Ideas to Make Money Without Leaving Home

Have you been stuck at home because of the pandemic and would like to improve your financial situation? If so, there are multiple opportunities to make money on the internet. And one of the best parts about it is that you do not need to leave the house.

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Here are some suggestions that you should consider. Also, do not fret too much if your first attempt fails. Hardly anyone succeeds on their first try. Instead, move on to the next idea and continue until you find an opportunity that works.

Learn to Design Custom Merchandise

The demand for custom merchandise continues to grow. Companies invest money in matching t-shirts and have employees wear them for building team spirit. Politicians spend resources to order stickers, caps, or calendars in bulk to promote themselves by giving these products to potential voters. 

There are also plenty of individuals who are looking to express themselves by wearing wacky t-shirts, hoodies, all over print custom shoes, regular custom shoes, or even face masks.

Since custom merch is so popular, learning to come up with interesting designs could be your ticket to financial independence. Besides, you do not need to start an ecommerce store from scratch. If you have the skills, you can join one of the established POD stores and work as a graphic designer there.

Dropship on Amazon

As of 2020, third-party sellers make about 50% of all sales on Amazon Marketplace. It should not come as a surprise given how popular the platform is. The pandemic made even more people shop online, which further increased Amazon’s growth.

You do not need to invest in manufacturing equipment or bother with logistical processes like warehousing, shipping, and returns. Instead, find a product that you feel could work and dropship it on Amazon. Or, as an alternative, develop a website from scratch yourself and work on promoting it.

Independence from Amazon would mean paying fewer taxes. On the other hand, Amazon has so many customers that you are unlikely to attract to your own website. Consider which of the options suit you the best and go for it or try both to see which one brings better results.

Do Online Surveys

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Online surveys might not be the most profitable method, but you can still make decent money thanks to services like Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars. Another newer app launch for doing small tasks that provide rewards for completion is the Defi platform JumpTask. For example, the tasks may involve trying out new apps, games, or services, completing a market research survey, or doing other in-app tasks.

JumpTask recently announced a partnership with passive earning app Honeygain and has a new module coming in a few weeks.

An average person needs about 10 to 15 minutes to complete one survey, meaning that you can finish five surveys in an hour.

Keep in mind that surveys renew regularly. If you finish them, refresh the services now and then to access new surveys. Also, in some instances, you may find different surveys on different devices. If you run out of available options on your computer, switch to your smartphone or tablet.

Monetize a Blog

There are quite a few people who monetize a blog after getting enough readers. Of course, to reach that point, you need to work hard and publish quality content on a regular basis.

Expect to spend time on article research, especially early when you are still relatively new to the blogging world.

Consistency and advertising efforts should help you reach a point where it becomes possible to make money blogging.

As for the monetization methods, there are a few options, including:

  • Ad networks, though these might not be effective because of ad blockers people install on their internet browsers
  • Digital production promotion, including online courses and e-books
  • Opportunities to publish guest content
  • A crowdfunding page

Create Affiliate Marketing Network

Affiliate marketing might not be as popular nowadays, but it is still possible to create a network of multiple affiliate websites and make a passive source of income out of them.

You may find some people suggesting that you can promote affiliate links on social media and that there is no need to develop a website or even multiple sites to create a network. Well, there is some truth in that, but social media is not that reliable.

Besides, by creating a website, you can add content continuously and expect to improve SEO. Organic traffic is worth more than random social media users.

Spend some time picking a product you want to promote. Amazon and ClickBank have the most popular affiliate marketing programs, but you should not be limited to only these two as there are multiple other options available.

Stream on Twitch TV

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If you have an entertaining personality and like to interact with an audience, Twitch TV should be the first idea to try. 

Streamers make money from viewers who donate and subscribe. And if you reach great viewership numbers, you can also expect to get a sponsorship deal.

Twitch TV started as a platform for gamers, but the website has grown and has plenty of variety channels. Cooking, music, talk shows, live streams, and other content has their audience. So even if you are not into video games, you should still be able to come up with an idea and turn it into a Twitch TV channel.

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