Essay Writing Help – How to Choose a Reputable Essay Writing Service

Staring down a big essay with a deadline fast approaching can leave you feeling stressed and unsure where to turn for help. Searching online reveals countless essay writing services, but how can you tell the reliable ones from scammers looking to take advantage? Don’t worry – this guide shares insider tips to help you find essay writing help that meets your needs.

We’ll explore red flags to watch out for, what criteria you should use to evaluate services, and strategies to maximize the value you get for your money. With a bit of savvy research, you can sift out trustworthy essay help to get you through crunch time. Keep reading to learn the secrets to choosing an essay writing service that delivers results you can feel good about.

Reputable Essay Writing Service

Warning Signs of Untrustworthy Essay Writing Sites

Prices That Are Too Good to Be True

Some essay writing services advertise unbelievably low prices that seem too good to be true. Often prices that seem drastically lower than competitors indicate low quality work and overseas writers. Reputable services with native English speaking writers understandably charge higher rates. Be wary of any prices that seem suspiciously cheap.

No Sample Papers

Legitimate essay writing companies provide free sample papers on their websites so prospective clients can evaluate writing quality before ordering. Avoid services that don’t show examples of finished papers – they may be hiding shoddy work.

Missing Contact Information

Professional essay services provide multiple ways for customers to contact them, including phone numbers, email addresses, and live chat options. Be skeptical of any site with no contact info beyond a basic digital order form – this could signal a scam.

Buzzfeed Style Headlines

Questionable services sometimes use clickbait headlines and emotional appeals on their site instead of focusing on showcasing their qualifications. Phrases like “best essay service online” or “save your grades here” indicate exaggerated marketing claims rather than expertise.

Key Factors for Choosing a Reputable Essay Writing Company

Native English Speaking Writers

A top priority is choosing a company that uses writers with native level English skills. This ensures proper vocabulary, grammar, spelling and overall readability. Verify their hiring process only accepts experts with degrees from English-speaking institutions.

Degree Holding Writers in Your Subject

For best results, choose a service employing degreed writers with specializations matching your paper topic. This expertise lends credibility in subjects like biology, psychology, history, business, etc. Review writer qualifications before ordering to confirm they are qualified for your specific essay.

Editing and Proofreading Standards

Even excellent writers make mistakes, so a quality service will edit and proofread papers carefully before delivery. This polishing step greatly reduces errors that could undermine content quality. Verify the company’s editing process and guarantee for mistake-free work.

Secure Payment Methods

Any essay service you consider should offer trusted payment systems that encrypt your data and financial information. Steer clear of any company that asks for upfront Venmo, Cash App, direct bank transfers, or other unsecured payment methods. These do not protect you as a customer.

Money Back Guarantee

The best essay writing companies stand behind their work with rock solid money back guarantees. This allows you to request revisions or refunds if a paper fails to meet stated requirements. Be wary of groups with shady refund policies or that make big claims without the protections to back them up.

Strategies for Getting Your Money’s Worth from Essay Writing Help

Shop Around for Price Comparisons

Don’t just go with the first company you find online. Spend time gathering price quotes from several top contenders so you can compare rates for the same deadlines and paper types. This gives you a benchmark to recognize good deals.

Take Advantage of First Time Discounts

Many essay services offer special discounts or free features for first time users to attract new business. Sign up for newsletters and check sites for coupons to maximize these new customer promotions when placing your initial order. Saving money is a bonus!

Specify Exactly What You Need

Provide very detailed instructions about your assignment requirements, desired writing style, formatting needs, and anything else that is crucial for the finished product. This reduces revisions by ensuring the writer creates exactly what you expect the first time.

Set Realistic Deadlines

While some essay services cater to super urgent requests, quality often suffers when writers are severely rushed. Set deadlines that allow reasonable time for creating top notch content if you want the best results. This takes pressure off the writer.

Request a Customized Quote

For longer, more complex projects, skip pre-set package pricing and ask for a custom quote. Provide complete project details and request a fair price tailored to the unique specifications of your assignment. This nets affordable pricing for projects that don’t fit typical packages.


Finding essay writing help online has many advantages if you go with a reputable, trustworthy provider. Steer clear of scammy sites by watching for red flags like unrealistic prices, lack of credentials, missing contact info, and exaggerated claims. Vet companies thoroughly on key benchmarks like writer qualifications, editing process, secure payments, money back guarantee, and sample papers. Get your money’s worth by comparing prices, taking advantage of discounts, providing detailed instructions, setting realistic deadlines, and requesting customized quotes when needed. Follow these tips and you can gain an invaluable partner to help you ace essays in a time crunch!


How can I spot a scam essay writing service?

Red flags include prices that seem too low, no sample papers, missing contact information, and exaggerated claims or headlines on their site. Reputable services provide samples, fair pricing, contact numbers and email, and have a professional appearance.

What credentials should essay writers have?

Look for native English speakers with degrees from English universities. Subject matter experts with degrees in fields related to your paper topic demonstrate deeper knowledge. Verify writer qualifications match your assignment needs.

What guarantees should the essay company offer?

A legitimate service will guarantee work that is 100% original, properly formatted per your selected style, and free of errors. They should promise completion by your deadline or your money back. Editing and proofreading are standard.

Can I choose my essay writer?

Many top essay companies allow you to view writer profiles with specializations, ratings, and reviews. You can then select your preferred writer or let the service match you for free. Being able to choose the writer is optimal.

Should I pay more for faster essay deadlines?

Earlier deadlines usually do cost more since the writer has less time. However, exorbitant rush fees signal an unreliable service. Reasonable time-sensitive pricing is 10-20% higher versus a standard 14-day deadline.

How do I maximize the quality of my custom essay order?

Provide very detailed instructions, request a writer proficient in your topic, set a realistic deadline, ask questions if anything is unclear, communicate changes promptly, and use a service known for stellar writing and editing.

This covers the key factors in choosing trustworthy essay writing help online. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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