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It is challenging to find an electronic reader app with an array of e-book categories and varieties of e-book types and formats to choose from. But with the advancement in technology, you can easily convert your mobile device into an e-book reader.

In recent times, developers of eBook apps have greatly up their games. There are several free and paid eBooks on the net, however, you need a reader app to surf through them on your mobile device. You will find countless mobile eBook apps online, but to narrow down your search, we have a list of popular and friendly eBook apps for you.

eBook Libraries

Is it safe to download free books on the Internet?

If you are a great fan of Books, you might have come across numerous bestsellers from numerous sites at no price. But then, is it safe to download these books? Amazon is a central online store for almost any kind of eBook you want. While some books on Amazon go for a price, some are free of charge. You should take note of these watch lines before choosing to download free eBooks on the net.

  1. Avoid downloading illegal copies of eBooks. Ensure to get them from a trusted and authorized source.
  2. Most free copies of bestsellers contain worms and viruses that can contaminate your device, which scammers can use to steal your details.
  3. Reproducing a copy of an eBook without the consent of the author is unlawful and a criminal offense that comes with a legal penalty.
  4. At all times, ensure to install and surf the web with a VPN on your mobile. A VPN program shields your identity to render you less prone to hackers. There are lots of VPN providers on the net, but we have saved you the stress of further research and, we strongly recommend VeePN as the best iPhone VPN for you. VeePN also provides the best Android VPN service you would get nowhere else. Please, stay safe. 

7 convenient and popular eBook apps

Most eBooks on the net can be gotten freely while some come with a little price. Aside from getting a copy of bestsellers, you also need an app to help you browse through them, this is where our list becomes handy. Now, let’s quickly delve into them.

  • Apple Books

This reader was originally developed for all Apple devices. The software has a tool for modifying fonts and creating personalized notes. There are different reading modes available such as horizontal flipping and vertical scrolling to ease the reader’s navigation. It also has a special search tool that helps you look for certain words in the text.

  • Google Play Books

This software is very popular on the net, and it is a great eBook reader accessible by Androids and Apple device users. It also comes in form of an extension that is installable on a Chrome browser. With Google Play reader, you can easily view Books acquired from the play store likewise those gotten elsewhere. Its color pallet tool allows users to modify the look of texts. One unique feature of the software is that it has options for reading texts loudly. Its in-built dictionary is usable without internet connectivity among other astonishing features.

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  • Amazon Kindle App

This software allows users to read eBooks from amazon directly. The amazing feature of this software gives it an indelible mark in the face of users. The software corroborates many eBook setups and allows users to import eBooks from their device folders and third-party platforms. It also has a special integrated feature that helps you get the meaning of complex texts. The experience on this app will surely wow you.

  • Libby

With the use of Libby, users can lend eBooks from a catalog with the use of a catalog card. This eBook reader can be surfed from a browser software such as chrome. It is also existing across various mobile platforms. Upon successful registration, you’ll be issued a catalog pass which can be used to get Books of your choice on the platform.

  • FBReader

This software program offers users the option of viewing Books obtained from its rooted collection. In addition, the software allows users to import eBooks straight from their devices. FBReader supports viewing of different eBook setups, the app is available on Apple, Androids, and Microsoft devices. By integrating plugins, a portable document format viewing, dictionary requiring no internet connectivity, you are sure to get an unbeatable experience on this app.

  • PocketBook Reader

The last but not the least on our list is the PocketBook Reader. This reading app house several amazing features to stimulate users’ surfing experience. It offers direct access to books from its collection and the user’s local library. The software allows users to import eBooks that are saved in cloud storage. It also has provisions for users to save eBooks on its own cloud storage. Pocketbook reader has one of the widest supports for eBooks and books recorded in audio forms.


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