What is Bitcoin Ride the Lighting (RTL)?

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Bitcoin Ride the Lighting

We need some lightning exposure to take control of the money as more transactions move into the bitcoin landscape. But with this, we can choose some options whenever we want with multiple options and avoid convenience complexity which is as follows.

  • We can go into custody whenever we want and use the Custodial Wallet or Exchange Wallet whenever we want.
  • We can have a non-custodial wallet at any time on our own, but we have to use another wallet node.


What is Ride the Lightning?

If you just want to know what non-custodial lightning is, the thing to think about is that we’ll have to look for an interface that allows us to control the process of digging ourselves. It is supposed to be a simple tool that accepts Ride the Lightning as well as a Lightning Wallet and node management that we can all access whenever we want via a web interface as it is built only for our nodes.


Is it free for you to use Ride the Lightning?

It’s true that Ride the Lightning is completely free to use. Ride the Lightning is known to be an install and download only on node implementation for our liking. You can download a piece of software for yourself from GitHub anytime you want, or you can download it directly to your device of choice. Some similar platforms and services are seen in this such as Nodl, Raspi Blitz, BTC Pay server, MyNode, Start9 Labs etc. It is compatible with only a few versions of Lightning. If we ever want to use Core Lightning or are going to use Core Lightning, we have to look for some RTL along with C-Lightning.


What can you do with RTL?

Talking about the RTL Lightning node, it helps in managing the operations. Also, there is a fully functional device that provides an agnostic, web user interface at the same time. The Lightning Network and the Bitcoin base layer offer some functionality rich to each other as well as enable full control over the Lightning node properly.

  • An Electric Dashboard — We should know that we get access to a dashboard that not only has our Lightning and all the data on bitcoin activity completely at our fingertips. This allows us to manipulate our data and also see some way of selecting the time we want within the full range.
  • Get the App — In this, we see only one other tool that we can use to make the Lightning experience as best as possible for ourselves or others as well as have more control over our own bitcoin experience. RTL is not considered to be the only Lightning interface but there are many others like us who completely provide healthy competition in it. You should keep one thing in mind whenever you think that RTL is high, we have to use another interface at any time and you can try another interface whenever you want.
  • Activity Report — This activity report is treated like RTL offering you complete monitoring of our Lightning activity as well as channel performance. It contains monthly and annual reports on certain routing fees received/earned. In this, we need to reduce some numbers and do accounting.

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