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Riding a Peloton bike can get monotonous staring at the screen. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch your favourite Netflix or YouTube shows to make those miles fly by? This guide will walk through the various clever hacks Peloton owners use to watch TV while working out.

How to Watch TV on Peloton

Can You Watch TV on Peloton?

Yes, there are a few different ways to stream video on a Peloton bike or treadmill while exercising. With some creative solutions, you can enjoy TV, movies, YouTube and more to prevent boredom and make workouts more enjoyable.

Ways to Watch TV on Peloton


1. Use a Tablet or Phone

The simplest way is to prop up a tablet or phone on the handlebars or console. A phone mount or holder can securely attach a mobile device. Make sure it’s stable and doesn’t block the screen.

Connect devices to the Peloton bike via Bluetooth or WiFi. Open your video apps and start streaming. Adjust volume on the device itself. This works for Netflix, Hulu, YouTube etc. Some find audio echoes, so use headphones.

2. Cast Video to Bike Screen

If your Peloton was made after 2018, it likely supports direct casting from your phone. Open the settings menu on the top right of the touchscreen and select “Cast Screen.” Then on your phone, swipe down from the top and click the cast/mirror icon. As long as both devices are on the same WiFi network, you can directly cast apps like Netflix from your phone to the bike screen.

For Android users, install the Peloton Cast app to mirror phone/tablet screens directly onto the Bike. This streams video and syncs audio seamlessly.

iPhone users can utilize AirPlay to cast to the bike screen. Under settings, choose Peloton as the Airplay receiver. Both let you play media apps on the main display.

3. Use a Streaming Device

You can also connect a Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick or other streaming device directly to your Peloton’s HDMI port. This lets you access all your favourite streaming apps on the big screen. You’ll need to buy a short HDMI cable to connect the devices. The downside is you’ll need a separate IR blaster to control the streaming device, since the Peloton screen doesn’t have a remote.

4. Connect External Monitor

You can connect a TV or computer monitor to the bike’s HDMI port. Place it near the handlebars. This creates a second screen for distraction-free TV viewing during exercise. Look forward to bike metrics, glance up for entertainment.

Some monitors may need an HDMI to DVI cable adapter. Test connections and positioning before a ride. An external speaker may be needed if using a monitor without built-in sound.


How Do I Watch Netflix on Peloton?

There are a couple easy ways to get Netflix streaming on a Peloton exercise bike:

  1. Mount a tablet to the handlebars and connect via Bluetooth/WiFi to play the Netflix app directly. Use headphones to avoid audio echo.
  2. Install the Peloton Cast app (Android) or use AirPlay (iPhone) to mirror mobile device screens and sync Netflix audio to bike speakers.
  3. Connect a streaming device like Roku or Fire Stick via HDMI cord and view Netflix on the built-in touchscreen display.
  4. Cast/mirror a computer desktop/laptop with Netflix to an external monitor placed near the bike.

The most seamless experience is using screen mirroring apps or devices to play Netflix natively on the Peloton screen. Tablets work but can be cumbersome. Take advantage of Peloton’s tech integration to avoid video lag.

Do You Need a TV for Peloton?

No, a television is not needed to use a Peloton bike or treadmill. The equipment contains a built-in touchscreen that streams on-demand and live workout classes.

However, many Peloton owners choose to connect a secondary TV or monitor nearby for entertainment during long workouts. This provides a place to watch TV, movies, YouTube, etc. for distraction.

Without an external screen, your viewing will be limited to the content on the Peloton interface. You won’t be able to play media from Netflix, Hulu and other apps.

So while a TV isn’t essential, having one introduces more options to prevent monotony. A tablet, phone, or computer can also provide additional display space for media at an affordable price.

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Can I Watch YouTube on My Peloton?

YouTube is accessible on Peloton equipment through a few alternative methods:

  • Use the Peloton Cast app (Android) or AirPlay (iPhone) to mirror a mobile device’s screen displaying YouTube to the bike display. This streams audio as well.
  • Connect a streaming device like Roku or Amazon Fire Stick to the HDMI port and access YouTube on the built-in touchscreen.
  • Prop up a tablet on the handlebars and connect via Bluetooth or WiFi to play YouTube directly on that device. Use headphones to avoid echo.
  • Cast or screencast a desktop/laptop screen showing YouTube to an external monitor placed within view of the bike.

The Peloton interface itself doesn’t support opening the YouTube app. Without a secondary device, tablet or TV, you can only view Peloton’s own programmed content while biking. Screen mirroring provides the most seamless YouTube integration.


Riding an exercise bike for extended periods can get mundane. Thankfully Peloton owners have found clever solutions to inject entertainment into workouts through video streaming.

Whether propping up a tablet, connecting a TV, or screen mirroring mobile apps, there are options to watch TV, Netflix, YouTube and more. This prevents boredom, engages your mind, and makes long rides fly by.

Get creative with bike positioning to ensure screens are visible and accessible. Take advantage of Peloton’s technology integrations with third-party devices and apps for the best experience. Now you can stay motivated while being entertained on even the most grueling workout days.


Can I watch live TV on my Peloton?

Yes, by using a streaming device or TV tuner connected via HDMI. This lets you view cable, satellite, or over-the-air broadcast channels on the built-in touchscreen.

Will any HDMI device work with Peloton?

Most streaming gadgets like Roku or Fire Stick will be compatible. You may need an HDMI to DVI adapter for some monitors or TVs. Always test connections before starting a ride.

Can I play videos saved on my phone?

Yes, screen mirroring apps will let you play local media files stored on your mobile device by casting them to the Peloton display.

What about music apps like Spotify?

You can stream music through mirrored tablets/phones or HDMI streaming devices. But audio may have latency issues being out of sync. Bluetooth can play music directly.

Is it dangerous to be distracted watching videos while riding?

It’s best to keep attention focused on bike metrics for intense rides. For stationary casual riding, glancing at a secondary screen is reasonably safe. Be smart and don’t completely disengage.

Will my WiFi support streaming?

Peloton recommends minimums of 5Ghz dual band router plus 25Mbps broadband. Faster speeds like 100Mbps+ optimize performance for HD video streaming.

Can I access Peloton classes on my TV?

Yes, download the Peloton app on smart TVs, streaming players, or gaming consoles. Display your bike in view to follow along with instructors.

What devices can screen mirror to Peloton?

Android phones can use Peloton Cast app. iPhones use AirPlay. Windows/Mac computers, Chromecast, Fire Stick, Roku and other devices often have native casting capabilities.

Will any bike desk setup work?

Look for desk heights/positions that allow clear screen viewing without strain. Consider a convertible standing desk for variety. Test ergonomics and make adjustments as needed.

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