Parental Control: Best Spy Apps For Android

Parental control apps are used to monitor activities on an Android phone or tablet. It is a common requirement, particularly when children have access to the device. As spy apps can be easily purchased online, without requiring specialist knowledge, there is a higher risk of inappropriate monitoring taking place.

Spy Apps For Android

This article provides information about spy apps for android and how they can be misused by individuals who should not have access to them.

What Can Be Monitored With Spy Apps? 

In addition to keeping a check on the installed apps, websites visited and SMS text messages received or sent from an Android phone or tablet, spy apps can also track calling details. In some cases, it is even possible to monitor live calls as they are being made. In order to do this, a further app has to be installed on the targeted phone.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Parental Control Apps? 


Parents who choose to use parental control apps on their child’s phone do so for a variety of reasons. Typically though, it is because they want to restrict access to apps that are not appropriate, monitor the amount of time spent online and limit in-app purchases made by children. Other popular uses include keeping track of location data and ensuring safety when sending messages.

The Dangers Of Using Spy Apps On Smartphones

As with any type of surveillance software, spy apps pose the risk of being used in an unauthorized manner. As these types of apps tend to be free or very inexpensive when compared with other monitoring software, there is little incentive for people without specialist knowledge to avoid using a spy app to monitor another person’s phone. This poses the risk of someone finding out through unauthorized use and subsequently abusing the information gathered from it.


The legal aspects of spying on a partner or spouse, even if they have given consent, are also important to consider before using a monitoring app. In many countries, this type of behavior is illegal, with statutory rape being an obvious example that comes to mind. The emotional repercussions from discovery can be immense and cause irreparable damage in some cases resulting in divorce or even murder.

List Of Best Spying Apps For Android 


1. eyeZy – Getting Started With The Best Parental Control App For Android Phones


eyeZy is one of the newest apps in the market that is making waves due to its unique features and high performance. It has the ability to provide parents with some of the best monitoring functions that are currently not available on some other android spy apps. 

2. mSpy 

Next app on the list is mSpy, an app that is now considered as one of the largest players in the market. It has thousands of happy customers enjoying its wide variety of features and affordable price. It has a large number of satisfied customers due to its unique GPS location tracking capabilities, support for all kinds of mobiles, multi-device monitoring capabilities etc. 

3. SpyBubble 

SpyBubble is an application that has been designed, developed and marketed by Retina-X Studios. They are a software company based in the UK and have created some of the best surveillance apps for iOS devices as well as a few for Android phones. The company is also well known for the SpyBubble product which is an anti-theft software application that has received rave reviews.

4. Hoverwatch

The best thing about Hoverwatch is its compatibility with all kinds of mobile operating systems, You can monitor all types of devices like android phones, iPhones and iPads etc. After installation, it takes only a few seconds and the application will start to work automatically.

5. FlexiSPY 

FlexiSpy has been around for quite some time now and was one of the first companies that started offering spy apps for mobile devices. They offer an impressive array of features that help you keep tabs on your kids activity.


Although technology has been a boon for kids because it provides them with access to huge resources that they can use in learning and research, but the increased connectivity also presents them with security risks. If you feel your child might be exposed to such risks then parental control apps are the best solution to ensure their safety. These applications have evolved tremendously over the years and now provide parents with the ability to monitor every detail of their child’s online activity. With endless possibilities, these spying apps can help you keep your kids safe from perpetrators that may use social networking sites to exploit them. If your’e interested in learning about how parental control apps work then check out this page for more information.

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