Transport Violation Costs You A Fine of 50,000 Dh in the UAE

A large number of accidents have been seen on the congested roads. People usually violate traffic rules to reach their destination immediately. Due to this hasty and careless behaviourimage 1, people usually put their lives at risk. To reduce the ever-increasing number of deaths due to road accidents, the Government of the UAE is taking serious steps to reduce this alarming situation.


Which policies are implemented by Dubai RTA to control traffic violations?

Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has made strict rules to regulate residents. As Dubai is the topmost tourist destination in the UAE, its roads are highly crowded with visitors, residents along with commercial tourists. The UAE Government has implemented some strict policies related to heavy fines and penalties.

No matter whether you are in Dubai for your vacations or commercial purpose, you are obliged to follow these policies. Recently, the police of Dubai have imposed vehicle impoundment at the heavy fine of Dh 50,000.

Don’t you think this fine is too much for a normal person? Obviously, it is. It is advised to drive consciously during your Dubai trip. It has been observed that tourists often claim to be upset due to mismanagement of their budget.

Whether you are for your business purpose in Dubai or for a family trip, you can hire Car Rental Dubai services at a budget-friendly rate. But think one about the situation when you try to cross congested traffic without following rules. The UAE police will definitely charge you a fine of Dh 50,000 which, in turn, will upset your budget.

Different Transport Violation Fines

Different Transport

To keep your budget balance, you should follow traffic rules. Here are some penalties which Dubai RTA will demand from you in case of breaking the law.

  • You are allowed to drive at a speed of 80 km/ hour. If you cross this maximum speed limit, you will have to pay a 3000 Dh fine.
  • The UAE Government also tends to keep its environment calm and relaxed. If you disrupt the calmness of the environment by driving a noisy automobile, a fine of 2000 Dh will be charged to you.
  • There are certain conditions in which you have to pay 1000 Dh as a penalty for breaking the driving rules. When you will be caught throwing waste outside from your auto, driving a pollution-causing motor, and deviating its direction, you will give this fine,
  • Similarly, you will pay 1000 Dh if you enter a prohibited area or stop in the middle of the road.
  • People often take for granted the superficial changes in vehicles. For instance, you may change some parts of your motor. But you are not allowed to change the color of your car’s body. If you do so, a challan of Dh 800 fine will be handed to you.

Besides these fines, there are also some fines and penalties of Dh 500, 300, 200, and less. What benefit will you get by leasing motors instead of renting to save money when you pay more for penalties? We suggest you drive safely by leasing a vehicle from Cheap Car Rental Dubai company to save money as it is more economic.

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So, you should try to follow these policies to keep yourself safe from heavy fines during your UAE trip. To avoid fine issues, you can also hire chauffeured vehicles as the local drivers know all the traffic rules. Also, if you are looking for a professional car rental company in Dubai, you should choose RentalcarsUAE to enjoy the best and reasonable services. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay any kind of hidden charges.


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