How To Set Up A Profitable Online E-Book Selling Business: A Complete Guide

Starting an online business has its fair share of challenges. Several tools, platforms, and services have come up in recent times that have eased the process of setting up a small online business. Yet, possessing a proper plan and thorough ideas about the domain & nature of a business are vital for establishing a start-up successfully. 

E Book Selling Business

An online e-book selling business is an excellent online business idea that allows one to monetize their skills & passions. This business enables capable writers & bloggers to leverage their areas of expertise and obtain a secure income source from what they do best. However, the ventures’ success and the guarantee of a secure stream of income depend upon several factors. And, most of those factors can be addressed during the business set-up process itself.

Before we look into the steps of setting up an online e-book selling business, it will be good to look at the requirements for establishing any small business online for obvious reasons.

The Basic Requirements For Setting A Small Business Online

Whether you are starting an online business for selling e-books or offering business essay writing help services, you need to take note, analyze and understand the following key points.

  • Find a need, research upon it, and then put in the effort to fill it. Your core product or service must meet particular market demand. 
  • Write & craft web content that attracts, engages, and sells. Your website’s content is a vital factor and helps direct your audience’s attention towards the things you are marketing or selling.

Also, avail reputed and credible web-hosting services to keep your website updated with the latest features and avoid outages & downtimes.

  • Design an easy-to-navigate website that offers a seamless user experience. Even if you are employing dedicated teams for designing your website, talk with them in detail about your requirements and ask for a lucid & straightforward UI.
  • Marketing is key to driving traffic and increasing the chances of boosting sales. Utilizing different digital marketing modes, such as content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, etc., are effective methods of attracting a targeted audience.
  • Get trusted people to market your products and services across the web. 
  • Nurture your leads, follow up on your visitors and follow with your customers & subscribers.
  • Promote your website & products on reputed marketing platforms to increase traffic & sales.
  • Employ back-end linking and upselling to gain more visitors. 
  • As your business grows and your website becomes more popular, more advanced & effective marketing modes such as influencer marketing & affiliate programs can help reach a larger audience and further boost sales.

Irrespective of whether you are selling e-books online for-profit or offering some not-for-profit services online, the nine points above are essential commandments for setting up a successful small business online. Be it a business of e-books on fiction or academic books offering accounting homework help to students, the above nine points should be followed with religious fanaticism.

Let us now get into the specifics of setting up an online e-book selling business. Expect some similarities with the points above as online e-book selling is a highly viral small business.

Steps To Setting Up A Small Ebook Selling Business Online 

E-books are a trendy medium of information. They are available in a wide range of formats & types and employed by industries all over. Guides, user manuals, short stories, reference books, magazines, etc.—different kinds of e-books have their target audience and enjoy considerable demand amongst different demographics.

Starting an online e-book selling business requires capable planning & marketing skills and a good idea about the nature of the audience being catered to. E-book selling is an excellent way to earn a passive income and is a scalable & secure income source. Initiating and establishing that income flow is a step-by-step process, with each step playing a critical role in the venture’s overall success.

Let’s take a look.

  • Provide The Perfect Service

Given that e-books are the core product of the business, the nature of their content is of paramount importance. You need to understand the kind & character of the audience you intend to cater to. Do copious amounts of research about your audience and find out what clicks. Regardless of whether you are writing on your own or hiring a ghostwriter, it is essential to deliver content that connects & engages the target audience. 

Research on trending topics and content. It is imperative to deliver updated information if you want people to buy your stuff. BuzzSumo, Google Trends, BuzzFeed, Quora, Reddit, Sprout Social are some popular platforms to find out what’s trending online. Find out what’s trending and do copious amounts of research to deliver quality content in your e-books.

Design the perfect UI for your website to provide a satisfactory customer journey. If you are availing some publishing platform, choose the right platform and develop your website according to your business & client requirements. 

  1. WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Square are some popular & influential platforms for starting up an online e-book selling business online from scratch. While a bit costly, they offer readymade solutions for all. 

Try to avail of services from these platforms as they are some of the most economical options available.

  1. Payhip, Gumroad, Selz, Fiverr, Kobo, Draft2Digital, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Nook Press, and E-Junkie are excellent solutions for self-publishing e-books.
  2. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is another platform for setting up a dedicated online e-book selling business, but they charge a significant commission.

Ebook Self Publishing

  • Create Content That Delivers Value

Your e-book must meet or address some specific market demand. They must meet the particular requirement and provide actual value to the reader. It can be a guide or a walkthrough, a user manual, an anthology of stories, how-to books, reference guides, magazines, case studies, or anything under the sun. Just make sure that the content is of standard quality and delivers some definite value to the audience.

Write an e-book that makes your audience feel that they spent their money well. Quality information, a well-laid-out structure, an easy-to-follow narrative, and flawless spelling & punctuation are vital for delivering the perfect book. Aligning your business objectives with your customer preferences is crucial for any business’s success, and it’s the same in this case. 

  • Quality Over Quantity

Keeping any online business running requires keeping up with the times & trends. Find out what’s trending in the domain concerned and what your audience is into. Write and publish on trending subjects to attract a bigger audience. Publish as much as necessary but keep an eye out for quality. Quality trumps quantity all the time.

Publish frequently to keep your website active and updated. Maintain quality to the highest standards to boost your business’s credibility and deliver an authentic reading experience to your readers. Consistency in quality is crucial to making your e-book selling business successful.


  • Market & Nurture Like There’s No Tomorrow

Marketing is crucial for the success of any business. Promote your business & the e-books you are offering across the web, on social media platforms, forums, and on search engines. 

  • Get an e-book launch team together and work with them to market your content as much as possible. Hand a complete, published version of your e-book to them for promotion, share website links, and give them exclusive access to upcoming content.
  • Please talk with your friends and followers to spread the news about your business & its offerings.
  • Create social media groups and post videos, previews, & sneak peeks behind the scenes. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.—employ the latest marketing tactics to leverage the most out of these social networking platforms. 
  • Utilize on-page marketing tactics such as email or newsletter subscriptions, freebies, etc., to attract and convert better.
  • Follow up on potential leads and connect with your customers. Nurture your leads & converts and show that you care about their experience & journey. 
  • Write SEO content to rise in the SERPs and perform better in organic search results.
  • As your business rises in popularity, employ other avenues of digital marketing such as influencer marketing, affiliate programs, CPC ads, Google Ads, etc., to further expand your brand exposure.
  • Share links, content, product, and website information to extend your reach further. 
  • Study customer behavior, analyze website traffic data, and monitor impressions using the latest digital marketing analytics tools. It will help you market your business & products more efficiently. Here’s a list of some handy tools & platforms.


  • Boost Visibility AMAP

Here are some fantastic cost-effective techniques to boost the visibility of your e-book selling business.

  1. Write off-page and on-page blogs to enhance your business’s visibility. 
  2. Establish your authorship as a brand. 
  3. Use your social networking profiles to increase visibility. 
  4. Employ search engine optimization measures to increase SERP rankings by looking for keywords with high search volume & low saturation. 
  5. Come up with a good SEO title and attractive cover designs to enhance visibility. 

Try to write e-books on topics that garner a decent number of online searches but are not yet saturated with too many existing books already. Study the competition well, note their limitations & flaws, and write better than everything out there.

And that rounds up this article on setting up a successful & profitable e-book selling business online. Let’s hope it helps readers devise an acute business plan and enables them to get on the road to success. 

Come back here next time for some more interesting articles on a wide variety of topics. Adios!

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