Video Game Development

Video game dev

Game dev is the domain of universal experts: those who work in game development, as a rule, understand what their colleagues are doing. Ideally, they have two professions, like NASA astronauts. Programmers do small tasks related to graphics. They edit in Photoshop, etc. To create a product in game dev studio, you need at least three people: an artist, a programmer, and a designer.

Video Game Development

Developing you as a professional developer

This market is in demand for programmers of various directions, artists, and designers. As well as administrators, managers, and producers – that is, people who set the direction of work, count the money earned, and launch the product into life.

Compared to ordinary developers who develop software, the work of those who work on projects is much more creative and interesting. This is not to mention that there is a huge layer of specialists. Such as designers, modelers, animators, etc. – in ordinary software development, they are either not in demand at all, or are rarely in demand.

Your first position in the game dev company

You can get to any of these positions without having experience in game development, but experience from a similar industry will come in handy. A person without experience is unlikely to be able to claim a high position and rapid career growth.

As elsewhere in the IT industry, but exceptions happen: he came to work as a simple tester, took up game design, rose to the rank of the producer. And all this in a couple of years. Getting into “cool game dev” right away is rather unlikely, just as a young actor will immediately get a prominent role in a blockbuster. Most start with small studios and humble projects.

Putting you in control of your final project in game dev studio

As for senior positions, in-game development such specialists are often hunted directly. Tough specialists will not drop their salaries much if they switch to this industry. If we are talking about a developer without experience, many development companies have internships. You can simply send a mailing list to all major development studios with a proposal: I want to study, I am ready to work for food for a while. It doesn’t sound very attractive. But on the other hand, if you succeed in becoming a good developer, you will get millions of armies of fans of your product. And you can get laudatory articles about the beauty of your code.

Best of class facilities and staff

A designer is someone who comes up with the world of a game and its mechanics. He must understand the basic mechanics of games, genres, development processes, monetization models. He must be able to work with the balance sheet, write technical specifications and check its implementation, monitor the market and be able to work with analytics.

In addition, you need a huge personal gaming experience, not a game designer in game dev company Kevurugames – this is nonsense. At the beginning of your career, you need to be ready to punch your way, agreeing even for $ 200-300 in exchange for training and experience.

Many developers started out by creating custom storylines for games, for example, amateur cards for strategies like Heroes of Might and Magic, Starcraft. For a designer, a good experience is the same as D&D, because a game master is close in spirit to a game creator, you create a game environment, content that should interest the player.

Real experience

The main task of a project manager in top game developers is a project released on time, within the allocated resources, in accordance with the requirements.

The producer’s job is a commercially successful product that may not be technically perfect, so the two tasks can conflict with each other. But these positions are among the most scarce in game development. In development, tops are often self-taught.

In these positions, the experience of managing a technology startup will come in handy, the top of a large company can be helped by the experience of working with their own indie team (indie studios, from independent – small teams that oppose large developers and publishers, and can afford more freedom in game development).

The reality of the job is very different from how the job seekers themselves imagine it. For some reason, many are sure that this is such an easy entry point into game dev. After all, you just need to communicate with the players.

This is where community managers come from, taken from active players, part-time students, and other yesterday’s moderators. At the same time, it is somehow forgotten that this is a person who communicates with the end-user on behalf of the company, that this is a responsible job.


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