How to Earn Cryptocurrency without investing a single dime?

Cryptocurrency has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Once an obscure hobby for techies and early adopters, digital coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum now command headlines and tremendous market value.

The soaring prices cause many to wonder–is it possible to get in on the action without needing to buy cryptocurrencies? Can you actually earn meaningful amounts of crypto without spending any money upfront?

The answer is yes! There are now many ways to earn free cryptocurrency with little or no investment. By dedicating a bit of time and effort, anyone can start accumulating crypto and become part of this exciting new world of decentralized digital money.

In this beginner’s guide, I’ll outline some of the best methods for earning cryptocurrency without spending money. Whether you want to earn crypto to hold long-term or to start using these innovative new forms of digital cash, these tips can help you get started.

devices for bitcoin trading

Key Takeaway

To recap, here are some of the top methods for earning free cryptocurrency with little or no upfront investment:

  • Take online surveys and get paid in crypto
  • Participate in airdrops and claim free coin allocations
  • Install and browse with crypto-rewarding browsers like Brave and Opera
  • Play entertaining blockchain games with crypto earn models
  • Lend your devices’ computing power to mine coins passively
  • Watch informative videos and take quizzes about new projects
  • Find freelance and remote work gigs that pay in crypto
  • Refer friends to platforms using your referral links

The available options now make it possible for almost anyone to earn cryptocurrency without needing to buy coins themselves first. However, there are some key tips to keep in mind:

  • Earning meaningful amounts requires dedication over time. Don’t expect to get rich quick without own investment.
  • Select reputable platforms with positive user feedback and fair policies. Avoid “too good to be true” offerings.
  • Start small, especially with high-risk options like crypto mining and trading. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose.
  • Understand tax implications. In many jurisdictions, earned crypto is a taxable form of income.

By diversifying your crypto earning methods, dedicating some time consistently, and reinvesting earnings, you can accumulate valuable portfolio of cryptocurrency without spending any fiat dollars upfront. The opportunities today make now a great time to start earning. Just be wary of “free money” scams and high-risk ventures promising fast riches.

Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency without Investing a Single Dime

There are several ways of doing so. I will be discussing these ideas here and then talk about them. Check this app to learn more about bitcoin mining.

Take Online Surveys

Online Surveys

One of the easiest ways to earn free cryptocurrency is by completing online surveys through survey sites and apps. Platforms like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and SurveyMonkey Rewards pay users in cash or gift cards for completing market research surveys for brands.

Many of these survey platforms now offer the option to get paid in crypto instead of traditional currency. Cryptocurrencies available might include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tron, Binance Coin, and more.

The amounts you can earn per survey are generally small but they add up over time. With crypto prices fluctuating, those few bucks in Bitcoin from a survey you did months ago could potentially grow into much more down the road!

Participate in Airdrops

airdrops for crypto

Airdrops are essentially free giveaways of new cryptocurrencies or tokens by blockchain startups and projects. As a promotional tactic, organizations conduct airdrops to spread awareness and gain users.

To participate, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps like joining a project’s Telegram or Discord group, following them on Twitter, or filling out a Google form with your wallet address. After completing these steps, you may receive a free allocation of coins or tokens.

Follow crypto news sites like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and CoinTelegraph which often advertise upcoming airdrops. You’ll need to act fast as there is usually limited supply. Popular airdrops in the past included Uniswap, 1INCH, and PancakeSwap.

Install a Crypto Browser

Crypto Browser brave

Crypto browsers like Brave and Opera allow users to earn cryptocurrency just for regular web browsing. These browsers block online ads and trackers. As a reward for choosing to view their privacy-focused browsers instead of ads, they share revenue with users in the form of crypto.

Brave’s blockchain-based token, BAT (Basic Attention Token), can be earned by opting into Brave Rewards. Opera’s OPR token works similarly. The longer you browse with Brave or Opera, the more tokens you earn. You can hold them or tip content creators and support publishers of your choosing.

These cryptos add up by simply browsing the web like you normally would.

Play Blockchain Games

Play Blockchain Games

The rise of blockchain technology has given birth to a new breed of online crypto games where you can earn as you play. In these games, items won and assets created can be tokenized on a blockchain and traded with other players.

Popular crypto games like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Gods Unchained offer opportunities to earn NFTs, tokens, cryptocurrency, and rare digital assets.

Get started by choosing a promising game with positive user feedback. Be wary of “play-to-earn” scams advertised online which lure users with unrealistic earning promises. Legit crypto games make it clear earning requires both luck and significant time invested.

Lend Your Computing Power

An easy option to earn crypto without upfront investment is by allowing projects to use your devices’ excess computing capacity through crypto mining.

Projects like Honeyminer or Rollercoin enable everyday users to earn cryptocurrency passively in the background while still using their PC or phone normally.

By pooling together mining power, even low-powered devices can participate and receive their share of coins mined. Install reputable software and you can put your idle computing resources to work mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and more.

Watch Videos and Presentations

Numerous platforms now reward users for engaging with videos and educational content about crypto.

Coinbase Earn, for example, shares tokens from new crypto projects in exchange for watching short video lessons and completing a simple quiz. Lessons last just a couple minutes each and coins are redeemable once released following the presentations.

Other sites like Publish0x allow both readers and creators to earn crypto by supporting one another. Users can tip authors and earn tokens just for viewing sponsored content and articles. Every view and like supports content creators to develop valuable crypto communities. Check available offers frequently as new opportunities are added over time.

Work Freelance Gigs

Sites like Cryptocurrency Jobs, CryptoJobs, and blockchain- routinely post freelance and remote gigs for writers, programmers, marketing pros, and more with pay available in cryptocurrencies.

Landing clients directly in crypto-related fields like NFTs, DeFi, or blockchain projects can also open doors to earning crypto as a freelancer without upfront investment. Be sure to negotiate rates and payment options upfront before accepting any job.

Refer Friends

Referral programs allow you to earn free crypto by sharing your referral links and codes for certain platforms.

When a friend signs up using your link and completes the platform’s specified requirements, you both earn a crypto reward. Popular platforms like Lolli,, and Celsius Network offer attractive referral bonuses. Lolli gives you $15 in Bitcoin for each friend that joins and makes a qualifying purchase.

Track referral links and aim to share them only with trusted friends genuinely interested in the platform rather than spamming. Referral rewards depend on the individual platform’s policies, so be sure to review how their program works before sharing.


Earning cryptocurrency without investment is now very doable thanks to the range of free earning methods available like airdrops, crypto games, mining, surveys, and more. By dedicating some time and effort on a regular basis, anyone can start accumulating crypto to hold or use. Just be wary of scams and high-risk investing. Used wisely, these tips allow both crypto newcomers and enthusiasts to build a portfolio over time without spending money upfront. Start exploring your options today!


Is it really possible to earn cryptocurrency for free?

Yes it is! While you won’t get rich quick without own investment, there are now many legitimate ways to earn free crypto including playing games, taking surveys, browsing with crypto browsers, and more. By dedicating time consistently, these methods allow you to earn crypto without spending money upfront.

How much can I earn per day without investment?

The amount varies greatly depending on the methods used. Taking surveys may earn a few dollars worth daily, while other methods like crypto games or mining will depend on time invested and market conditions. Start small without expecting to earn large amounts quickly. Focus on building consistency over time.

What is the best method for beginners?

Installing a crypto browser like Brave or Opera is one of the easiest methods for beginners to earn small amounts while browsing as usual. Completing online surveys and participating in airdrops grants free crypto quickly as well without complexity.

Are there risks involved?

Yes, be cautious of scams promising free money or unrealistic earnings. Also research tax implications in your jurisdiction. While earning methods are low risk, consider starting small, diversifying methods used, and reinvesting earnings to grow your portfolio cautiously over time.

How do I get started?

Choose a few low-risk methods that fit your interests from the ideas mentioned above. Set up accounts with secure platforms that offer crypto earning opportunities. Dedicate a consistent weekly schedule to put in time earning crypto without overcommitting. Stay patient and focus on building good long-term habits.

Can I earn enough to replace a full-time job?

For most people, crypto earning without investing will not realistically generate enough income to replace a job in the near future. However, used wisely alongside other income sources, it can provide a nice supplement worth pursuing in your free time without significant risk or upfront costs.

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