The Secrets to Marketing in the Gaming Industry 

Have you ever asked yourself where you will always find new entries every year in most industries? That signifies that competition is still here to stay. Both new and established entities are ever putting efforts to gain a tangible segment of the market. 

Various players have put forth strategies that enable them to succeed in tapping new customers and retaining the existing ones. Their counterparts, who are also their rivals in the market, keep adapting better trends that enable them to prosper. 

That’s the same case in the Canadian gaming space and the rest of the world. Many gaming companies invest in a sound online games marketing strategy that they believe will yield the best returns. 

What are some of these strategies? We linked up with our marketing and gaming expert Michelle Thomas (check her profile), who shared the following.

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What are the marketing secrets used in the gaming industry?

Availability of free to play games

Do you know anyone who does not like freebies or reject them when offered at online stores? Only a few would do that, but the majority of the people like freebies. They are primarily through bonuses and discounts to the customers. Some Canadians will think that it’s a way Canadian businesses show their love to them. Yet, it’s a way of encouraging them to buy more, invite other customers, and stay loyal.

That’s the same case with the casino industry. If you have been keenly following the gaming industry statistics, you will notice that both new and established Canadian casinos understand the magic of giving out freebies. That’s why Canadian sites have lots of bonuses and other amazing rewards such as free spins that they give their customers.

The bonuses are a way of enticing new customers to join the platforms and play more games. It also encourages the Canadian players to keep playing and remain loyal to the companies. That enables them to add more customers and also grow their revenue through sales and other gaming services. Availing free to play games is a secret used by the few Canadian gaming companies that want to stay ahead of the rest.

Top online casinos are increasingly taking that advantage to satisfy their users’ needs. They have downloadable applications that are compatible with the common operating systems of the majority of the phones.

Mobile-based gaming 

Smartphones are the new order globally. Everyone wants to enjoy the convenience of accessing anything they need from their comfort. Fortunately, telecommunication companies are at the forefront of producing advanced phones that allow many people to enjoy whatever they need easily without any obstacles. 

Online casinos are increasingly taking that advantage to satisfy their users’ needs. They have downloadable applications that are compatible with the common operating systems of the majority of the phones. 

That enables the players to access their favourite games on the go by just tapping on the apps. Also, they use in-app advertisements as one of the gaming industry trends 2020. That way, they enjoy the privilege of marketing their services and products to the right audience through the right channel. It’s also a secret to affordable marketing that most Canadian casino companies aren’t aware of yet.

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Establishment of affiliate marketing programs

It is often difficult for businesses to focus on marketing and other vital aspects that keep them afloat. As such, they have to find other ways of making things work. Affiliate marketing is one of those ways that they use to accomplish sales goals.

The Canadian gaming companies are also keen on marketing methods that will allow them to get the most returns from sales. Affiliate programs are a common trend among the few companies that want to achieve the best within a reasonable time.

It allows businesses to get into partnerships with promoters who sell their products and qualify for commissions. In line with the gaming industry statistics, many gaming companies have not mastered it.

The few that use it treat it as a secret that allows them to stay ahead of the rest in the gaming business. The commission-based model encourages the promoters to employ the best strategies, such as using their social media platforms to market the products.

You can comfortably answer questions such as what is gaming industry and the marketing trends that are applicable. Ensure that you are always trendy and on the lookout for the best practices that will keep you ahead of the rest. 

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