How to win with Cryptocurrency? 

Cryptocurrency is an exciting new asset class. It offers the potential for incredible gains. But it also comes with significant risks. By educating yourself and following smart investment principles, you can boost your chances of crypto trading success.

This article provides beginner-friendly advice on how to thrive with cryptocurrency investing. You’ll learn key factors that influence profitability. Like proper risk management, choosing the right coins, timing your trades properly, and more.

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win with Cryptocurrency

Ways to win with Cryptocurrency

Know Your Investment Goals

Know Your Investment Goals

Before buying any crypto coins, decide your investing objectives. Are you looking to make quick speculative gains by trading? Or do you want to hold digital assets long-term as a store of value?

Short-term traders try to profit from volatile price swings. They buy low and sell high, often within days or weeks.

Long-term investors have a multi-year horizon. They aim to buy and hold crypto that could substantially appreciate over time. Like Bitcoin, which has risen from under $1,000 in early 2017 to over $60,000 by March 2021.

Having clear goals will shape your cryptocurrency strategy. Such as which coins you buy, your acceptable risk levels, expected holding periods, and more.

Dollar Cost Average Your Purchases

Dollar cost averaging means steadily investing equal dollar amounts over time. It helps avoid the risk of buying all your crypto at once at the “wrong” price.

For example, investing $500 each month in Bitcoin over several years. This smooths out Bitcoin’s volatility, lowering your average cost.

Stick to a consistent investment schedule, like $X every month or paycheck. Dollar cost averaging is a proven way to profit long-term.

Manage Your Investment Risks


Cryptocurrency investing comes with major risks:

  • Extreme volatility – Crypto coins regularly gain or lose over 10% in a single day.
  • High speculation – Many digital assets lack fundamentals like revenue, profits, or assets.
  • Minimal regulations – No investor protections or recourse if you lose money.

Manage these risks by:

  • Only investing money you can afford to lose. Like 1-5% of your overall portfolio.
  • Diversifying across multiple cryptocurrencies and other assets too. Don’t put all your money in just one coin.
  • Using dollar cost averaging to avoid investing lump sums at peaks.
  • Planning to hold long-term for larger gains vs trading short-term.

With smart risk management, you can survive crypto’s volatility and invest wisely for the long haul.

Choose Coins With Strong Fundamentals

Focus your investing on digital currencies with solid fundamentals and real-world utility. Some factors to evaluate:

  • Innovation – Unique blockchain technology that solves real problems or creates new opportunities.
  • Adoption – Growing usage and integrations for the coin’s platform and ecosystem.
  • Team – Experienced founders and developers who are transparent and execute well.
  • Community – Strong supporter base driving engagement and network growth.
  • Supply metrics – Total supply, emission schedule, burning or other factors influencing circulation.
  • Roadmap – Clear technical vision and development pipeline.

Coins like Ethereum have sound fundamentals. This drives long-term investor demand, helping sustain higher prices over time.

Use Dollar Cost Averaging to Build Positions

Dollar cost averaging is a proven way to profit long-term from crypto. By investing equal dollar amounts on a fixed schedule, you smooth out volatility risk in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins.

For example, investing $500 each month for 5 years. This gives you 60 buy points at different prices, lowering your average cost per coin.

Dollar cost averaging works because it forces you to buy more when prices are low. This offsets periods you buy when prices are higher. Over time, this evens out to a favorable average price with less downside risk.

Stick to a consistent dollar cost averaging plan. Like $X every month or paycheck invested across your chosen coins. This strategy helps build your crypto holdings over time.

Take Profits to Reinvest at Lower Prices

When your holdings gain significantly in a short period, consider taking some profits off the table. You can sell a portion like 10-20% of a coin position after it rises 50-100% or more from your average cost.

This allows you to recoup your invested capital. You can then re-buy the same coins at lower prices during the next dip.

Taking strategic profits is prudent risk management. It also gives you dry powder to reinvest at discounted prices. This lets you accumulate more crypto without adding new cash.

Prioritize Longer-Term Holdings

The biggest crypto gains come from spotting emergent coins with big long-term potential early. Then holding them for years as adoption and prices grow exponentially.

Like buying Bitcoin in 2011 under $1. Holding all the way until 2021 when prices exceeded $60,000. Turning early investments into incredible fortunes.

Focus your portfolio on stores of value and platforms with staying power. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana. Identify other early coins with big futures too. Then hold for years as fundamentals improve and prices respond.

Longer-term holding smooths out short-term volatility. It multiplies your upside exposure over time.

Avoid Emotional Trading Decisions

Avoid Emotional Trading Decisions

The crypto market is intensely volatile. It’s easy to react emotionally as prices swing wildly day-to-day. But irrational buying and selling locks in losses and hurts long-term gains.

Stay focused on the long-term outlook. Don’t obsess over daily price moves.

Stick to your investing strategy through ups and downs. Don’t panic sell coins at temporary lows or chase short-term fads.

By developing discipline and patience as an investor, you make better decisions and maximize profits.

Use Crypto Lending to Earn Passive Income

Lending your crypto can generate attractive interest yields paid to your account daily or weekly. Platforms like Celsius, BlockFi and Nexo let you lend coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins and more.

Interest rates vary by product, coin type, loan-to-value ratio and other factors. But yields of 5-10% are common. This passive income helps offset portfolio volatility.

The safest way to earn yield is by lending stablecoins. Their prices stay near $1, so your principal doesn’t fluctuate much. Platforms like Celsius pay up to 11% APY on stablecoins.

Compare rates across multiple platforms. Lend only reputable coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin (USDC) and Dai. Use proper security like two-factor authentication.

Crypto lending provides easy diversification into earning yield on your holdings.

Use Brave Browser to Earn BAT Tokens

Brave Browser to Earn BAT Tokens

The privacy-focused Brave browser blocks ads and trackers, speeding up web browsing. It also rewards users opting into its ad model with Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Brave displays optional ads via notifications. Viewing these ads earns BAT paid to your built-in crypto wallet. You can accumulate BAT each month, or tip it to support content creators.

BAT earns a 5-10% monthly yield based on your active browsing time. It’s exchanged to Bitcoin, Ethereum and fiat currencies too.

Brave’s ads are less intrusive than normal web ads. So you can passively earn income while browsing as usual. This is an easy way to accumulate extra crypto without spending more cash.


Cryptocurrency offers enormous profit potential for savvy investors. By choosing coins carefully, managing risks, trading strategically, and holding long-term, you can capitalize on this opportunity.

Educate yourself and stay rational in your decision-making. Be ready to hold positions for multiple years, not days or weeks. With the right crypto investing approach, you can build significant wealth over time as this asset class grows.

The key is starting now. Begin dollar cost averaging into the top digital coins. Keep learning and fine-tuning your strategy. Stay focused on the long-term horizon.

With smart cryptocurrency investing, you have immense potential to achieve financial freedom and fund your biggest dreams. The future starts today.


What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in long-term?

The most proven cryptocurrencies for long-term investing are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Both have strong fundamentals and staying power. Other alternatives like Cardano, Solana and Polkadot have potential too.

What is the safest way to invest in crypto?

The safest approach is dollar cost averaging. Investing small amounts on a fixed schedule smooths out volatility risk. Also diversify across multiple cryptocurrencies and other assets too.

How much of my portfolio should I put into crypto?

Most experts suggest investing only 1-5% of your portfolio in cryptocurrencies due to the risks involved. Never invest money you can’t afford to lose.

Should I trade crypto short-term or buy and hold?

For most individual investors, buying and holding long-term is the best strategy. Trading is complex and riskier. Long-term gains are much larger for early investors in coins that appreciate over 5-10 years.

How often should I buy crypto when dollar cost averaging?

When dollar cost averaging, strive for regular purchases every week or month. Consistency is key, as is sticking to a fixed dollar amount each purchase. Automate purchases if possible.

What should I do if my crypto drops a lot in value?

Don’t panic sell after sudden price drops. Hold quality coins long-term for recovering and eventual growth. If prices spike unsustainably high, consider taking some profits to buy back lower later.

How do I choose the best cryptocurrency projects to invest in?

Research fundamentals like the team, technology, vision, adoption, community support and supply dynamics. Invest in innovative projects solving real problems that have long-term growth potential.

Is now a good time to invest in cryptocurrency?

There’s no definitive “good” time with crypto’s volatility. Dollar cost averaging reduces timing risk. But investing in a project early in its lifecycle can maximize upside too.

How do I sell my cryptocurrency and get money back to my bank?

You can sell crypto on exchanges and withdraw back to your connected bank account. Or use a service like Coinbase that links bank accounts to easily cash out crypto.

What is the minimum I should invest per month using dollar cost averaging?

Aim for $100-500 monthly to start. Even small amounts accumulate over time. Invest an amount you can afford per month that fits your budget and long-term investing goals.

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