titles to search for an exact match. Typing “The Crown” rather than just The Crown will bring up the specific show.
  • Insert “genre” followed by a code to discover niche categories. “Genre 83” surfaces faith and spirituality titles. There are over 80 speciality codes to explore.
  • Search using “audio” and your language of choice to find titles with audio in that language. Helpful for learning while you binge watch!
  • Type “imdb” followed by a rating like 8.5 to find critically acclaimed titles. You can adjust the number to suit your tastes.

The more you experiment with search, the better you’ll get at uncovering hidden gems buried in Netflix’s massive library.

Download Movies & Shows for Offline Viewing

One of the handiest Netflix features is the ability to download movies and episodes for viewing when you’re offline. It’s perfect for plane rides, road trips, or times when you’ll go without reliable internet.

Downloading Netflix titles is easy:

  • Open the Netflix app on your mobile device and navigate to the show or film you want to download.
  • Click the download button – it looks like a downward pointing arrow.
  • Select your preferred video quality. Higher quality means larger file size.
  • Downloads will continue to be accessible as long as you’re signed into your Netflix account.

With high speed LTE and 5G expanding, offline viewing might not seem essential. But it’s a great backup for when you unexpectedly lose signal but still want to binge your favourite shows!

Adjust Data Usage Settings

Speaking of video quality, most Netflix subscribers don’t realize you can adjust your data usage settings. This gives you control over video resolution and streaming quality.

Why would you want to adjust these settings? To limit data usage and avoid exceeding your monthly caps. Streaming hours of Netflix in Ultra HD can eat through costly mobile data quickly.

It’s easy to cap your data usage:

  • From your account page, select Playback Settings.
  • Choose your preferred video quality level from Low, Medium, High and Auto.
  • You can also enable Data Saver which lowers video quality when mobile data is detected.

Give these settings a look on your next movie night in. You might be surprised how much data Netflix is burning through!

Use Multiple Profiles to Curate Recommendations

Are you frustrated by the jumble of recommendations on your Netflix homepage? The best way to sort them is by using multiple user profiles.

By creating profiles for each family member, the recommendation algorithm can cater to individual tastes. For example, dad’s suggestions will stop being overrun with cartoons for the kids.

Setting up extra profiles takes seconds:

  • Hover over your profile icon in the top right corner.
  • Select Manage Profiles from the dropdown menu.
  • Click Add Profile to create a new one. You can have up to 5 profiles.

Take advantage of profiles and your Netflix recommendations will become far more tailored and relevant. No more slogging through titles you have zero interest in.

Turn On Foreign Language Dubs and Subtitles

Beyond tailoring suggestions, profiles also allow you to set language preferences. This unlocks foreign language content through alternate audio and subtitles.

Immersing yourself in shows and movies spoken in another language is a fun way to pick up new skills. And subtitles boost comprehension.

Here’s how to switch languages:

  • Go to your Profile and select Language.
  • Change your Preferred Audio to the language you want to hear.
  • Enable Subtitle Appearance to always display subtitles.
  • Select your desired Subtitle Language.

Now you can watch Netflix hits like Money Heist, Dark, and Squid Game in their native tongues. Turn on subtitles to follow along and learn at the same time.

Find the Hidden Category Codes

Earlier I mentioned the niche “genre” codes you can search to surface hidden categories. But did you know Netflix has over 27,000 hyper-specific microgenres coded in their system?

Unfortunately these codes are not published for users to browse. But websites like What’s On Netflix have compiled lists of the most useful hidden Netflix codes.

They range from “Westerns from the 1950s” and “Stand-up Comedy” to “Romantic Foreign Movies” and “Movies About Royalty”. Each code instantly surfaces a category of very targeted recommendations.

While you won’t realistically browse all 27,000 codes, a few favourites can help you easily find your perfect next Netflix binge.

Only Pay for What You Actually Watch

Finally, with costs rising across the board, it’s worth evaluating if your Netflix subscription aligns with your actual usage.

With plans now ranging from £6.99 to £15.99 per month, you may be better served by downgrading your account. For example, opting for Standard over Premium would save you £4 each month.

Take an honest look at your Netflix viewing habits over the past months. Do you really need simultaneous streams or Ultra HD video quality? Or could you save with a lower tier plan?

Only paying for the features you actually use ensures you get the most value from your subscription. And the money saved can go towards the odd movie rental or night out instead!


Netflix is a great resource for movies and TV shows, but because of licensing agreements, some of its content is not available in all countries. If you’re trying to watch something that’s not available in your country, you should have a software VPN download to unblock Netflix, change your location and access the content. A VPN is a service that allows people to connect to the internet through another location. This can be useful if they want to access content that’s not available in their country or if they want to improve their online privacy. 

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Add to the list

Netflix is a great resource for movies and television shows, but did you know that you can add specific titles to your watch list? This is a great way to keep track of the movies and shows that you want to watch later, and it’s easy to do. 

Netflix 5

Use playback shortcuts

Netflix playback shortcuts are designed to help users navigate the platform and access their favorite content faster. With just a few keystrokes, people can control their playback and have more flexibility when watching TV shows and movies. Here are some of the most useful shortcuts:

Right/Left Arrow: Forward/Rewind 10 seconds

Space bar/Enter: Pause/Resume

Up/Down Arrow: Control Volume

In Summary

Hopefully, these 7 secrets help you unlock the full potential of your Netflix account. From better recommendations to hidden categories to data usage controls, put this knowledge to work on your next Netflix binge.

Remember, a tool is only as good as how you use it. Master these tips and Netflix transitions from a passive time waster into an unlimited on-demand learning and entertainment portal.

Now get out there and start streaming smarter!

Frequently Asked Questions About Netflix

What are some examples of niche genre codes on Netflix?

Some interesting niche genres you can access with codes include Romantic Foreign Movies (7153), Classic Action & Adventure from the 1950s (31574), and Quirky Romance (36103). Browse sites like What’s On Netflix to find codes tailored to your tastes.

How many profiles can you have on a single Netflix account?

Netflix allows up to 5 individual user profiles per account. Profiles let you curate a personalized homepage with recommendations tailored to your viewing history.

Does Netflix have parental controls?

Yes, Netflix allows you to set maturity rating restrictions on profiles to control what content children can access. You can set parental controls throughAccount > Profile & Parental Controls.

Can I download movies on Netflix to watch offline?

Yes! The Netflix app allows you to download movies and shows to watch offline when you don’t have an internet connection. Downloads expire after 48 hours.

Does Netflix allow you to adjust streaming quality?

Yes, in your Playback Settings you can set your preferred video quality from Low to High. This gives you control over data usage which can help avoid exceeding caps.

Can I watch Netflix from multiple regions?

Typically Netflix restricts content to the country your account is based in. But using a VPN allows you to access Netflix libraries from other regions by masking your IP address.

How do I cancel my Netflix subscription?

You can cancel Netflix anytime by going to your Account page, clicking Cancel Membership, then Finish Cancellation. Your access will continue until the next billing date.

How can I resurrect a cancelled Netflix subscription?

If under 10 months have passed since cancellation, you can simply restart your prior subscription. After 10 months you’ll have to join again as a new customer.

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