Top Cryptocurrencies That Have Gain Almost 1,807% In Single Day!

The crypto market is known for its extreme volatility and upside potential. While most assets take years or decades to increase by 1,000% or more, cryptocurrencies sometimes pull it off in just a day!

These single-day rallies are often caused by hype, rumors, or major project announcements. Investor psychology kicks in, FOMO (fear of missing out) takes over, and buying frenzies push prices up astronomically.

Of course, these gains usually correct in the following days and weeks. But for those holding the asset, it can be a nerve-wracking ride to riches.

Below I’ll analyze 6 top cryptos that have jumped over 1,800% in 24 hours. You likely haven’t heard of some of these obscure projects. But their stories illustrate just how insane crypto gains can be during bubble-like rallies.


Key Takeaways

  • Epic single day rallies of 1,000% or more do happen, fueled by hype, rumors, and news.
  • These vertical climbs are usually followed by steep declines a period of profit taking and comedowns.
  • Lesser known coins see the biggest percent gains, as traders look to chase “the next hot coin.”
  • Try not to FOMO in at the top of the vertical climb. Have a plan for taking profits on short-term spikes.
  • Focus on project fundamentals over hype-based pumps for sustainable crypto investments.

The crypto market is irrational and news-driven. With the right catalyst, an unknown coin can morph into a hot speculative asset. Just be cautious of getting caught up in the FOMO and mania around these flash-in-the-pan rallies.

Top Cryptocurrencies That Have Gained Almost 1,807% In A Single Day!


Verge – 1,825% Single Day Gain

verge coin

Back in December 2017, at the height of the crypto bubble, an obscure privacy coin called Verge pulled off one of the most spectacular single-day rallies ever. Within 24 hours, Verge’s price catapulted from $0.005 to $0.10 – a 1,825% gain!

This massive pump was attributed to news of a mystery partnership that turned out to be with adult entertainment site PornHub. The partnership allowed users to pay for PornHub Premium with Verge coins.

The crypto community reacted with euphoria, dreaming of Verge becoming the top payment option for the adult industry. Traders saw the salacious headline and poured into Verge speculatively.

Of course, after the initial pump, Verge gave back most gains, falling back under $0.01 within a month. The PornHub partnership wasn’t as transformative as hoped. Still, for those who rode the wave and sold near the top, it was a legendary payday.

Top Gainers

vital is also considered as one of the most popular gainers in the world of the Cryptocurrency market.  The value of such fantastic Cryptocurrency is already increased by approximately 1800%. The worth of such incredible Cryptocurrency is stood at $0.1487. Few cryptocurrencies are continually gaining, and Ethereum is the 2nd most expensive and popular Cryptocurrency that has already gained approximately 3%. 

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing several fluctuations. The value of Bitcoin is up almost 125% in 2021 that is relatively higher. The market capitalization of Cryptocurrencies has already stood at $3 trillion. 

The Popularity of the Oil Gold Stocks is at its peak that is continually offering lots of benefits to Cryptocurrency investors. If you are also thinking of investing money in Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency, you should perform a technical analysis that will be helpful for you.

Dentacoin – 2,416% Single Day Surge


Dentacoin was another obscure project that lucked into an astronomical one-day pump. In January 2018, Dentacoin surged 2,416% from $0.0001 to $0.0025 in just 24 hours.

This dental industry-focused token aimed to improve dental care and make it affordable through blockchain technology. Traders bid up the price based on rumors of a new partnership and exchange listing.

However, the massive gains weren’t sustained. Dentacoin soon crashed back below $0.001. Though it was one of the best performing cryptos by percentage, few people had heard of Dentacoin or were invested before the epic spike.

DeepBrain Chain – 4,731% EXPLOSION!

DeepBrain Chain

In January 2018, the NEO-based DeepBrain Chain experienced the mother of all pumps, rocketing 4,731% in 24 hours from $0.008 to $0.38.

DeepBrain Chain touts itself as a distributed neural network for AI computing. It aims to lower the costs of AI computing through blockchain-based resource sharing.

Traders hyped up the project after it announced a token swap from NEO to its own native blockchain. The swap required users to rush into the token, creating immense buy pressure.

After the initial pump, DeepBrain Chain slowly bled value in the following months. But it remains a top 100 token, showing the power of hype to elevate a project’s profile long-term.

Reddcoin – 23,45% SINGLE DAY MOONSHOT


One of the largest one-day rallies belongs to Reddcoin, which exploded 23,45% from $0.0027 to $0.0068 in early 2018.

Reddcoin brands itself as “the social currency” aimed at transforming digital platforms into financial tools. It allows content creators to get tipped and paid for their work through Reddcoin micropayments.

The epic rally was sparked by rumors that Reddcoin was going to get listed on popular exchange Binance. The Binance listing would allow wider access and liquidity for the formerly obscure coin.

Post-pump, Reddcoin trended downwards long-term. But the listing rumor generated enough hype to put Reddcoin on the map for crypto traders.

Maximine Coin – 66,565% SINGLE DAY JACKPOT

Maximine Coin

The most insane single day gain I could find belongs to Maximine Coin, which multiplied 66,565% from $0.000002 to $0.00132 in one day in 2018. Talk about a life changing jackpot!

Maximine markets itself as making cryptocurrency accessible for day-to-day spending. It aims to provide fast transactions and low fees to vendors and consumers using crypto for purchases.

The vertical rally was sparked when Maximine signed a deal with MacKeeper to be an official cryptocurrency for their services. However, the tiny coin couldn’t sustain anywhere near those gains long-term.

Nonetheless, Maximine serves as an absurd example of just how explosively crypto can move on the right rumors or news.


Seeing cryptos gain over 1,800% in one day seems too outrageous to believe. But as we’ve covered, several coins have indeed pulled off these astronomical climbs.

Flash rallies are often sparked by partnership announcements, exchange listings, or other positive project developments. However, the initial FOMO pump usually dies down quickly.

While these massive one day gains make for exciting headlines, sustainable crypto investing requires evaluating fundamentals like technology, adoption, team, and long-term roadmaps.

Nonetheless, it’s entertaining to look back at the wildest single day explosions in crypto history. It illustrates the extreme upside potential of crypto’s volatility – for better or worse!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin rallied 1,800% in one day?

No, the massive single day rallies of over 1,800% have come from smaller, more obscure coins with lower market caps. Larger coins like Bitcoin tend to move in a more stable, gradual manner.

What causes these crazy 1-day bursts in crypto prices?

They are usually sparked by hype, rumors, or news like an exchange listing, major partnership, or tech development. This creates intense speculation and FOMO, driving prices up exponentially.

Do prices normally stay up after pumping over 1,000% in 24 hours?

In most cases, these massive 1-day gains are not sustainable long-term. Prices eventually correct or crash after the initial euphoric rally dies down and profit taking ensues.

Is it a good idea to invest after seeing a coin already pump 1,000% or more?

It’s generally not wise to invest after a coin has already exploded in price. The rally is likely in its last euphoric stage before corrections. However, it can be worth quickly trading the pumps and dumps.

Have people become millionaires from these massive single-day crypto spikes?

Yes, if someone held a large position in an obscure, low-priced coin before it surged over 1,000%, they could potentially become a crypto millionaire overnight. But that’s extremely rare.

Which individual crypto has gained the most in one day?

According to my research, a tiny coin called Maximine Coin holds the record for the largest 1-day percentage gain. It multiplied over 66,000% back in 2018 after announcing a business partnership.

How rare are these crazy 1-day rallies of over 1,000%?

They don’t happen often, but do occur every year, especially during crypto bubbles or hype cycles. Traders love to chase headlines and “the next hot coin.” This creates perfect conditions for short-term parabolic rallies.

Are these flash pumps pre-planned by developers or insiders?

Sometimes developers or insiders try to orchestrate pumps through timed announcements and promotions. But most 1-day explosions are organic, fueled by rumors and speculation running wild across trading groups and social media.

What should I do if I own a crypto right before it pumps 1,000% or more?

Consider taking some profits off the table on the way up to lock in gains. Also have a plan to exit some of the position when corrections start. Be careful holding through the peak into what’s likely to be a crash.

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