Stop the Buffering: How to Get Rid of that Pesky “Mbps” on Netflix

Tired of seeing that pesky “mbps” measurement on Netflix? Want to watch your favourite shows without being constantly reminded of your internet speed? You’re not alone. Lots of Netflix users find this maddening metric irritating and unnecessary. But fret not – there are a few tricks to banish mbps from Netflix for good.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore why Netflix displays mbps, whether you really need to see it, and most importantly, how to remove it for a cleaner, less cluttered viewing experience. We’ll also bust some myths about what mbps on Netflix really means.

So grab your remote, fire up Netflix, and let’s start watching Stranger Things without the stranger numbers.

how to get rid of mbps on netflix

Why Does Netflix Show mbps?

Before we dive into tossing mbps out like yesterday’s expired milk, it helps to understand why Netflix displays internet speed in the first place.

In a nutshell, the mbps metric allows Netflix to adjust video quality based on your internet connectivity. By measuring your network speed, Netflix can provide the highest quality stream your connection will allow without excessive buffering.

The mbps number represents the bitrate Netflix has determined is ideal for your setup. Bitrate controls the amount of video and audio data streamed per second. The higher the bitrate (and mbps), the better the image and sound quality.

So in theory, displaying mbps helps provide the best viewing experience. But many users simply find the measurement irksome and unnecessary once streaming is underway.

The good news is, while mbps serves a purpose, you don’t have to put up with it if you’d rather not.

How to Remove Mbps from Netflix

get rid of mbps on netflix

Ready to banish mbps for good? Removing the metric from Netflix requires just a simple setting change. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign into your Netflix account on a web browser.
  2. Click your profile icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select “Account” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Scroll down to SETTINGS and click the “Playback settings” option.
  5. Under Data usage, UNCHECK the box next to “Display speed.”
  6. Click Save to apply the change.

And that’s it! The mbps display will now vanish from your Netflix viewing on this device.

A few notes on removing mbps:

  • You’ll need to adjust the playback settings separately for each profile.
  • Changes apply only to the browser/device settings are adjusted on.
  • Display can be turned back on anytime by re-checking the speed box.
  • Removal doesn’t affect video quality – just hides the speed overlay.

Now you can stream to your heart’s content without the mbps eyesore. Keep reading for more pro tips on customizing Netflix to your liking.

Should You Want to See Mbps on Netflix?

Whether you need the mbps display comes down to personal preference. Here are a few pros and cons to consider:

Pros of Showing Mbps:

  • Confirms your internet speed and connection strength at a glance.
  • Allows troubleshooting if speed seems lower than expected.
  • Satisfying to see high mbps for crystal clear 4K streaming.

Cons of Showing Mbps:

  • Constant presence can feel distracting during viewing.
  • Number fluctuates often, making display jittery.
  • Means little to average user unable to affect connectivity.
  • Reminder of internet speed limitations can be frustrating.

If seeing evidence of your high-speed fiber connection gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling, by all means keep mbps front and center. But if you find the measurement a nuisance, it’s thankfully removable.

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Expert Tricks to Optimize Netflix Viewing

Removing the mbps overlay is just one of many ways to curate Netflix for the optimal watching experience. Take things to the next level with these insider settings tweaks:

Fine-tune video quality: Beyond hiding mbps, dive into the playback settings to manually cap streaming resolution. This helps limit data usage and can improve buffering at slower speeds.

Adjust data usage: Use the data settings to downshift streaming if on a capped plan. You can also disable autoplay previews to conserve data.

Turn off autoplay: Stop the auto-bingeing madness by disabling autoplay of next episodes in a series. Take back control of your viewing schedule.

Manage notifications: Scale back distracting notifications for new releases and activity by adjusting notification settings. Disable as desired for fewer pop-ups.

Change subtitle appearance: Customize subtitle font, colour, and background opacity for maximum clarity. Helpful for vision-impaired viewers.

Set maturity ratings: Content filtering lets you restrict movies and shows by minimum maturity rating for child profiles.

Take time to explore everything available in account settings. Tailoring these options to your preferences allows an optimized, personalized Netflix experience.

Mbps on Netflix Myths – Busted!

While we’re on a mbps-banishing mission, let’s clear up some common myths about what that speed measurement actually indicates on Netflix:

Myth: Mbps shows internet provider speed

Nope, the mbps number on Netflix does not reveal your total internet speed from your provider. It is only the streaming bitrate Netflix has determined is supported at that moment.

Myth: Higher mbps = better streaming

Not necessarily! Streaming quality maxes out between 5-10 mbps in most cases. Higher displayed mbps doesn’t equate to superior video.

Myth: Mbps should match internet speed

Don’t expect the Netflix mbps to align with the speed you pay your provider for. Many factors impact streaming bitrate, so the numbers rarely match up.

Myth: Mbps is perfectly accurate

In reality, the mbps metric fluctuates constantly and is not a precise measurement. Take it as a general guideline rather than a exact indicator.

The mbps display causes much confusion, so don’t feel bad if you believed any of these myths. That number is not as all-knowing as it may seem!

Faster Speed Doesn’t Equal Better Netflix

We’ve shattered the myth that higher mbps translates to a better Netflix experience. The truth is, with average HD streaming, you likely don’t need blazing speeds for top-notch viewing.

Here are realistic mbps targets for popular Netflix streaming qualities:

  • SD (Standard Definition): Minimum 3 mbps
  • HD (High Definition): 5-10 mbps
  • 4K/UHD: 25 mbps (but many shows max out at lower speeds)

Gigabit internet is overkill for most Netflix users. The key for smooth streaming, even at 4K, is having a consistent, stable connection. Media buffers and quality drops are usually due to fluctuations and inconsistencies, not lack of speed.

So don’t obsess over having the fastest pipe possible. Focus on wired, reliable connectivity options instead for the best bingeing.


The mbps metric on Netflix is meant to optimize streaming quality, but many find it distracting and unnecessary. Thankfully, disabling the speed overlay is a simple settings tweak away. While faster internet speeds don’t automatically improve Netflix viewing, a consistent, stable connection avoids buffering issues.

So don’t get too caught up in the numbers. Ditch mbps, make some quick tweaks, and get back to enjoying your favourite shows in peace. Happy streaming!

FAQs About Removing Mbps on Netflix

Will hiding mbps hurt video quality?

No, disabling the mbps display does not affect streaming resolution or bitrates. Video will look the same without the speed shown.

Does removing mbps also remove the resolution/bitrate indicator?

No, disabling mbps only hides the speed number itself. Video quality indicators for resolution/bitrate remain visible.

Can I remove mbps from Netflix on my TV?

Yes, playback settings can be adjusted on smart TVs and streaming devices via the Netflix app’s settings menu.

If I have multiple Netflix profiles, do I have to disable mbps on each?

Yes, the mbps display must be turned off under playback settings for every individual profile.

Will turning mbps back on reset all my other playback settings?

No, re-enabling the mbps overlay will not disrupt or reset any custom settings you have applied.

Does hiding mbps also stop test patterns when starting Netflix?

No, video test patterns when first launching Netflix are not affected by disabling mbps.

Can I remove mbps on Netflix mobile apps?

Unfortunately mobile Netflix apps do not currently have an option to disable the mbps display.

Will hiding mbps reduce my data usage while streaming?

No, removing the mbps overlay does not directly affect data consumption. You’ll need to cap video resolution.

Is there a keyboard shortcut or hack to remove mbps on Netflix?

No shortcuts exist. The only way is to access account settings and disable the “Display speed” option.


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